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  • Find Financial Balance & Master Your Finances...
  • Transform Into The Type Of Person Who Attracts Abundance...
  • Shift Your Mindset To Ensure Success...
  • Develop Unstoppable Self-Confidence...
  • Thwart Any Mental Blocks Standing In Your Way...
  • Master Communication Skills & Influence Others...

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Discover How To Train Your Mind to Attract Money Effortlessly...

The Wealthy Mind Course Details

A 12-Part Online Course, Discover the Secret to Becoming Successful. In This Free 12-Part Course, You’ll Learn To Leverage The Single Greatest Factor In Your Success: Your Own Mind. Created by Bob Proctor.

Here’s what’s inside...

01: Success For The Rest Of Your Life 23:35

Success is a direction you choose. We’ll cover how to recognize what you truly want in life and then actually prepare you to grab it for yourself.

02: The Power Of Becoming A Decision Maker 26:12

There’s a single mental move that you can make which will solve ENORMOUS problems for you. In this module, you’ll learn to trust yourself and carve your own path to success.

03: Success Against All Odds (And What Comes Next)30:28

Risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. In this lesson, you’ll begin to step outside your comfort zone and begin preparing for a life of risk and adventure.

04: How to Determine the Right Business Model 33:07

Not all businesses are built the same! Here are the factors you need to assess so you can choose which business model is best for you.

05: Escaping Your Mental Prison 30:47

There are millions of people walking around each day living inside their own mental prison. Here, we’ll explore how you can escape that prison and take back control of your life.

06: Developing Unstoppable Self-Confidence to Make 7 Figures 40:15

Lack of self-confidence, causes a person's life to be filled with doubt and fear. Learn and carry out the 3-step process to greater confidence.

07: Exploding Into Action Earn a Big Pay Day 24:04

Millions of great ideas never see the light of day. Here’s how to become a person of action because a person who makes big moves is a person who gets big things done.

08: Becoming The Master Of Money Made Me Millions 31:05

The idea that you have to work hard or work longer hours to make more is a myth. You’ll learn how to master your finances so you have the freedom to be all that you can be.

09: Pushing The Limits Of Success 27:22

Without a goal, you’ll just drift alone. Here are the 3 steps you must complete every time you set a new goal. Change your mental conditioning to experience success.

10: The Power Of Positive Thinking 33:53

Life will never throw anything at you that you cannot handle. This module will help you rewire your thinking and govern your attitude so you can gain control and be in charge of your life.

11: Unleashing Your Creativity 33:28

Everyone has a powerful creative ability. The only limit on your future is how you decide to use those creative abilities. You’ll learn to feed your desire until you feel that mental high.

12: Mastering Communication In Your Life 29:43

An effective communicator connects with people on 3 different levels. You’ll explore and cultivate better communication on each one so you can truly experience the success you desire.

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About Your Instructor...

Bob Proctor
Cofounder, Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bob Proctor is considered one of the world's greatest authorities on attracting wealth! Starting out as a high school dropout he became a self made millionaire. He is an internationally sought-after speaker, traveling the globe, teaching thousands of people how to believe in and act upon the greatness of their own minds.

Bob has helped millions of people around the world as one of the stars in the hit movie The Secret, through his New York Times Bestselling book You Were Born Rich, his coaching programs and LIVE events.

Discover How To Train Your Mind to Attract Money Effortlessly...

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