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The Secrets To Discovering The Millionaire Within You in Just 7 Steps...

It Took Me 3 Years, 50 Millionaire & 5 Billionaire Interviews, to Discover These Secrets. Internalize These Secrets & You Can Be Well On Your Way To Becoming A Millionaire!



I owe ALL of my success and fortune to these 7 steps.

But this discovery didn't just come overnight... It was after some PAINFUL experiences, and hundreds of hours of research - that I finally discovered, most millionaires used these exact secrets.

And I interviewed a LOT of them.

50 MILLIONAIRES AND 5 BILLIONAIRES, to be exact. They all basically told me the same things.

It was after these interviews, that I came to the shocking realization - I had been using these secrets all along!

I've used these secrets to build a Multi-Million Dollar Business from scratch. I've also used it to help change the lives of HUNDREDS of students! And right now, I want you to join these students and become a MILLIONAIRE...

So, I've decided to share the secrets with you in The Millionaire Mentor...

You see...

Almost ALL Millionaires have the SAME characteristics and the SAME way of thinking. They truly seem to be working off the same framework - yet, the "rest of us" are never taught what this framework really is!

Well, that stops now.

I've broken them all down for you in just 7 steps... I want to hold your hand and give you step-by-step guidance. I want to walk you through this entire framework.

But first, we have to get some misconceptions out of the way. Now let me ask you this question...

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

Money Doesn’t Make You A Millionaire...
But Your Habits Do.

Ever asked yourself…

...why only very few people become millionaires, while everybody else feeds off the scraps?

Is it because, the “system” is hell-bent on making sure you remain poor? Is it because millionaires are keeping the secrets from you? Is it because millionaires were just born that way?

The answer might surprise you.

Being a millionaire doesn’t necessarily mean having a million dollars in your bank account.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard stories about people winning the lottery, then proceeding to go bankrupt the very next year. Or about famous celebrities and athletes going broke - and never recovering.

I could go on and on…

You see, it’s not about the money. People hear the word millionaire, and suddenly think it requires you to have a million dollars.

The thought of that frightens them, because they feel like it’s so big of a goal, that it’s nearly impossible to accomplish.

Instead, their minds come up with excuses as to why they’ll never be millionaires.

Well, I'm here today to help you break through the misconceptions, fears, and sabotaging that holds you back, and help you discover the MILLIONAIRE within yourself.

Like I said before, becoming a millionaire is NOT about having a million dollars in your bank account. Becoming a millionaire is really about small, systematic changes you can start making right now in your everyday life, so that you can start to uncover the millionaire within yourself.

By the way -  it’s always been there, just hidden.

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
Your Millionaire Self!
Now $197

Here’s why working on yourself is crucial.

Going back to my earlier example about lottery winners, celebrities, and athletes going broke and never recovering...

While this happens a lot, there are also other millionaires who lose it all, but bounce back better than ever - in a short time.

Do you know why they’re able to do that?

It’s because they’ve embodied that actual secrets to becoming a millionaire. In other words, they’ve discovered their millionaire selves and are living that.

That’s why they can lose everything and still get it back. They just understand the process.

Being a millionaire is not about money, it’s about WHO you are. If you’re not a millionaire within, there’s NO way it’ll show in your real life.

To drill this concept into your head, let me tell you my story...

How I Used These 7-Secrets To Discover The Millionaire Within & Generated $10 Million in Just 16 Months

You see, I wasn’t born into wealth.

My dad came from humble beginnings in India, and was able to go on to create a decent life for himself and his family.

I grew up in an upper-middle class household and I was fairly comfortable.

But nothing was handed to me, I had to work for everything I’ve ever gotten.

Just like everybody else, I was going down the conventional path of life. I went to school, I got a degree, and was about to earn a graduate degree before entering the job force.

I got accepted into one of the top medical schools in the country. My parents were very proud.

But through all this, I wasn’t happy. And one day I just decided, enough is enough. I was going to quit school and follow my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur.

This was when all hell broke loose.

I struggled every day. I worked hard, I hustled, I fought, and still couldn't make a dime. People ridiculed me. Told me to go get a “real” job. It took me 18 MONTHS of failing over and over to finally make my first dollar. It’s one of the TOUGHEST things I've ever done in my life.

Then, finally, I got my FIRST major breakthrough!

Some stranger online - as of today, I don’t know who that guy is - decided to mentor me for one day. It was that day that I made my first dollar as an entrepreneur. And I never looked back.

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

I went on to build a company that was generating over $10 Million a year in revenue.

Then slowly, I started to lose my way.

My company was going underwater. More money was going out than was coming in. I decided to throw more money at the problem. And the more I did, the worse things got.

You see, even though I had made millions of dollars, I WASN’T a millionaire then.

I hadn’t discovered my millionaire self yet. I had gotten carried away by my newfound fortune.

I was believing my own hype. I started to deviate from the practices that brought in the millions in the first place. My behavior changed, my thinking changed, and everything about me started to go south.

Instead of really figuring out what exactly I was doing wrong and trying to fix it, I decided money was the solution.

Such a BIG mistake!

I eventually fell a whopping $1.7 Million in debt. I was close to bankruptcy, my health deteriorated drastically, and I almost lost my life.

As I regained my health, my drive came back. It was shortly after that incident that everything began to come together.

I started by asking myself: “What was it that got me to my success the first time around?”

And then it hit me like a bag of bricks… it was my formula. These 7 Steps. That was the engine behind my business. It’s what built my customer base. It’s what drove massive growth.

So, I went back to the basics. I focused on building my business using these 7 steps. And everything simply CLICKED!

It was in that moment that I discovered the MILLIONAIRE within! Guess what...

It Took Me 6 Years To Make $10 Million The 1st Time. This Time… I Did It In JUST 16 MONTHS!

Before then, even though I’d made millions, I never really had a plan, and it caught up to me.

Ever since I discovered the millionaire within myself, I haven’t looked back!

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

Today, I have multiple online businesses. Between my own businesses, my clients’ businesses and the products I’ve helped others sell online, I have been able to generate over $200 Million in online publishing sales.

I‘m proud to say that I‘ve trained over 250,000 students from all around the world.

Many have gone on to become millionaires and prominent business leaders in their fields – all by following these same golden steps that I will NEVER stray from again.

I could lose it all today, and still bounce back in a short time. Because now, I’ve discovered the millionaire within myself.

I’m not saying this to brag.

I’m using my story to prove why being a millionaire is about WHO YOU ARE, and not how much money you have in your bank account.

If you don’t become a millionaire within, then no matter how much money you make - it’ll never last.

Becoming A Millionaire is Simple...
But It Takes Commitment & Discipline.

Anyone CAN become a millionaire, including you.

It doesn't matter where you are in your life right now, and I’m living PROOF.

Maybe right now you’re saying, “Yeah right, this guy is full of crap. So if anyone can become a millionaire, why do only a few actually become millionaires?”

The answer is simple. The few that become millionaires have a DIFFERENT thought process than everybody else.

It’s like this - there are Millionaires, and then there’s everybody else. Millionaires just do life differently. They think differently, act differently, and behave differently.

In order to become a millionaire, you have to change:

  • Who you are.
  • How you are.
  • What you are.
  • Where you are.
  • Why you are.

There’s a lot of work to be done.

But the awesome thing for you is - you’ll have my 15 years of experience, along with that of 50 Millionaire and 5 Billionaires, available to you whenever you want.

I’ve been in the trenches, made all this mistakes, had all the failures, and done all the hard work  so that you don’t have to.

I’ve discovered the formula, broken it down to just 7 actionable steps, and I’m going to reveal them to you today.

So, get EXCITED, and get ready, because the MILLIONAIRE within you is waiting to reveal itself on the other side of this page.

But it’s going to be up to you to decide whether you actually want to discover it or not!

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

But, What Is The Millionaire Mentor?

Simply put, The Millionaire Mentor is a course with the millionaire formula, that includes 7 actionable steps you can implement to become a Millionaire.

It was after some painful experiences, hundreds of hours of research, and interviewing 50 Millionaires and 5 Billionaires, that I finally discovered these secrets.

This Course is packed with incredible insights, tips, techniques and assignments that’ll lead to BIG breakthroughs in your life.. Once you master the formula laid out in this course, you can go from struggling, and thinking just like everybody else (the non-millionaires) - to thinking, behaving, and acting like a TRUE MILLIONAIRE. Eventually you’ll become one, with tangible proof.

I believe in this course that much. Because these are:

  • The SAME STEPS I used to build my first company that generated over $10 Million a year in sales.
  • The SAME STEPS I used to make $10 Million in just 16 months, after I fell $1.7 Million in debt.
  • The SAME STEPS 50 Millionaires and 5 Billionaires I know also used for their successes.
  • The SAME STEPS I’ve taught countless students, many of whom have gone on to become millionaires.

Unlock The Secrets To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

So, if you want me to - for as long as you need me, I can be your Millionaire Mentor.

Without further ado, here are...

The 7 Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within Yourself!

Invest Just 3 Weeks with Anik Singal &
TRIPLE Your Chances of Becoming a MILLIONAIRE.

  1. Clarify Your Goal - What do you want and why do you want it? It’s IMPORTANT to first know exactly why you want to achieve a goal in order to achieve it. Then you can come up with a step-by-step plan to achieve that goal. If you master this, you can achieve ANY goal. No matter how BIG it is.
  2. Create Accountability - This is the SUPERPOWER of a Millionaire! You own yourself, and it’s important to take full responsibility for yourself. This gives you immense power, because when you take full responsibility, you own everything and you’ll feel like you have control over any outcome.
  3. Relentless Focus - This is the ONE thing millionaires have mastered. THIS is the #1 issue that most non-millionaires face. They’re out chasing money, so they bounce from idea to idea. You must learn how to stop your mind from wandering, so you can focus on one goal and achieve it. If you master this, you’ll reach your goal FASTER than you ever thought possible!
  4. Building A Team - Having the best team is important to achieving your goal. It’s necessary to find the ideal individuals who can help you grow and become more successful.
  5. Invest In Yourself - As the old saying goes - The BEST asset you can EVER invest in is YOURSELF. Most importantly - in order to get the best ROI possible, you MUST know exactly how to spend your time and money.
  6. Take Action - The greatest plan in the world will fail without equal ACTION. Let me ask you a question - be HONEST. Do you always make BIG PLANS, but then fail to actually follow through? Making plans and taking urgent action is one of the biggest traits of millionaires.
  7. Total Resilience - This should actually explain itself. The problem is that many people are so quick to invest in training or ask for help - but, they give up WAY too early. You have to TRUST THE PROCESS. Be so sure you’re going to achieve your goals that you just keep going, no matter what!

Now that you know the steps to becoming a millionaire. I have a question for you...

Unlock The Secrets To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

How Committed & Dedicated Are You To...
Discovering The Millionaire Within Yourself?

Do you really want to become a MILLIONAIRE?

If so, you now have two choices.

You can...

  1. Take these steps and try to figure out how to apply them on your own. It took me 15 years of painful experiences, hours of research, and 50 millionaire and 5 billionaire interviews, to finally figure this out. Or…
  2. You could make a small one time investment in the Millionaire Mentor program, where all the hard work is done for you - and TRIPLE your chances of becoming a millionaire. In just 7 actionable steps.

Like I said, the choice is totally up to you.

But if you’re committed and dedicated like you say you are, then the second option is a very easy decision for you to make. I’ve done my best to make it as easy as possible.

So you have no excuses here, if you really want to become a millionaire.

Even better...

Today - I’ll Give You All SEVEN Secrets
For The Investment of Just ONE...

So, there are SEVEN total Modules.

Each module has multiple videos, exercises and practices inside them…

These videos are amazing and break down EACH secret into small, actionable steps - things you can start doing RIGHT away. With the wealth of information available and the amount of work that has gone into each module- no one will argue that each lesson alone is easily worth $197…

Unlock The Secrets To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Now $197

So, in total - all SEVEN modules would be worth a TOTAL of $1,379.

The truth is that if I charged even 10X that ($13,790) - This program will still be worth every penny. Remember, they don’t teach ANY of my discoveries at any College. Yes, not even at Harvard.

But, for a limited time - I’m willing to give all SEVEN modules to you for the price of ONE!

So, that’s what I’m doing - just to START.

You invest a TINY $197 to just contribute towards ONE of the modules and I’ll give you ALL SEVEN.

ACT Now - Get Another $1,691 in BONUSES!

JUST for today, RIGHT NOW – I’m going to throw in 3 Powerful FREE Bonuses that will absolutely change your life…

FREE Bonus #1:
Free Training From My Personal (Secret) Wealth Mentor(Value: $497)

You’ll get FREE guidance and training from the man LARGELY responsible for my recent wealth (the last three years). I was personally introduced to him by ROBERT KIYOSAKI.

I’ve never revealed him to anyone until now.

He works with some of the RICHEST people in the world, so he’s NOT cheap. But I’ve begged him to reveal his 5-Step Wealth Plan to you.

In this FREE Bonus, he reveals how you can:

  • Grow Wealth...TAX FREE
  • Invest in Real Estate with LITTLE to NO MONEY
  • Beat the Stock Market with LITTLE to NO EXPERIENCE
  • Use insurance to SAFEGUARD YOUR WEALTH

This is Tremendous VALUE . A total value of $497 easily - but yours, 100% FREE.

FREE Bonus #2:
The Millionaire Makeover Kit (Value: $197)

I’ve taken weeks to compile a list of WEEKLY action plans. These plans will help you master the entire seven steps in The Millionaire Mentor. They teach you how to:

  • Build a CUSTOM plan for YOU that uses YOUR personal assets and skills!
  • Implement EACH of the 7 secrets one by one, and internalize the teachings...
  • NEVER become overwhelmed or fall behind - as long as you stick to our plan!

Normally I would package something like this in a physical package and MAIL it out to you. But, for now - I’ll give you the DIGITAL version for FREE. (Value: $197 Value).

FREE Bonus #3:
FLY ON THE WALL - Billionaire Interview! (Value: $997)

I’ve gone out and PULLED A LOT of favors to bring this to you. YOU get to sit-in and be a fly on the wall, while I interview a BILLIONAIRE for over an HOUR!

In this interview, he reveals:

  1. How he applied the strategies in Millionaire Mentor to actually become a BILLIONAIRE!
  2. The #1 mindset hack that allowed him to break ALL odds...
  3. How becoming a BILLIONAIRE means wanting to CHANGE the World!
  4. And, so much more...

This bonus is EASILY worth over $997 on its own - but again, I’m giving it to you for absolutely FREE!

These bonuses together ALONE are worth well over $1,691 but I’m willing to hand them to you for FREE…

ON TOP of that - I’m willing to give you my entire MILLIONAIRE MENTOR COURSE and MY PERSONAL MENTORSHIP… That alone is worth $1,379

It brings our TOTAL VALUE up to over $3,070.

  • Secret #1: Peg Method (Value: $197)
  • Secret #2: Outrageous Ownership (Value: $197)
  • Secret #3: The Commander’s Intent (Value: $197)
  • Secret #4: Your “Asset Based” Network (Value: $197)
  • Secret #5: Invest In Your Secret Weapon (Value: $197)
  • Secret #6: Become an “Action Warrior” (Value: $197)
  • Secret #7: Learning How To #TTP (Value: $197)
  • Bonus #1: FREE Training - My Personal Wealth Mentor (Value: $197)
  • Bonus #1: Millionaire Makeover Kit! (Value: $497)
  • Bonus #1: BILLIONAIRE Access - Amazing Interview (Value: $997)

Total Value: $3,070

The Millionaire Mentor Course Details

Here’s what’s inside...

Module #1: The PEG Method22:13

In this step, I’ll teach you how to use a step-by-step plan to achieve ANY goal. No matter how BIG it is (like becoming a millionaire).

THIS is the system I use to do it!

  • Learn how to CONQUER any challenge in your way…
  • Know exactly what ASSETS you already have in your life!
  • Create a trackable roadmap to ANY goal or dream - I mean ANY.

Just imagine, this is only Step #1. This alone is worth investing your next few weeks with me!

Module #2: Outrageous Ownership17:32

This is where you learn what the SUPERPOWER of a Millionaire is! There is ONE very specific thing that MILLIONAIRES do that the unsuccessful ones never do..

You don’t learn it in school. Most parents don’t teach it (although some try). And, you won’t learn it just by working hard - yet, it could be the most important skill you need to succeed! Let me teach you:

  • How to immediately deploy this SUPERPOWER to become a overnight LEADER.
  • When things go wrong - Here’s how to 3X your chances of turning it around.
  • The #1 way to get those around you to FOLLOW you…

Again, we’ll master a skill together that not one school in the World even teaches...

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
Your Millionaire Self!
Was $197 - Now $137

Module #3: The Commander’s Intent36:23

This is where you master RELENTLESS FOCUS. THIS is the #1 issue that most “non-millionaires” face. They’re out chasing money and so they bounce from idea to idea.

With this method, I’ll show you exactly how to stop your mind from wandering… So you can focus on one goal and achieve it. You can learn:

  • How to BURN THE BOATS - lessons learned from one of the most legendary Generals in History.
  • The #1 Advice I received from Mark Cuban.
  • How to apply scientific research to DOUBLE your chances at succeeding

What you learn here is DIRECT advice I got from Shark Tank’s Billionaire - Mark Cuban!

Module #4: Your “Asset-Based” Network56:36

This is probably one of the most important steps you can take in your life - for ANYTHING you want. Wealth, health, spirituality - you name it!

Imagine being able to tap into a never-ending wealth of knowledge for Free. Get guidance, coaching, leadership and mentorship - all for FREE.  I’ll give you my #1 tool and tactic I use to get unlimited and priceless mentorship - for FREE. Learn:

  • How to quickly catalogue EVERY person you’ve ever met in your life
  • How to grow your ASSETS by 300% using nothing but some simple text messages.
  • How to get unlimited coaching for FREE…

If there was one skill that is my utmost best - It’s THIS one.  I’ve nearly perfected it, and now so will you.

Module #5: Investing In Your Secret Weapon (Yourself)47:54

As the old saying goes - The BEST asset you can EVER invest in is YOURSELF. In this module, I’ll help YOU customize an exact plan on HOW you should make this investment.

The thing is, I hate all these cliche lines that are out there today. “Invest in yourself” - what does that even mean?  Everyone is different right?  Well you can learn…

You’ll leave this step with a full framework on just what to do with your existing money and TIME…

  • Exactly how much “I” invest in training, coaching and masterminds
  • How to grow yourself so fast that no one can keep up!
  • The #1 advice that Millionaires gave me about investing…

Unlock The 7-Steps To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!
Was $197 - Now $137

Module #6: Becoming an “Action Warrior”29:31

The greatest plan in the world will fail without equal ACTION. Let me ask you a question - be HONEST. Do you always make BIG PLANS, but then fail to actually follow through?

It’s okay, don’t worry - this used to be a huge problem for me. But, today, making plans and taking amazing #Urgent action is probably one of my biggest talents. Let me teach you:

  • How to quickly EVALUATE an idea and see if it has any potential…
  • The #1 way to build incredibly positive momentum into gettings things DONE…
  • How to master the ability to immediately vet an idea and delegate the execution!

Stop being an IDEA-MONGER and having no results in your life to show for your brilliant ideas. We’ll put a stop to this right away.

Module #7: Learning How to #TTP40:13

This should actually explain itself. The problem is that we are so fast to invest in training or asking for help - but, yet, why are there not more people in the World that are Millionaires?

Simple. We don’t actually do what we’re told. We have no trust in the system. Well that stops today. Learn:

  • How to know exactly what to do and WHEN - This allows you to TRUST THE PROCESS finally!
  • WHO should you trust - how Millionaires choose those to follow - like magicians…
  • Once you have a system - how to effectively double down on that system!

This is truly the final closing secret to getting where you need to be. You want to be a MILLIONAIRE? You need this course!

Unlock The Secrets To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!

The Exact Roadmap to Discovering
The Millionaire Within You.

You literally have the EXACT navigation system that’ll take you from wishing like everybody else to becoming your Millionaire Self by discovering the millionaire within.

It’s right in front of you...

For $197, you get the same 7 steps MOST millionaires have used to achieve their success. People pay thousand of dollars and put themselves in debt, just to go to school and learn how to be employees.

And most of them will NEVER become millionaires.

All you have to do is make this small one-time investment of $197, and you can be on your way to becoming a millionaire!

Isn’t that incredible!?

Here’s the great part: you’ll have LIFETIME access to this course. So whenever you feel stuck, you can always come back and refresh your memory.

If there was ever a “magic button” to making a million dollars, this is it!

$197 is just a tiny price to pay for such an immense outcome, wouldn’t you agree?

So what are you waiting for?

This is the information you’ve been missing. The Millionaire Mentor will change your life for the better.

All you need to do is show COMMITMENT and take ACTION now!

I know you’ll be glad you made this decision, and I can’t wait to read your success story!

Get started on your journey to becoming a millionaire with The Millionaire Mentor program now!

Unlock The Secrets To Discovering
The Millionaire Within You!

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