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How to Build a Facebook Following to Grow & Scale Your Business in 5 Steps...

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If you’re an Entrepreneur...

...who’s always looking to grow and scale your business - spending the LEAST amount of money possible…

You’re missing out on a GREAT opportunity by ignoring this simple hack on Facebook.

When it comes to utilizing Facebook to grow a business, most business owners think only about paid advertising.

But there’s a simpler, cheaper, and often overlooked way to grow your business using Facebook.

Today I’m going to reveal it to you.

You will NEVER look at Facebook the same again after reading this.

With all the resources available and how easy it is to accomplish, the question is not whether you’re building a following for your business on Facebook - But rather…

Why aren’t YOU using Facebook to build a huge following for your business?


Any Business Can Benefit From A Business Page on Facebook.
(No Matter How Small Your Niche is).

You already know the extent of Facebook’s reach.

But to put this in context - in order for you to adequately understand the magnitude of the opportunity at play… are some mind-blowing stats for you:

  • Facebook has over 2 BILLION users
  • 79% Of American Adult Internet Users Use Facebook.
  • 76% Of Facebook Users Log In Daily.
  • The Facebook mobile app is the MOST popular of all in the U.S.
  • The Facebook Messenger SECOND most popular mobile app in the U.S.

So no matter how little your niche is…

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

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There are people on Facebook who would be interested in what you have to offer. Facebook is the Holy Grail of social media, and if you want to grow your business, you MUST be on Facebook.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a huge following using a fan page.

There Are HUGE Upsides To Promoting Your Business On Facebook, With A Fan Page, That a Personal Page Doesn’t Offer.

These a big difference between a private account and a business page.

And you need to keep the two completely separate from each other.

I have a personal page on Facebook myself, with over 2,000 friends, and I love it. But I’ll be the first to admit, my fan page is where I get the MOST reach for my business.

With private pages, there’s a limit on how many friends you can have. With public pages, the is no limits because it’s about “Followers,” not “Friends.”

Facebook is very INTEGRAL in our marketing efforts. Actually, Facebook plays a HUGE part in our success.

We’ve been able to build TRUST, gain MOMENTUM and drive MASSIVE action for our business, just by harnessing the power of our Facebook business page. With the ease of use, wealth of resources, and upsides available - it is ESSENTIAL to have a business page on Facebook.

This will allow you to utilize Facebook to its FULL potential, for your business.

A business page gives you access to features that a personal account doesn’t. This can work wonders in helping you increase your sales and scale your business.

You’ll have access to features like:

  1. A Call-To-Action button, which allows you to make customers take your desired action (like opt-in).
  2. Run ads to reach your customers & potential customers.
  3. Use analytics to help improve your business by finding out what’s working & what’s not.

Building a business page on Facebook, and using these features the right way, will make your customers know:

  • About you.
  • What you’re all about, &
  • How you can help them.

You can easily create a big following, and use it to promote and monetize your business right now.

The best way to start is by creating a business page on Facebook.

Easily Get Your Business Page Up & Running In Just 5 Minutes.

To harness the power of Facebook for your business with these features...

You will need to create your own Facebook fan page. The good news is…

It doesn’t take long to do at all. You can easily complete the process in less than 5 minutes.

In order to get the success you want on Facebook…

You’ll have to create a page that gets the attention it deserves. Achieving this will mean doing the right things and filling out the necessary sections.

To do this you’ll need to come up with a custom plan for your page, that’s built around your brand.

You can achieve this by using FOUR important pillars.

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

Tuition - $47

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The 4 Essential Pillars To Building A Huge Following
For Your Business on Facebook.

#1: CONSISTENCY - Being consistent is key to helping you have a successful business. In this day and age with short attention span. Your customers will forget about you quickly if you’re not consistent.

Posting quality content consistently can build a huge following over time. But you also need to find balance.

The key to having the most success with your Facebook page is likely to rest in how often you post. It’s important to post just enough but not too much. You don’t want to seem to spammy or salesy.

Module 2 in this course will show you how to find that balance in consistency that will build a tribe that will follow you for a long time. You’ll also learn what times are best to post in order to get the most attention and engagement.

#2: GREAT CONTENT - Content is the foundation of your Facebook fan page. Make sure to post content that triggers excitement and solicit engagement. Generic content won’t cut it. People want to find helpful information that can be useful in life.

If you provide great tips and tricks you will become more authoritative.

Module 1 in this course shows you exactly the kind of content you should post, that will gain the attention of your audience and help you build trust and integrity.

#3: ENGAGEMENT - Engagement and Great Content go hand in hand. Create content that excite will always trigger engagement from your audience.

And once you’re able to get your audience to engage, make sure to engage back. One of the best ways to get your page noticed is by engagement. Being interactive on your Facebook fan page can help your business tremendously. It gets your audience familiar with you and your brand. It can also make them see you as a friend.

This can work WONDERS in building trust.

Module 2 will show you 4 KILLER ways to engage with your audience that will create a strong bond, and put them in position to fully consume your message.

This is important for the growth of your page, being personable can create IRONCLAD loyalty with your customer base, and make them evangelists for your brand.

This will bring you a lot MORE followers over time.

#4: BE YOURSELF - People love realness and it’s important to just be yourself. There is a lot of noise in the world so you need to stand out fast.

This is key to connecting with your audience and making the most sales.

It’s important to be very clear with your audience about the brand you have to offer. You need to know exactly what your mission is if you wish to be successful.

Module 3 goes over all the steps that are necessary to make this possible. You’ll also learn the 3 things to get clear on in order to FASTTRACK your success. Get ready for some amazing aha moments in this module.

Social Media 101: Facebook has all The tools, tips, tricks, strategies lined up in the EXACT steps to take in order to quickly and grow & scale your business with little to no money using Facebook.

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

Tuition - $47

Enroll Now

You’ll Get a Huge 95% Discount...
But You have to Promise Me ONE Thing.

So, the course has FIVE total Modules.

The modules are over 5 amazing hours of comprehensive training. All geared towards harnessing the power of the Facebook Fan Page feature to build a huge following, and monetize your business.

Each module has MULTIPLE videos and Case Studies, with great insights and aha moments.

You get a TOTAL break down of each of the four pillars - with small actionable steps you can take right now to help you build and monetize your following on facebook.

If you master the steps taught in this course…

You WILL build an ironclad TRUST, AUTHORITY and LOYALTY with your audience.

By the end of this course you’ll be well verseD in using Facebook to it full potential for business building.

You’ll learn How to:

  • Use Facebook Analytics to find what’s working and what’s not working in your efforts.
  • Use Facebook Ads attract more traffic to your business and DRASTICALLY increase your sales.
  • Access and find BIG opportunities on Facebook to create massive growth & success for your business.

This course will set you MILES apart and help you stand out from your competitors.

Most of them aren’t doing this - and if they are, they don’t know how to fully harness the power of Facebook. Facebook is the BEST place to create and monetize a huge following for your business. But you have to know how to use it the RIGHT way in order to take full advantage.

With the wealth of knowledge available, each module in its own is worth $100 - that is if we’re being generous.

You have a chance to gain access to VALUABLE information you can’t find anywhere else, all because you’re a member of Lurn Nation.

So doing the math, all 5 modules add up to a TOTAL of $500.

But we’re not going to charge you half that amount - NOT even a quarter of it. We’re going to give you a 95% discount, but all I ask that you do ONE thing…

Commit to going through the entire course.

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

Tuition - $47

Enroll Now

We’ve put a lot of hard work and countless man hours in creating this course. And we’re offering it at such a low price for one reason, and one reason only…

We want EVERYONE in Lurn Nation to build a HUGE following on Facebook, and use it MONETIZE their business - just like we have.

Our mission here at Lurn is to create as many successful Entrepreneurs as we can.

And we will share you all the same resources that have brought Lurn so much success. We’ve gone through all the pain, trials and errors, lost money, and made all the mistakes - so that you don’t have to.

So the one thing that we ask is that you…

Show COMMITMENT, DEDICATION and Trust The Process. Because the ONE thing we don’t want is for our efforts to go to waste.

So right now,

Here’s What I want You to Do Next...

I want you to invest the $47 and get access to this course.

Then I want you to go through each module. I want you to watch the videos as may times as you need. Dissect them and digest the content.

Then I want you to take what you learn and apply it.

In order to get the MOST out of this course, after each module, take what you’ve learned and apply it.

That way, the lessons will stay with you forever. But in case you need to brush up on your knowledge, you have LIFETIME access to the course. So you can always come back to it, if you need to remember something.

So go ahead and enroll in the course. I look forward to hearing your success story.

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

Tuition - $47

Enroll Now

Course Details:

Welcome Module.

This module is all about introducing you to the course. You’ll understand what the course is about. What to expect. How to get the most out of the course, along with some housekeeping rules.

Module 1 - Getting Started.

This module will teach you all you need to know in the beginning. You’ll learn about the key differences between a Personal Profile and a Fan Page. You’ll get introduced to key features you can take advantage of with a business page. You’ll also get a demo on creating a Fan Page from scratch.

Module 2 - Growing Your Page.

In this module, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks you can apply to growing your audience on Facebook. Including 4 different of ways you can engage your audience and create a bond with them. You’ll also get an amazing case study on how to increase page likes in just 3 days.

Module 3 - Brand Clarity.

This module is all about solidifying your business identity. You’ll learn how to communicate a clear mission statement with your audience. So they know who you are, what you have to offer, and how you can help them. This module is very essential in the process, because this is where you start to build authority which can lead to increase in sales. You’ll get to see a case study by Zane Baker, who used this to gain over 700,000 follower for his Fan Page.

Module 4 - Streamlining Your Process.

One of the key things about building a huge following on Facebook is to stay relevant. This module will teach you how to stay relevant in your audience’s mind. You’ll know how frequently you should post content. Automating the process, and different ways you can outsource task, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Module 5 - Perpetual Growth.

Now that know how to set up your page and get the key initial things out of the way. It’s time to think about growing your audience over time. In this module you’ll learn about things like analytics, ads, how to find opportunities, partnerships, to help your business grow etc. You’ll also come up with a plan of action to implement these strategies for maximum success.

About The Course Author...

Daniel Constable
Associate Content Manager, Lurn Inc.

Daniel began his career as an English teacher in the United Arab Emirates. After teaching for two years, he decided to work remotely so he could continue traveling the world. He worked as a freelance writer for over a year before joining the content team at Lurn. As Associate Content Manager, Daniel combines his experience in education and content creation to design entrepreneurial courses that serve Lurn students all over the globe.

You CAN Grow An Audience of Fans and Create a Huge Impact! Make Your Own Facebook Fan Page To Grow Your Business...

It’s All Here in Social Media 101: Facebook:

Tuition - $47

Enroll Now

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