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LIVE Training, Videos, Exercises & LOTS of Hand-Holding.

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If you want to quickly create an eCommerce business, and start seeing results fast…

I want to let you in on a secret. It’s the FASTEST way to 7-Figures for an eCommerce or ANY business for that matter.

It’s literally the single MOST effective thing I have ever done in my Entrepreneurial career. It’s SOLELY responsible for kick-starting my success as an Entrepreneur.

After interacting with many successful Entrepreneurs...

And teaching thousands of students how to grow 6-7-figure online businesses...

I’ve Discovered The QUICKEST Path To Success...

It’s hands-on “one-on-one” mentorship!

That’s the MAIN difference between those who get results fast, and those who take longer, or those who quit.

So, my team and I…

...after years of teaching others how to setup profitable ecommerce businesses, we’ve developed a game-changer called On Demand Startup.

What gets unlocked on the other side is an amazing chance to spend 8 weeks with some eCommerce experts...

Who together, have generated 7-figures in eCommerce sales.

Whether you already have an eCommerce store up and running, or you're starting from scratch…

We’ll personally help you start (or grow) an your business - capable of raking in 6-7 figures, as fast as possible.

Get Your Business Up Fast - Unlock 8-Weeks of
Coaching in On Demand Startup!

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But in order to succeed, you must first know...

The #1 Reason Some Fail & Some Succeed…

Most eCommerce store owners fail because of one BIG reason…

They try to do it all on their own, without any mentorship!

They set up their store, load it with products, run some ads, and even attend webinars - but they still don’t see how all the pieces fit together.

Because of this, they end up with...

  • The Individual Pieces - But, no idea on how to put them together.
  • Lots of Questions - But, no answers.
  • Obstacles & Challenges - But, no one to guide them THROUGH it.

So, if you’re committed to FINALLY solving the missing piece to the 6-7-figure eCommerce puzzle - and you are SERIOUS about investing in yourself, and your ecommerce business…

I have an incredible opportunity for you.

8 Weeks – FULL LIVE Access To Lurn Coaches.

Here’s What We’ll Do Together…
LIVE Virtual Workshops, Videos, Step By Step Exercises & Hand-Holding!

So, here’s the deal…

Typically, my team charges THOUSANDS of dollars an hour for coaching, but here’s what I’ll do…

For 8 weeks, I want to offer you a VERY INTIMATE coaching program, with the Lurn Coaches. If you’re willing to do this coaching in a small intimate group – I’m going to SLASH the entire cost by a ridiculous amount…

Listen, these 8 weeks will be intense, we’ll truly be doing a LOT together. Here’s what the 8 weeks will look like – day by day!

Monday – LIVE Virtual Workshop with The Lurn Team

Monday – End Each Virtual Workshop with a LIVE Q&A – No Time-Limit!

Monday – Receive Cheat Sheets, Work Plans & Step By Step Assignments

Tuesday & Wednesday – Work on & Finish Assignments

Thursday – LIVE Facilitator Calls with #LurnCoaches

Thursday – Review Your Assignments LIVE As a Group!

Friday – Begin to EXECUTE & Take Action

Saturday & Sunday – Implement New Habits & Practice!

Here’s The Week By Week Plan – Exactly What You’ll
Get In This 8-Week Program:

Week #1 Welcome to eCOM:

Here we kick off!

We’ll get you logged in. Get you access to all the lesson plans and lay out an entire plan of attack. You’ll do everything you need to set up your store for success. Get ready because this is when we’re going to start our amazing journey!

Week #2 Finding Your Products:

Which Is Right For YOU?

One of the KEY reasons why you may be struggling for success or not accelerating FAST enough? You may not be choosing the right KIND of Entrepreneurship.

This week, once in for all – we will decide (as a group) – The RIGHT kind of product for you to sell. The goal is simple. We want you to stand out from other sellers. Build a 6-7 figure business - while providing incredible value to your customers.

This week is all about finding the right apps to make your business more effective and efficient.

Week #3 Using Apps & Intro To Facebook:

You’ll get introduced to Facebook in a different way than you’re used to. You’ll learn how to use Facebook to drive revenue for your business.

Week #4 Facebook Ads:

Time To DIVE Into Facebook Ads.

This week – We dive RIGHT into the all the workings of a successful Facebook ad. You’ll learn everything about the various different types of ads, split testing, finding your target audience, creating attractive ads, etc.

Your Facebook ad will go live for the first time.

This is going to be a powerful week – but so much more coming!

Week #5 Ffacebook Ad Scaling:

Facebook Ads – Continued – We’ll Learn to Scale.

You’ll learn to look at data and know what’s working and what’s not. You’ll know when to scale a specific ad, or when to stop running it.

This is going to be a powerful week – but so much more coming!

Week #6 Store Management:

Now we’re getting to the exciting part of your business!

By the end of this week. You’ll master the art of managing your business. From order fulfillment, to customer service, to increasing average order value (upsells, cross sells/funnels, etc).

Week #7 Influencer Marketing/Ads:

Daymond John started to get exposure for his FUBU brand after he got LL Cool J to wear it in one of his videos.

This week we’ll teach all how to leverage the incredible power of influencer marketing to gain exposure and momentum for your business.

This will be a week of MAJOR Breakthroughs – Mark my words!

Week #8 Going Forword - The Big Picture:

Now you’re in the big time. You have a full blown Ecommerce business up and running. You’ll learn all about managing the day-to-day functions of your business.

  • Customer service/follow-ups
  • Coupons, discounts, and sales
  • Outsourcing / When to outsource
  • Funnels / Upsells
  • Bulk Orders, etc.

Your Education Going Forward “What’s Next”

After this week, you’ll be fully equipped to truly run & scale an Ecommerce store to 7-figures,SUCCESSFULLY!

Now, this entire time – you will have ACCESS to my team to help you work through it all.

Imagine – having a team of experienced and successful ecommerce experts, to walk you through setting up, launching, and scaling a successful 6 to 7-figure Ecommerce business - every step of the way!

Start, Build & Scale Your Business Fast - Unlock
8-Weeks of Coaching in On Demand Startup!

8 Weeks To eCommerce Success!

Sign Me Up Now - $997

But WAIT! That's Not All…
Get Close To $4,000 in Free Bonuses

Bonus #1: Daymond on Demand.($2,497 Value)

We’re fully invested in your long-term success.

So, in addition to your 8-week hands-on training - we’ve put together some amazing bonuses for you. This will greatly help in the continuous learning process as you take the world of eCommerce by storm.

Become an eCommerce Shark With Daymond On Demand!

So now you’re done with the 8 weeks, what’s next?

We’re not just going to send you out there to fend for yourself. We got your back. We’re going to help you become one of the sharks in the eCommerce world.

These 8 weeks will give you the foundational knowledge you need, to gain some traction with your eCommerce business.

But we won’t be there with you in your everyday life, as you take on the eCommerce world.

What we will do is give you all the tools you need to scale your business to any level you want. So, as a special bonus, you’ll get Multi-Millionaire and Shark Tank Star, Daymond John’s FLAGSHIP course...

Daymond On Demand!

So here’s the plan...

The first 8 weeks are designed get your business of the ground and start seeing success, but if you’re like me, you always want more.

So think about this course as getting you to the “Promised Land” of eCommerce.

It’ll be there with you, throughout your journey, to guide you and give you everything you need, in the process to scaling your business as big as you want.

With Daymond On Demand, you’ll be able to:


Daymond John, an authority in brandings, provides a dynamic roadmap to growing a successful brand from its inception to its watermark.


You’ll discover how to get the most out of your products by finding where the demand is high and position yourself effectively. Walk through your Ecommerce journey with Daymond’s proven validation process.


Daymond John shows you how to gain that competitive edge through killer work ethic. Work hard, overcome obstacles and push yourself and your business to the top.


Daymond John’s uses his experience to show you how to use your resources more efficiently, and market your ideas more imaginatively with a laser-focused strategy and a drive to succeed.

Here’s What You’ll Get in this course.

50 INTERACTIVE TRAINING MODULES. With Daymond John & His Expert Team.

To help you acquire the unparalleled skills you can use to Start, Grow and Scale your Ecommerce business.

TOOLS & RESOURCES To Reach The Next Level In Your Business.

In addition to 8+ hours of customized curriculum content, Daymond on Demand will provide you with supplemental tools and resources to help take your business to the next level and keep your head in the game.


This course will be tailored to your skill level and business needs, creating a personalized and interactive experience that allows you to get the most out of each course.


Allow Daymond on Demand to keep track of your progress and help you implement the necessary next steps to reach your goals

This amazing course will give you the exact step-by-step “blueprint…”

Daymond used to go from a struggling Entrepreneur trying to pitch his Fubu Brand to generating over $6 BILLION in sales.

This course is worth over TWICE as much as the mentorship itself. But you get it absolutely free.

Bonus #2: Influencer Academy. ($397 Value)

When Daymond first started out…

He used an “influencer” - Rap Star LL Cool J, to help gain some exposure for his Fubu Brand. by having him wear it in some of his videos.

We want to give you all the tools...
if you so wish to follow the same process and gain some HEAVY buzz for your brand.

You will accomplish this by...

Learning how to Use an Untapped Traffic GOLDMINE, Instagram.

You’ll discover the 4-step process.

STEP 1 - Build.

Setup your account & build your funnel based on your business niche (e.g. eCom, webinars, lead gen).

STEP 2 - Connect.

This is the heart of Influencer Marketing - connecting with actual Influencers. You need to find them, build relationships, and get them to like you (and, link to you). When you’re done with this step you’ll have a huge list of Influencers ready to promote YOUR business.

STEP 3 - Create.

You’ll need to create promotions, use the right tools, write captions, and pretty much do all the heavy lifting (so your influencers won’t have to).

STEP 4 - Scale.

Once you get some traction, you’ll want to duplicate your efforts. This is the proven slow & steady way to grow your business, get traffic, get sales, and see major success.

...to connect with popular influencers to drive traffic, and generate a constant flow of leads to your business.

You get these amazing bonuses as a reward for showing commitment, and deciding to invest in yourself.

Start, Build & Scale Your Business Fast - Unlock
8-Weeks of Coaching in On Demand Startup!

8 Weeks To eCommerce Success!

Sign Me Up Now - $997


Are You Ready to Commit Just 8 Weeks & Have Us
Personally Guide You To eCommerce Success?

That’s it. You get to spend 8 WEEKS with us.

Where we PERSONALLY coach you to start, launch, and grow your Ecommerce business to 6 or 7-Figures. You get to have all your questions answered by people who’s made MILLIONS from Ecommerce businesses.

I want you to move forward and I want you to make this tiny investment.

Listen, this is a small investment. We spend more than this on televisions, gadgets, cell phones, video game systems, etc. And these things won’t make you 6-7 figures.

This is not a stock market investment...

….where you have to wait years for it to pay dividends, and even so - there are factors beyond your control.

The best investment you can ever make is the investment you make in yourself. You know why? Because only YOU can have full control of yourself.

So, we’re going to do our part.

We will commit to doing EVERYTHING we can, to help you get results FAST - from your Ecommerce business.

That’s our promise to you.

Now, I'm only asking you to invest in yourself, and show a little bit of commitment. Show me how bad you want it.

During these 8 weeks, my best eCommerce coaches will be 100% available to work with you, one-on-one, and 100% hands-on to launch your entire ecommerce business.

From start to finish!

My coaches (who have already seen TONS OF SUCCESS HERE) will be available the entire time to answer your questions, solve your problems, and move any obstacle in your way.

You'll save yourself LOTS of money - along with YEARS of headaches, failures, and frustration.

But I don’t even want you to focus on that.
I want you to think about what you stand to gain from this tiny investment.

$997 is a very small price to pay for the opportunity to build a 6 to 7-figure business.

So there you go. What's it going to be?

Click below if it's right for you, only if it's right, click the BIG BUTTON below.

Start, Build & Scale Your Business Fast - Unlock
8-Weeks of Coaching in On Demand Startup!

8 Weeks To eCommerce Success!

Sign Me Up Now - $997

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