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You’re Ready To Launch & Grow a Digital Business, But You Don’t Know
Where To Start... it’s time you met the Lurn Summit.


Want to hear the honest truth about owning your own insanely profitable online business?

In the entire course of human history, there’s never been a better time to start your own business.

Not in the booming 80’s, not in the quaint 1950’s, not in the hustling, bustling Middle Ages. NEVER.

Why, then, are so many people afraid to get started?

Everyone WANTS the benefits -

  • The freedom...
  • The prestige...
  • The limitless income…


So many people are stopped dead in their tracks before they ever get started.

Here’s why -

  • They don’t know what business niche to choose to get - and stay - profitable...
  • They don’t want to spend YEARS building something that may or may not work...
  • They don’t have TONS of cash to spend on tools and classes and conferences...
  • They’re afraid of failure and embarrassment - and they freeze up because of it!

These are all VERY VALID concerns…

And in fact…

Many people who DO start their own business WITHOUT any guidance, fail, and wind up feeling worse off than before.

So what’s a smart wannabe business owner to do?

There are TWO steps to take if you want to start your own business but don’t know how:

  • #1: Leave the excuses, the overwhelm, and the fear behind...
  • #2: Get guidance and a plan from business owners who have started from scratch and become successful beyond their wildest dreams...

Let me break each of those down a little further for you...

Yes - You’re Afraid and Overwhelmed, And You Know YOUR FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK...

It’s pretty normal to be wary when it comes to something new.

But something in the back of your brain keeps telling you - “You need to do this anyway!”

There IS a way you can rid yourself of those excuses and get started in the face of your fears (without risking too much)…

There IS a way you can listen to your inner voice and create the wild success you’re hoping for deep down…

More on that in a minute, though...

Yes, Working Without a Plan is Risky. That’s Why You Need to Find Information...

Would you ever take a roadtrip without a map?

Not if you wanted to get to your destination quickly and safely, right?

Entrepreneurship can be the same way. Either you go it alone - without your map to guide you - and wind up taking 57 detours, wasting time, getting lost, and never arriving…

Or you use the guidance of someone who’s been where you want to go.

You don’t need to stay afraid - you just need the right information.

Yep, I said it...

If you want to ditch the excuses and start a business, you need to get guidance


...going it alone takes a LONG time - and there are pitfalls you don’t even know about yet!

Let’s be honest… already want help getting started or you wouldn’t have bothered reading this page.

But how do you get this information?

And how can you possibly afford it - or even find the time to make use of it?

Are you ready for this?

We’ve packaged everything you need and more into one incredible summit.

And best of all?

It’s broken down into digestible sections - you can power through it all in ONE WEEKEND or take your time and learn what you need over the course of a week or so.


It costs LESS than a cup of coffee (less than a fountain soda, even).

If You Want More Income, More Freedom, and the Chance to Do Great Things, the Lurn Summit Was Created for You...

  • If you’re STUCK and you’ve been trying to build an online business for years but you keep failing over & over, here’s your solution....
  • If you’re looking for a CHANGE - If you want to move from employee to entrepreneur and get FAST results, this is for you…
  • If you just want MORE - If you’re a business owner who already has an online business and wants to scale it to 7 figures - you’re in the right place…
  • If you’re looking for side INCOME - Anyone anywhere can build a passive income stream with the right training and tools. You can get both with the Lurn Virtual Summit Replay…

We’ve Got Everything You Need And More In The Lurn Summit Replay...

With the Lurn Summit Replay, you get access to the training, guidance, and all the step by step instruction you need to build a strong, profitable online business - even if you’re just getting started.

You can...

  • Choose a profitable niche with products buyers go crazy for…
  • Start an entirely new business from the ground up & run it your way…
  • Begin NOW and work around your schedule - you can make profits with just a few hours a week.
  • Share your skills with the world & create something people will pay you for (even when you aren’t working on it).
  • Build a business so profitable that you can leave your job and enjoy your life.

To get all the tools, tactics, guidance, and resources from the Virtual Lurn Summit Replay, you won't have to take any risk or empty your bank account …

...and that's why it's ONLY $1!

Talk about no excuses!

Discover how to build your profitable online business FAST (for less than the cost of a cup of coffee)!

The Lurn Summit Replay
Tuition - $1

Here’s What’s Inside The Lurn Summit

In this power packed 2-day summit, you’ll get everything you need to quickly create and launch your own profitable online business.

We’ll show you exactly how to develop multiple streams of passive income that have unlimited scaling potential.

Day #1 Sessions

Setting Up Your Profitable Online Business...

You’ll get inspired with the keynote speaker for the day. Once you're on fire and ready to rock, here's an idea of the topics you’ll dive into:

#1 AFFILIATE MARKETING 101 Getting FAST Commissions

Rather than wasting time creating products and taking on all the risk yourself, you’ll see how to tap into 20,000+ products that are 100% DONE and ready to be sold. You'll earn 50-75% commission from selling these! Learn how to identify what products rake in the highest profits and how to drive traffic to these products for maximum profit with minimum effort.

#2 DIGITAL PRODUCTS 101 Creating 100% Margin

With all the amazing tools and automation at your disposal, there are many ways to create your own products. You CAN create instant delivery products & have 100% margins! Here, you’ll go through the various different kinds of digital products and how to create them. You'll also master the art of selecting the BEST niches.

#3 POWER NICHE SELECTION Top 20 Niches Online

The fastest way to FAIL online is to start in the wrong niche. Master a 5 step formula you can use to immediately investigate a niche. When you start on the right track, your journey will be much easier! Plus, you’ll discover a tool for you that delivers the Top 20 niches right to your doorstep. If you want, you can 100% skip the REVIEW process altogether.

#4 FIRST SALE - 48 HOURS Creating FAST Income

When creating an online business, it’s important to set-up for the long-term, but let’s face it: We all want to see FAST results! That’s the best part about the system you’ll see here. It takes just hours to set-up and even less time to start traffic. Many students have seen results in just 48 hours! Even if your goal is to make millions - it all starts with your first $1. With these steps, you’ll know exactly what you need to create a long-term AND short-term business!

#5 5-STEP LIST BUILDING How To Build a 100,000+ Email List

Even if you’re just starting out, you can build a list of a thousand or more subscribers in just a few weeks - 100% from scratch. First, you’ll learn a simple 5-step system to get your business up and LIVE. You’ll see how we build an entire business in less than 20 minutes. Second, you’ll learn how to use one of TWO traffic strategies that can bring in leads FAST.

#6 20 MINUTE CHALLENGE QUICKLY Launch Online Business

See a business being born in-front of your eyes! Watch and learn as we build a business in-front of your eyes in 20 minutes or less. From SCRATCH. (Oh, and this is without having a niche picked before we started - the live audience actually chose the niche.) See just how easy it can be to launch when you use a very special tool and one quick system...

That sums up Day #1...

Besides the session replays, you’ll also get access to the Q&A session we hosted with our students at the event. Chances are, you have some of the same questions they did so make sure to watch this! Day #1 is fully focused on building and setting up your business the right way.

The FUN really begins on Day #2...

Day #2 Sessions

Getting Traffic, Killer Conversions & Scaling Your Business

Again, start your day right with our keynote speaker. Then dive into some incredibly powerful and ADVANCED training. This day is all about TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS:

#7 FACEBOOK MASTERY The 3 Step Formula

When your business is up and running, the next step is to send potential buyers to it! It doesn’t have to be hard or take years, either. You’ll learn the exact 3 step formula to basically getting unlimited traffic from Facebook for “FREE.”

#8 SOLO ADS & EMAIL MEDIA 1,000 Clicks Overnight

Solo ads work amazingly well. In fact, solo ads can bring in an avalanche of leads and sales for you - almost overnight. Here you’ll go over the basics of solo ads and a method to easily create them for yourself.

#9 KILLER COPY & CONVERSIONS Traffic - Leads - Sales

Sales letters. VSLs. Webinars. Emails - you name it, copy is in EVERYTHING. You’ll learn a simple 5 step formula that gets RESULTS. Best of all - it doesn’t matter if you hate writing, it doesn’t matter if you’re not even good at “selling”. You can master this formula and use it to skyrocket your success!


The #1 way to legally “PRINT” money is to simply take 15 minutes to write an email and hit the SEND button. It sounds so simple - and it CAN be. There’s a formula you can use and 4 different kinds of emails to perfect. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The formula works for any kind of business in any niche.


What if you could 100% automate your business? Think about it. How great would life be? Doesn’t that sound like actual financial freedom? It’s 100% possible through the power of AUTORESPONDERS. You can “set it and forget it.” Learn how to set it all up just once and then let the business run itself - in ANY niche you want and in as MANY niches as you want!


The tools we have today are truly incredible. Back in the day, business owners had to learn to do everything the hard way. But now? From creating your 1-page website, to creating your ads, images, videos and even your copy - there are now an unlimited amount of amazing and automated tools!

Here are the tools you need to be using NOW and HOW to use those tools. If you’ve ever been worried about technical things, grab your ticket to this summit and never worry about it again!

#13 PASSIVE INCOME SCALING Multiplying & Scaling

TRUE wealth is 100% derived from being able to build wealth without actually working hard for it. And there’s a formula to achieve it. When you’re done with this lesson, you can become a MASTER of this formula! The formula you learn in this session is going to show you just how to build big businesses - all in an automated fashion!

When Day #2 Is Over... the end of Day #2 - you’ll be empowered and prepared for the ENTIRE business! You’ll actually be able to LAUNCH your entire business.

Want Just The Quick Facts? Here’s What You’ll Get...
When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • Inspiring Keynote Presentations From Industry Leaders
  • 14 Value-Packed Full Training Modules
  • Replay Of Valuable Q & A Sessions

Course Details:

Tuition: $1
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual


About Your Instructors

We've brought together the best minds in the industry...
Every presenter you'll hear from has been where you are now. They've all started from ground zero and built businesses that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars. And they'll be giving you their insider tactics and strategies to help you do the same thing!

If you want to start, launch, or scale a digital business FAST...

...this is a no-brainer!

Your Summit Host:

Anik Singal
CEO, Lurn

Trained Over 250,000 Students Globally, Generated $120 Million+ in Digital Sales...

Anik Singal is the founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc as well as many other companies. He's widely considered, by the industry, as one of today's most successful digital marketers.

BusinessWeek recognized him in the Top 3 of the Best U.S. Entrepreneurs Under 25. He's an Inc 500 CEO, listed 2-times among the Fastest Growing Companies in America.

His digital publishing businesses have helped contribute to over $120 Million in online publishing sales (between his own products and his clients' businesses)...

Now it's time to meet the heavy-hitting experts who have been changing the lives of MILLIONS of Entrepreneurs - all over the world.

Introducing, the Keynote Speakers for the Lurn Virtual Summit...

Our Keynote Speakers:
World Famous Industry Heavyweights…

Our keynote speakers have helped change the lives of MILLIONS of people over many decades. They've come together to bring their power to #LurnNation!

They've written best-selling books, coached billionaires and lead Fortune 100 companies. These men are some of the brightest minds in business and we’ve been blessed to have them at our Lurn Virtual Summit!

Save your seat now for the Lurn Virtual Summit Replay - it's just $1 and the wisdom of these speakers is all yours! Seriously, it's $1 - save your seat now!

"How ENTREPRENEURS Will Survive The Coming Economic CRASH..."

Rich Dad

Robert Kiyosaki is the Best-Selling author of many books, best known for “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Robert has accurately predicted multiple economic crashes and consistently spoken about how ENTREPRENEURS are the most likely to succeed.

A serial entrepreneur himself, Robert has been involved with small start-ups as well as 3 companies that went public. Robert joined the Summit to tell everyone what it TRULY takes to achieve Financial Freedom and Entrepreneurial success.

"The #1 Secret To Succeeding As An Entrepreneur..."

Proctor Gallagher Institute

International best-selling author of “You Were Born Rich” and also a star from the original “The Secret”, Bob Proctor has touched the lives of millions all over the World for over 50 years now. He's considered the foremost expert on the MIND and your ability to attract anything you want into your life.

Bob joined us to discuss the #1 secret that leads to Entrepreneurial success. No matter who you are, or where you are in your life - Bob always brings out the inner secret that unlocks millions of dollars of success.

CEO, ClickBank

Business leader, entrepreneur, and strategist, Kevin Strawbridge is the new CEO at ClickBank. He brings nearly 20 years of eCommerce experience and digital marketing experience. He's been in the affiliate acquisition space for years and years!

COO, ClickBank

Mick brings over 25 years of LEADERSHIP experience to any meeting, talk or room he's in. Having held leadership positions even in Fortune 100 companies, he's well aware of the kind of skill it takes to truly create something inspiring.

Mick reveals some amazing information about ClickBank that will not only inspire, but truly amaze you at the opportunities we have!

CEO, Sendlane

Jimmy Kim is the CEO and the co-founder of Sendlane - an email automation company. Over the past 8+ years as a digital marketer, his need for a reliable platform that understands digital marketers, lead him to build his own platform just 4 years ago.

In the past 2 years, he’s helped over 30,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs deliver their messages to their subscribers and followers.

In the Lurn Summit Replay, Jimmy shares the 5 secrets every digital business should be using with their Email Marketing. You’ll hear the best practices and methods to automating your business with demos and examples of proven money making email automation.

Introducing The #LurnNation Life Changing Teachers...

From a mindset breakthrough to getting FREE traffic from Facebook, the Lurn Experts have you covered! You’ll also hear from these experts who’ve helped #LurnNation students create MILLIONS in sales...

Jeremy Bellotti
Lead Transformation Guide

Dave Lovelace
Director of Education

Andrew Lantz
Director of Content

Zane Baker
LURN Coach

Still curious if the Lurn Summit Replay is right for you?

FAQs About The Lurn Summit Replay...

Q:I don’t know much (ok, almost zero) about technology. Is the Virtual #LurnSummit for me?

A: No worries! Many of our students arrived with little or no tech skills. The fact is, these days, the technology required to run an online business can be fully automated. And for all the stuff you don’t know, we’ll help you get up to speed fast with our guides, tutorials, and video lessons!

Q:I have a full- time job. What kind of commitment is this?

You’re making a smart investment in yourself. The entire training is only 16 hours. And in that short time you’ll get the skills you need to create additional income and one day (if you want to) quit your job. Watch the sessions at your own pace - you can get through them all in less than one week. Save your seat now for $1 - Don't wait or think too hard - it's just $1!

Q: How can you offer this for just $1?

Want the long answer? We want to be 'the' Entrepreneurial HUB for people all over the world - not just those can afford high ticket courses. This isn't just a talking point, it's in our company DNA.

The Lurn Summit has one goal: Empower you to quickly and effectively launch your own profitable online business. We'll cover every topic necessary to get you off the ground and scale your business to 7-figures.

The tactics and strategies you'll discover at the Lurn Summit Replay can be implemented right away - even the very same day!

Want the short answer? We know that some people will want to work with us further and invest at a higher level down the road. For everyone else, we just want this training to be a gift that will help them transform their lives! It really is that simple.

Q: Am I guaranteed to succeed with the Lurn Summit Replay?

A: Your success is NOT guaranteed. There are so many variables that come into play outside of our control. But, we can say this - it works if you work it and it won't if you don’t.

So, just like any job, system, or program, YOU have to invest time into it if you want it to work. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a “set-it-and-forget it” system. It requires you to work. If you put in the time, follow the blueprint, and attend the trainings, you will see results.

Like we said, there’s no better time to start your business than right now. All the information you need to get started is here in this one place - and again, it’ll cost you ONE DOLLAR.

So what do you say? Are you ready to leave the uncertainty behind and go boldly in the direction of your future? Yes? GOOD! Join us here!

YES, I Want My Ticket To The Lurn Summit Replay
Tuition - $1

Hopefully we answered all of your questions. If not, email us and we’ll get you what you’re looking for (

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