Million Dollar Funnels

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Revealed: The 7 Funnels We Used to Generate MILLIONS, & Almost DOUBLE Our Revenue
in Just One Year!

We’re FINALLY Revealing Our Million Dollar Funnels! These Funnels Generated Over $11 Million in Just One Year! Taking Our Revenue From $15.4 Million in 2016 to $26.5 Million in 2017. You CAN Get Them All Today For Pennies on The Dollar!

Are you having trouble getting your funnels to convert?

Or maybe they’re already converting, but you’re like me and never satisfied with just enough…

So you want to get even MORE conversions from your funnels.

Well, I have some CRAZY good news for you. I’ve literally NEVER done this before and wasn’t even thinking about EVER doing this.

But you know what?

We want to empower 1 Million Entrepreneurs this year, so after some deep discussions with the Lurn Team…

I decided to open up this amazing opportunity to you.

You get the INCREDIBLE chance to get your hands on the funnels that have generated MILLIONS of dollars in revenue for us over the past couple of years.

These are the funnels that have LITERALLY taken my business to the next level.

Without these funnels, the Lurn Nation platform probably WOULDN’T be here today. These funnels literally almost DOUBLED my business revenue and helped us expand in every area.

I want to give it all to you, every step, every template, examples of pages, literally EVERYTHING!

But first let me tell you how…

The 7 Funnels That Have Generated Millions In Sales

Instant Access - $297

This Crazy Event Led Me to Discover The Funnels That Took My Business From $15.4 to $26 Million in Revenue, in JUST 1 Year!

You see, before we got as big as we are today…

Our business model was like this...

We’d do a product launch, recruit a bunch of Affiliates to market it for us. Make a ton of money, then crash and live off that money until the next product launch.

But there were TWO major problems with this business model.

#1 - It’s VERY difficult to scale a business using this model.

In fact businesses that use this model don’t last too long. They’ll come in, make a little bit of a run, make some money - and then die.

So I knew this model wasn’t going to work for too long. Because if just one of your campaigns doesn’t deliver - even if it did half of what it was supposed to, you’re DEAD in the water.

It actually surprised the hell out of me how we were able to stay in business that long.

#2 - Major drawback with using Affiliates.

So we we’d ask Affiliates to help promote our products. They would go ahead and promote, they were awesome at it, and brought us a lot of revenue.

But guess what? They would ask us to promote them back.

Now here’s the problem with that.

In order for me to give my audience the best experience. In order to give them my best, I have to be able to teach. I wanted to be able to build a platform like the one you’re in now.

I want to help them with their journey, give them the tools, resources and all the other different things they need to achieve success in their business.

And if I’m committed to this cycle of promoting someone else’s launch because they promoted mine…

Then I wouldn’t be able to give my best to my own audience.

Even though I was making a lot of money from it, I knew it wouldn’t last. I wasn’t fulfilled and I wasn’t doing right by my students.

I could see it was about to crash, but I hadn’t really look into changing it, simply because it was still working up to that point.

But that was about to change real soon...

The Day I FINALLY Got Fed Up With...
My Old Business Model & EVERYTHING Changed.

Sometimes things happen when you least expect them to…

It was December of 2016. I was at an event in Canada and I decided to visit some of family members. While driving, my phone just wouldn’t stop buzzing.

But I never look at my phone while I drive.

So when I finally reached my destination I decided to pull out my phone, curious to see what all the continuous buzzing was about.

Came to find out it was messages from Affiliates fighting with each other about when to carry on their respective product launches. It got SO overwhelming to the point that I finally decided, this is it!

That was the day, I decided NEVER to do Affiliate Marketing for my business again.

But there was ONE problem.

95% of my revenue came from Affiliates. Mind you, we weren’t a small company either. So you can imagine how my team reacted when I broke the news.

So how were we able to navigate this problem? What was the result of that life altering decision?

Well, in January of 2017 - we put this new rule in place, and guess what?

We Almost DOUBLED Our Revenue From 2016 to 2017, Using Funnels.

We went from $15.5 Million in revenue in 2016… $26.5 Million in 2017. Without the never ending cycle of Affiliate Marketing.

So, that begs the obvious question...

How were we able to accomplish such HUGE spike in revenue, if we removed 95% of our business model. Well, let me break it down for you. Here’s how we did it.

We invested:

  • $5.5 Million in Facebook ads.
  • $1 Million in other forms of marketing.
  • $2 Million in Affiliates.

And that was how we got to 26.5 Million in 2017.

Of course, we didn’t totally get rid of Affiliates, but they only promoted us, we didn’t promote a SINGLE one of them.

The 7 Funnels That Have Generated Millions In Sales

Instant Access - $297

That way I could focus on giving my students the best of the best I have to offer. This was ABSOLUTELY jaw-dropping. One of the most revolutionary and one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done in my life.

I’d never had to stress myself or compromise my business by being committed to someone else’s ever since.


The Most IMPORTANT Component to All of This Amazing
Breakthrough Was Building FUNNELS.

Here’s one thing to remember.

When you get deeper into building your business. And when I start to teach you how to grow and scale your business - doing things like generating traffic, marketing, ad buying, etc…

You’re going to discover the ABSOLUTE necessity of having funnels.

Because at this point, instead of getting warm traffic from affiliate referrals, and having to compromise your business by reciprocating…

You have to use other forms of traffic from Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. They require you to pay a lot of money, just to give you a little bit of space to promote your business. So you have to be on point and make the most of it.

That’s where the most critical step of building and optimising your funnels to convert comes in.

That’s why…

Today I’m Going to Reveal ALL of Our Painstakingly Tested & Proven Funnels, That Have Generated MILLIONS of Dollars in Revenue for Us.

No one else, and I mean NO ONE is willing to do this for you.

But I’m going to LITERALLY give you all of our Million dollar funnels. I’m going to give you:

  • Examples.
  • Models
  • Case Studies.
  • Pages.
  • Templates.

I’m going to give you EVERY single funnel we’ve used to generate Millions of dollars.

It’s going to be yours. You can do anything you want with it. They still work great, they still generate revenue, and we still use them to this day! Use it to get more leads, more email subscribers, more customers, more sales.

Use it to GROW and SCALE your business.

But we didn’t just build these funnels and all of a sudden they started working. We had to test them. We spent time, we spent money, we tried MANY different things.

Based on our finding, we made 3 simple, but MAJOR tweaks that made this all possible.

We’re going to show you these tweaks plus the 7 major funnels that brought us all this success. Now what was amazing during this year was that we hit two MAJOR milestones…

The 7 Funnels That Have Generated Millions In Sales

Instant Access - $297

Were able to:

  • Scale our ad spend from a few thousand dollars in 2016 to $8.5 Million in 2017 &...
  • Get almost a 300% ROI on that ad spend.

We will show you EXACTLY how we accomplished all of that in this amazing course.

You’ll also learn the two types of funnels - Horizontal and Vertical funnels…

We’ll also show you which one is the BEST to use for amazing conversions when you’re just getting started, and which one is best for scaling when you’re already getting results.

I’m telling you, you’ve never seen this in depth information on successful ANYWHERE else. I know because no one else is willing to go to these lengths to reveal all their secret sauce, and give away their successful funnels.

What a time to be a #LurnNation member.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Million Dollar Funnels.

Million Dollar Funnels is a course with all of our 7 MOST successful funnels to date.

These funnels have been tried and tested over time, and have proven over and over to deliver the goods. They still make money, and we still use them to this day.

These funnels that have generated millions of dollars for us and you’re about to get your hands on them.

Get excited because here are the 7 funnels you’re going to be getting your hands on:

  1. Traditional Opt-in Funnel.
  2. Webinar Registration With A Twist Funnel.
  3. The Hidden Webinar Registration Funnel.
  4. Bootcamp Funnel.
  5. Low Ticket Profit Funnel.
  6. Direct Super Ticket Funnel
  7. Virtual Summit Funnel.

Course Details:

Tuition: $297
Level: Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual

We’ll show you how to combine these funnels with amazing offers for INCREDIBLE conversions.

We’re going to LITERALLY give you everything you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur this year. We’re committed to making you the best Entrepreneur you can be in 2019.

We’ve Done Our Part, Now It’s Over to You.

All we ask that you show commitment and dedication to yourself and your business.

So if you want to grow and scale your business this year, Million Dollar Funnels is what you need to create amazing breakthroughs.

We’ll literally show you how to build successful funnels that are optimized to do ONE thing…

Convert like hell!

And what we’re asking you to invest to get your hands on them are LITERALLY pennies for what you could gain from it.

All we’re asking for you to invest is…

*Drum roll please!* $297.

Yup, just $297 dollars to get your hands some funnels that have generated MILLIONS of dollars, over and over - and are still doing it to this day!

We’re really serious about making you a HIGHLY successful Entrepreneur this year. So if you want that for yourself just as much as we do…

Here’s what I need you to do next.

Invest the $297 and get instant access to Million Dollar Funnels. Then go through each of them piece by piece. But most important than anything else…


This course will not do the work for you.

Here’s to making 2019 your BEST year yet as an Entrepreneur!

The 7 Funnels That Have Generated Millions In Sales

Instant Access - $297

Course Details:

Module 1: Introduction to Funnels

In this module you’ll hear me tell the story in exact detail, how we got to creating these 7 funnels. You’ll hear about our old business model we implemented for 15 years. You’ll get introduced the the 7 different types of funnels we use. You’ll get the Anik Singals’ definition of funnels and why it’s an absolute necessity to implement if you want to successfully grow your business.

Module 2: Traditional Opt-in Funnel

This is the first of the 7 funnels. It’s mainly used to start a relationship and build trust. You’ll learn how to use this to is collect email addresses, get leads, and sell low ticket offers.

Module 3: Webinar Registration With A Twist Funnel

In this module, you’ll learn about the funnels we use to promote our webinars and sell high ticket product. You’ll learn the psychology that goes into building this funnel so we can get tons of people to show up and buy our high ticket offers.

Module 4: The Hidden Webinar Registration Funnel

This is where you collect leads for webinar registration with an instant gratification offer. Something like a free PDF or a physical book to set up a high ticket offer. In this module you’ll learn how to get a 20% increase in webinar registration with the Hidden Webinar Funnel.

Module 5: Bootcamp Funnels

In this module you’ll learn how to use a lead magnet to create micro commitments and sell low ticket offers

Module 6: Low Ticket Profit Funnel

This module teaches you the psychology to getting huge conversions from low ticket offers by creating micro commitments in each step of your funnel.

Module 7: Direct Super Ticket Funnel

This funnel will show you how to sell super ticket offers. You’ll learn the step by step process - including examples to creating great conversion from your funnel with super expensive offers.

Module 8: Virtual Summit Funnel

In this module you’ll learn how to create a $1 offer to attend a summit with a big name influencer. Then you offer your prospect a chance to have 1 on 1 time with an advisor.

Module 9: Big Takeaways

In this module you’ll discover the 3 major tweaks we made to our funnels that enable us to generate $30 million. The “Serve, Not Sell” Approach. The Horizontal and Vertical Funnels, tripwire offers and the summit approach.

The 7 Funnels That Have Generated Millions In Sales

Instant Access - $297

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