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How to Use an Untapped Traffic GOLDMINE to Drive New Traffic & Generate Constant Leads for Your Business...

...send hordes of new traffic to your business - all by leveraging other people's followers.




So… your site gets almost zero traffic.

And to be honest - it’s almost completely useless (because nobody ever visits it).

There’s just no simpler way to put it.

And maybe even worse, it’s not always clear why it’s happening.

  • You set up some Facebook ads that didn't pan out.
  • You put some money into Google Adwords because you got a free $150 coupon from them in the mail - but, no results.
  • You’re probably even trying to get traction through Twitter or Pinterest (maybe not every day, but you do it when you can and try to share a thing or two).

But still… nothing.

And it’s not like you’re one of those email or internet spammers who’s publishing tons of awful get rich quick schemes every day. Not you. Because you genuinely care about your customers, and you try to give them resources, products, and services that will help them.

But nobody seems to care (like, at all).

Not about your products. Not about your ads or inspirational quotes you’re sharing. Not about you, your company, or your offer.

And you’re starting to wonder…

“What am I doing wrong?”

The truth:

Probably a lot.

“Great Content” Alone WIll NOT Get People to Notice Your Business (Especially Influencers)...

In the minds of many website owners, the path to massive traffic looks like this:

  1. Put your product or service “out there” in a really cool way (Facebook, Pinterest, Google)...
  2. Wait to get “discovered” by influencers who just happened to stumble across your business on accident...
  3. Then - the Influencers (people with A LOT of power) will link to your business, everyone will show up, and you’ll get rich.

You see where I’m going here right?

That’d be great if things played out that way online, but in reality - they don’t.

Yeah it happens sometimes to some people, but it’s more rare than getting struck by lightning. Because the probability of someone famous with a lot of influence finding you on accident, loving what you have to offer, and sharing it with their tribe… almost zero.

Because the REAL path to getting tons of traffic looks more like this:

  1. Create your products, service, or offer...
  2. Pester Influencers (in a NICE WAY) until they finally look at your offer and realize how valuable/cool/awesome/helpful it is...
  3. Get those same Influencers to tell all of their followers about you
  4. You sit back and get TONS of traffic!

But right now you’re saying:

“Bugging Influencers seems intimidating to me and I don't know how to do it.”

Which brings us to…

Why You Need to Stop Being Scared of Asking Influencers for Links, Shout-Outs & Mentions...

Let me ask you something…

  • Is your product or service genuinely helpful?
  • Does it provide value to your customer?
  • Is it better than others that are similar to it but you just don’t know how to “outcompete” them?

If you can answer yes to all of those questions (honestly)...

...then you have absolutely no reason to be scared to ask for links. If you have something AWESOME to share with the world, then Influencers will be thrilled to hear from you.

So you need to get out of your own way.

And you need to get your product or service in front of people who can send you hundreds of thousands of visitors on a regular basis.


When someone with a MASSIVE audience recommends your product to their followers, you’ll watch your bank account explode.

I guarantee it.

So - if you really want lots of traffic, and know that these Influencers will love what you have to sell…’s how to do it.

The Real Secret to Getting Serious Influencer-Driven Traffic

The Answer: Instagram...

  • Even if you don’t use it now...
  • Even if you don't have a big following...
  • Even if you’re not a big social media person!

And this isn't about you becoming famous on Instagram.

This is about using the audiences of other people (remember, they're called “Influencers”) to drive traffic to your business.

It’s called “Influencer Marketing”…

...& it can bring in an unbelievable ROI for your business.

Why Mastering Instagram “Influencer Marketing” Can Send You BOATLOADS of New Business…

So - why Instagram?

Well, 3 reasons:

  1. Because PAYING for SEO or “Investment traffic” is EXPENSIVE...
  2. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google are becoming increasingly expensive, crowded, and always changing the rules...
  3. Instagram is a virtual untapped traffic GOLDMINE...

Leveraging the audiences of others is something Instagram has made “brain-dead simple.” And, when you see how it works, you’ll be able to tap into a traffic source that most businesses are COMPLETELY IGNORING.

Did you know that…

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform right now?!

It’s even growing 15 times faster than Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!


Before you close this window or walk away...

...look at these stats:

  • 28% of adults who use the internet also use Instagram (Pew Research, 2015)
  • 59% of Instagram users use it daily while 35% use it several times a day (Pew Research, 2015)
  • Instagram has 500 million + daily active users (Instagram, 2017)
  • 95 million videos & images are shared on Instagram every day (Instagram, 2016) 

Now - just think about that...

All you need to do is get your business in front of a tiny sliver of those 500 Million daily users...

Just a fraction of a percent... land on your website see your offer get out their credit card & hit that BUY button.

All you need is a small piece of the pie - and you’ll see your conversions go through the roof!

As you’ll see shortly...

...this is 100% achievable (even if you’ve NEVER used Instagram before).

And, if you’re wondering what sort of reach Instagram Influencer Marketing has...’s MASSIVE!

  1. Instagram Influencer Marketing could reach $2 Billion by 2019!
  2. Instagram’s influencer market is expected to DOUBLE by 2019...


Why Making Good Money From High-Quality Influencer Traffic is Simple...

To be clear...

...Instagram is WIDE OPEN.

It's actually somewhat new (compared to other platforms like Facebook), and that’s why I think so many marketers and business owners are intimidated by it.

But please hear me loud & clear: it’s easy to drive pre-qualified and “ready to buy” traffic from Instagram when you have someone showing you how to do it...

And believe me - it works:

  • 92% of people surveyed say they trust people over brands...
  • 93% of professionals surveyed consider influencer engagement to be an effective strategy to build brand awareness!
  • Influencer marketing generates twice the amount of sales as other paid ads...
  • It also creates 37% higher retention rates!

So imagine what would happen to your business if you get this right.

And no, this is NOT the same thing as “Instagram Advertising.”

This is about leveraging other people’s credibility to build your audience and sell your product.


The Real Secret to Getting Serious Influencer-Driven Traffic

There are 4 steps to mastering Influencer Marketing...

Because after years of marketing in the online trenches, we’ve discovered that you only need to master 4 steps to make Instagram into a traffic machine:

STEP 1 - Build:

Setup your account & build your funnel based on your business niche (e.g. eCom, webinars, lead gen).

STEP 2 - Connect:

This is the heart of Influencer Marketing - connecting with actual Influencers. You need to find them, build relationships, and get them to like you (and, link to you). When you’re done with this step you’ll have a huge list of Influencers ready to promote YOUR business.

STEP 3 - Create:

You’ll need to create promotions, use the right tools, write captions, and pretty much do all the heavy lifting (so your influencers won’t have to).

STEP 4 - Scale:

Once you get some traction, you’ll want to duplicate your efforts. This is the proven slow & steady way to grow your business, get traffic, get sales, and see major success.

When you get those steps perfected and functioning, you’ll see some FAST results:

  • Get more traffic to your website than you’ve ever had...
  • Build a customer list quickly because the new traffic you’re getting WANTS to buy from you...
  • Build an email database you can sell to over and over again...
  • Grow a brand new revenue stream...
  • Replace your current income and use “Influencer Marketing” as your main source of income...
  • Finally get some traction, exposure, and progress with your product or service...

Want to See How to Do This (Step-By-Step)?
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Influencer Academy Course Details

Here’s EXACTLY What You Get When You Enroll...

Here’s What You Get When You Join...

#1: A Tested & Proven Step-By-Step System...

You get immediate access to 6 powerful modules (+ 4 additional resources & Certification) that show you exactly how to send hordes of traffic to your business using Influencer Marketing.

We made sure to cover all the bases:

  • Why Influencer Marketing Matters (& Why Instagram is WIDE OPEN)...
  • Building Your Foundation...
  • Building Out Your Funnel...
  • Connecting With Influencers...
  • Creating Ads that WORK!
  • Scaling Up!
  • Influencer Course Certification...

#2: Real Community...

Get full 24/7 access to our coaches and team. We bring in experts, host ongoing training sessions, and give you real-time feedback on your Influencer campaigns

With Influencer Academy, you’re never “on your own.”

#3 “Door-Opening” Certification...

Get instant credibility when you become a certified Influencer Marketing Expert through Influencer Academy. This will open doors professionally, get you new clients, give you opportunities, and set you up for long-term success. Not only do you get these powerful modules, a supporting community, and an industry-recognized certification... also get a fast start

4 Additional Resources For Influencer Academy Students

When you join Influencer Academy today, you’ll also get the following 4 bonuses:

Resource #1: Top 50 Influencers We Recommend

We found the top 50 influencers in Instagram's top 10 niches. There’s no need to figure it out on your own, this list is ready to rock. Just copy and paste.

Bonus #2 Top Ad Creatives

See our top-performing ads and use them in your business. Modify them, edit them, and see big results fast. These are proven, tested, and easy to use.

Bonus #3 10 High-Converting Landing Page Examples

Build and promote landing pages that generate more leads with the help of our high-converting landing page examples. You'll get the best of the best, all for you to swipe and use in your business.

Bonus #4 Exclusive Interview with 7-Figure Influencer - Dan Dasilva

Dan has literally helped thousands of people make countless thousands online within a couple weeks time frame. See how he did it, how he’s helped others do it, and how he can help you do it too.

Want to See How to Do This (Step-By-Step)?
Enroll in Influencer Academy Now.
Tuition - $397

Did You Think That Getting “Ready to Buy” Traffic Would Be Easy?

If you did - I don't blame you.

Because the internet is full of scammers and gurus whose bank accounts depend on making you believe that this is simple.

But the truth?

It’s not.

Well, not if you’re just trying to wing it or figure it out by yourself.

And I’m not trying to scare you away from it. Because I think that Influencer Marketing gives you a phenomenal opportunity for serious and fast growth…

...if you take this seriously!

But that’s the key: being serious about it.

You need to go into this ready to happily put in the time to achieve results.

Because, the truth is, getting traffic is like anything else.

You get out what you put in.

If you really want lots of traffic, Influencer Academy is the way to get it.


Get a Never-ending Flow of Traffic, Skyrocket Your Income, Build Your Own Tribe & Sell More Than You Ever Have...

  • See how to increase your income fast, and choose the right products and services to offer…
  • See how to build and grow a massive customer email list filled with raving fans and followers…
  • Get a constant stream of pre-qualified traffic to your site...
  • Grow a brand new revenue stream for your business (or, multiple ones)…
  • Replace your current income and use “Influencer Marketing” as your main source of income (if you'd like)…

Course Details:

Tuition: $397
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual

Want to See How to Do This (Step-By-Step)?
Enroll in Influencer Academy Now.
Tuition - $397

About Your Instructor...

Anik Singal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder & CEO of Lurn, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts.

Anik's specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.

Rosalee Maquinay
Influencer Marketing Expert

Rosalee Maquinay is a nurse, wife and mother of two who recently switched to becoming a full time entrepreneur. The desire to pursue an online business intensified after the birth of her first child. Going back to work after maternity leave was difficult. Her heart ached every time she had to leave for work and her precious baby started crying. Rosalee valued TIME with her family more than anything else and didn't want to keep trading time for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this right for me if I’ve never even used Instagram?

If you have something to sell and want to create a new revenue stream fast this is absolutely for you. You can start from scratch and do this from the ground up because this isn’t about YOU using Instagram per se. It’s about leveraging the audiences of other people who are already “Insta-famous.”

How do I approach these Influencers? Won’t they just ignore me?

They’ll ignore you if you don’t give them something valuable to pay attention to. Don't worry, we’ll walk you through all of this. The offer, the pitch, the pricing, the scripts to use when approaching them - all of it.

How will this ACTUALLY help me, practically?

Bottom-line - you’ll be able to use this right away to send a lot of new traffic to your site. I mean, TONS of traffic. Because the followers of these Influencers will do whatever the Influencer tells them to do. And they’ll buy what the Influencer tells them to buy. So if you can get a shout out from someone with that much influence - you’ll be swimming in new customers.

Am I guaranteed to succeed?

The only things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes. So no, your success is NOT guaranteed. That’s because there are so many variables that come into play outside of our control. But, we can say this - it works if you work it and it won't if you don’t.

So, just like any job, system, or program, YOU have to invest time into it if you want it to work. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires you to work it.

Now, if you put in the time, follow the modules, and attend the trainings, you will see results. But in the end - the amount of “success” you see is directly proportional to the time and effort you put in.

* Hopefully we answered all of your questions. If not, email us and we’ll get you what you’re looking for (

Want to See How to Do This (Step-By-Step)?
Enroll in Influencer Academy Now.
Tuition - $397

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