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From The Desk of Robert Kiyosaki
Phoenix, Arizona

RE: The Rich Dad Summit 2-Day Event

Hey there!

This is Robert Kiyosaki, Founder of Rich Dad.

Trust me, I know...

...trying to figure out money, wealth & business can be overwhelming!

When you think about making money and building long-term sustainable wealth, it’s a lot to take in! And that's not to mention entrepreneurship, business, taxes, investing...

Even the "experts" mess this stuff up sometimes.

If you want to get rich, and I mean, very rich - with all the videos, tutorials, courses, and articles out there...

...where do you even BEGIN?

Listen - I want you to keep reading if you’re ANY of these 4 people:

  • You’re tired of working for the boss and want to call your own shots…
  • You tried to start your own business, got overwhelmed, and gave up!
  • You want to build real long-term wealth so you & your loved ones will be set for life (i.e. you won't have to worry about money ever again)...
  • You’re absolutely SICK & TIRED of living paycheck to paycheck and want to become an entrepreneur - but the thought of trying to figure it out on your own is terrifying!

You Are 100% Responsible for Your Current Situation
(And You Have The Complete Ability to Change it Too...)

I used to be just like you.

I worked a job, lived paycheck to paycheck, and made stupid choices with my finances. I had debt I couldn’t pay off and I CONSTANTLY worried about money.

In fact, this is how MOST people live.

According to a recent study by CareerBuilder:

  • Nearly 10% of those making $100,000 or more say they can't make ends meet...
  • Overall, most workers are in debt and many believe they always will be.
  • 78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck.
  • 56% of all U.S. workers say that they’re in debt over their heads.

Basically, most people working a J-O-B are exactly that:

Just Over Broke.

I know the feeling well.

And that's why one day, I made a decision to just… stop.

I decided it was time to stop being “okay with” being ignorant about money. I stopped settling for the paycheck to paycheck life.

I made a choice to become wealthy.

To get educated.

To discover why rich people get rich and COPY what they did!

And you know what?

It worked.

I decided to stop being poor, stop thinking like a broke person, stop making excuses, and START getting a financial education.

It was a conscious decision.

And it’s one you can make too right now (for only $1.00)...

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Here's EXACTLY What You'll Discover During
The 2-Day Rich Dad Summit Replays...

The Rich Dad Summit has one purpose...

To give you the tools, resources & the BLUEPRINT you need to make a lot of money by working smarter (not harder).

You’ll get the tactics, strategies, tips, blueprints & secrets for:

  • Making more money...
  • Setting up systems that let your money make more money!

This is THE event to see if you want to discover EXACTLY how you can break free from the “paycheck to paycheck” cycle and become incredibly wealthy.

A LIVE Online summit over 2 days! Now with the replays available, you can watch it again and again without even leaving your house!

You can use what you’ll learn right away to:

  • Start a business that’ll let you quit your job!
  • Build a side-hustle business that pays you on autopilot...
  • Grow your existing business to 7 & even 8-figures!
  • Add additional income streams through smart investing...

The tactics and strategies you'll discover can be implemented immediately - even the very same day!

Day #1 Replays:
Making More Money

Session 1: Introduction With Jeremy Bellotti

Jeremy Bellotti

Prepare yourself for the two day event to see what it takes to build a foundation for wealth. Get the secrets to adjusting your mindset for wealth and welcoming the breakthroughs coming your way.

Sessions 2 & 3: Anik Singal And Robert Kiyosaki's Keynote Presentation

Robert Kiyosaki & Anik Singal

As a preview of the 2 day event you'll get Robert's thoughts on how to build and maintain wealth into the future.

Session 4: The Two Keys To Becoming Wealthy

Jeremy Bellotti

See how to do 2 simple things: make more money & have your money make more money. The only thing keeping you from doing both is your mindset.

Session 5: Diving into the CashFlow Quadrant

Andy Tanner

See what it takes to make the shift from employee to business owner, and business owner to entrepreneur. We’ll address the common challenges everyone faces here, and how to overcome all of them.

Session 6: The Difference Between Creating A Job And Being An Entrepreneur

Jeremy Bellotti

Discover why most people get stuck tying their income to time and what it means to create a job vs. creating a business. See real examples of people who have become entrepreneurs and discover how to get into entrepreneurship without going through the typical entrepreneurial pitfalls.

Session 7: The Best Business Opportunities

Andrew Lantz

Find out about different online and offline business opportunities. This presentation is jam-packed with relevant and proven examples to help you start your own business!

Session 8: The Fastest Way To Start A Business - The X Factor

Jeremy Bellotti & Anik Singal

Success is simple. You just need to learn from people who have already achieved it. You’ll see why investing in the best possible teachers could be the best decision you’ll ever make in your professional life.

Session 9: Assets Vs Liabilities: Assets Are All Around You

Andrew Lantz

What’s an asset? What’s a liability? Find out in this presentation. You’ll see simple ways to create wealth, invest in assets, and minimize liabilities. Discover how to generate cash flow as opposed to just equity.

Session 10: Demystifying The Stock Market

Andy Tanner

What are stocks? Where does the value come from? See how to get started in stocks, and how to avoid the common mistakes people make when investing in the stock market.

Session 11: How An Email List Can Be An Asset

Anik Singal

See how an email list can be an asset, and why building an email following is superior to a social media following (hint: email is king when it comes to monetization).

Session 12: Building Your Success Team

Jeremy Bellotti

All successful people build a team around them. See how to hire great people for your business, and invest in your network.

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Day #2 Replays:
Creating Systems To Make You More Money...

Session 1: Welcome Back!

Jeremy Bellotti

A powerful summation of day 1 is presented, including the secrets to adjusting your mindset for wealth. Take a look at all the great content coming on day 2.

Session 2: Recap: Assets Vs Liabilities

Andrew Lantz

A recap of what are assets, what are liabilities, and the basic formula for wealth.

Session 3: Investing In Real Estate

Robert’s Real Estate Investing Coaches

Achieve financial independence and leave the rat race now! Get the strategies and secrets Robert uses in real estate to create cash flow in any market. Even if you think you don’t have the knowledge, time, or money needed – the Rich Dad Coaching team will show you how!

Session 4: Introduction To Bitcoin

Jeremy Bellotti

An introduction to the massive potential in cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin.

Session 5: The Opportunity In Bitcoin

Max Wright

Bitcoin is a popular investment option right now but… what is it and how does it work? See how to get started investing in Bitcoin, key metrics to track, and find out the common challenges that come up when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Session 6: Introduction To Fred Lam

Jeremy Bellotti

Meet Fred Lam, an entrepreneur who has generated $20 million to date in revenue leveraging the global economy.

Session 7: How To Leverage The Global Economy To Develop A Business

Fred Lam

The global economy has opened up a bunch of opportunities. See how you can use the internet to buy cheap products from China and sell them for a markup in the United States.

Session 8: The Power Of Soft Assets

Andrew Lantz

You are your most powerful investment! Your network, skills, education, health, and wellness. They all need attention to be successful!

Session 9: Introduction To Tom Wheelwright

Jeremy Bellotti

Tom Wheelwright knows taxes and he knows that Investors and Entrepreneurs can get the most tax savings.

Session 10: The Tax Savings Of Becoming An Investor And Entrepreneur

Tom Wheelwright

See why the tax code isn’t “bad” and how to do the right things to get the most tax savings. This talk is all about leveraging legal loopholes to YOUR advantage!

Session 11: Introduction To Protecting Your Assets

Jeremy Bellotti

As you are buiding your assets, make sure you are taking action to protect those assets as well!

Session 12: How To Protect Your Assets

Garrett Sutton

See why you need to protect your assets as an entrepreneur and investor. We’ll also cover risk management and how to set up LLCs and corporations.

Session 13: The Power Of Contribution

Anik Singal

The wealthier you become, the more you’re able to contribute. See how wealth allows you to contribute to your family, your community, and the world.

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100% Online and On Demand. Watch Anytime from Anywhere

So Why is This Whole Rich Dad Summit Only $1?

The organizers of the Rich Dad Summit are all entrepreneurs.

And, we’ve all had help along the way. So to give back, we want to help as many people become entrepreneurs as possible - not just those who can afford high-ticket courses.

This isn't just a talking point, it's our mission.

Why the Rich Dad Summit is so POWERFUL:

  • 100% VIRTUAL: We don't have hard-costs, travel or hotels - we can pass on these savings to YOU!
  • Only $1: We know that EVERYONE in the world with Internet can access the event, as well as afford it.
  • Excuse-Free Zone: We remove ALL excuses from your arsenal. Now, you have no choice, but to take action. Welcome to accountability!
  • Eliminated Risk: Sometimes, we all just need a risk-free opportunity to dip our toes into. So many courses are hundreds of dollars, it's scary. Well, not anymore. With this just being $1 to watch, now, you can experience the online business world and feel safe!

About The Rich Dad Company...

The Rich Dad Company was founded by International Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki in 1997. The company, as well as its principles, are based on Robert's book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is the #1 personal finance book of all time. Today, Robert, Kim Kiyosaki, author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time!, and their team of advisors transform lives through financial education.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know much about business or entrepreneurship. Is this a good fit for me?

No worries! Many of our students have arrived with little or no “business” background. The fact is, these days, the technology required to run an online business can be fully automated.
And for all the stuff you don’t know, we’ll help you get up to speed fast with our guides, tutorials, and video lessons!

I have a full-time job. Can I still watch the Rich Dad Summit?

Absolutely! You’re making a smart investment in your future. The entire event was 2 days, but with this being a replay, you can watch it at your convenience. And in that short time, you’ll get the skills you need to create additional income and one day (if you want to) quit your job. If you can’t make it all day or miss any part of Summit, we’ll STILL send you all the recordings too!

How can you offer this for just $1?

As I mentioned before, we want this training to be a gift that will help people all around the world to transform their lives! For anyone who wants to work with us further, those who are serious about turbo-charging their results, there will be opportunities to invest at a higher level down the road.

It really is that simple!

Yes, I Want Instant Access To The Training

100% Online and On Demand. Watch Anytime from Anywhere

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