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  • Start Your Own WordPress Website From Scratch…
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  • Optimize Your Site For Peak Performance...
  • Use The Platform That Fits Your Needs Best...
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  • Direct Visitors So You Can Achieve Your Goals...
  • Track Important Statistics Vital For Growth…

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Save Time & Increase
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What You'll Learn In This Course...

01: Why You Need A Website 5:55

Having a website can help ANY business. In fact, when it comes to reaching new and existing customers, a website of your own is the BEST tool you could possibly have. In this module, you’ll learn exactly how your business can benefit from a website.

02: How To Set Up A Website 4:43

Setting up your own website might sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s a step-by-step process that’s easily replicable. You’ll find a foolproof process to get your website set up in this module.

03: 5 Alternative Ways To Build A Website3:27

While WordPress is usually what we recommend to anyone building a site for their business, it’s not the only solution. In this module, you’ll learn about 5 other ways you can build your site - you can choose which one works best for you.

04: Tools For Websites6:07

Once you’ve got the basics down, there are many great tools you can use to optimize and customize your site depending upon your goals. Here you’ll discover the top tips to picking the tools that are right for your situation.

05: Keys To A Great Website 6:42

When you’re set up, the next thing is to make sure your site is attractive, interesting, and useful to visitors. In Module 5, you’ll get the keys you need to make your website truly great.

06: Driving Traffic To Your Website 8:40

It’s not enough just to build a site and hope people show up to it. If you want to increase your influence and sales, you must drive quality traffic to your site. In this module, you’ll hear about the best possible tools to do so.

07: Stats For Success 6:40

Knowing the key statistics to check for your website’s performance is the final stage of creating your own profitable website. In Module 7, you’ll learn what to track, how to find it, and then - even better - how to optimize for more growth and profit.

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About The Course Author...

Stephen Parato
Associate Content Manager, Lurn Inc.

Stephen is a creativity wizard. He is an author and blogger, with 20 books and over 250 articles written for various publications. Stephen's specialties include content marketing, writing, course creation, creativity and launching blogs/websites from scratch.

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