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Influencer Bootcamp Course Details

An 6-Part Online Course, Get Thousands Of Clicks Using One Of Today’s Most Powerful (And Tragically Underappreciated) - Word Of Mouth Marketing Tools. This Free 6-Part Bootcamp Shows You How.

Here’s what’s inside...

01: What Is Influencer Marketing 24:44

Many businesses get the majority of their customers through word-of-mouth. But what if your business needs help getting a conversation started? This is where influencer marketing excels.

02: Finding Influencers 22:57

Find the right Instagram influencers for your product & communicate with them using scripts for a positive response. Plus, see the common costs, payment methods & tips for closing the deal.

03: How To Monetize Influencer Traffic 8:34

There are many ways you can increase traffic, get more leads, & grow your sales using influencer marketing on Instagram. Learn what they are in this module.

04: The Only 2 Ads You’ll Ever Need 13:58

There are only 2 kinds of ads you need on Instagram: image ads & video ads. This module is your crash course on both. Best of all - you don’t need to be an expert creator to make them!

05: Scaling It Up 8:15

Paid influencer directories are a great way to to grow your influencer marketing campaign. See the various methods of scaling your campaign to achieve the best possible results.

06: Case Study13:36

See why influencer marketing is the fastest & simplest way to get instant traffic. Plus, how one marketer earns 7-figures by letting influencer marketing do the heavy lifting for him.

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Course Details:

Tuition: FREE
Level: Beginner
Setting: Online/Virtual


About Your Instructor...

Rosalee Maquinay
Influencer Marketing Expert

Rosalee Maquinay is a nurse, wife and mother of two who recently switched to becoming a full time entrepreneur. The desire to pursue an online business intensified after the birth of her first child. Going back to work after maternity leave was difficult. Her heart ached every time she had to leave for work and her precious baby started crying. Rosalee valued TIME with her family more than anything else and didn't want to keep trading time for money.


Discover How to Start
An Online Business - FREE

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