Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing - Fun, Practical, and New Strategies for Making a Big Impact With
Your Small Business...

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See How To...

  • Use Unconventional Marketing Tactics in Your Business...
  • Track “Success” In Your Campaigns...
  • Reach People in Brand New Ways (Prospect & Customers)...
  • Recognize Opportunities For Marketing Innovation…
  • Generate Guerilla Marketing Campaign Ideas Over & Over Again…
  • Copy & Paste the Success of Other Guerilla Marketers...

So You Can...

Acquire New
Customers & Sell
More to Existing Ones...

Stop Wasting Time
& Money on Marketing
That Doesn’t Work...

Have Fun Growing Your
Business With New &
Exciting Marketing Tactics!

What You'll Learn In This Course...

Module 1: Introduction 13:40

Discover EXACTLY what Guerilla Marketing is and how every single business on earth can benefit from it.

Module 2: Guerilla Marketing Case Studies 45:15

See actual real-life examples of Guerilla Marketing done well and see what happens when Guerilla Marketing is done poorly (hint: it’s NOT pretty).

Module 3: Tracking Success 12:56

Tracking the success of a Guerilla Marketing campaign requires some creativity. In this module, you’ll see how to do it in several platforms.

Module 4: Guerilla Marketing Opportunities 30:14

Sometimes the best ideas come to us in the form of - opportunity! In this module, you’ll see how to spot opportunities, and generate ideas specific to your business.

Module 5: BONUS - 21 Guerilla Marketing Ideas 9:51

Still want more ideas? Here are 21 quick ideas that you can take and run with right away.

What You’ll Get...
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Course Details:

Tuition: FREE
Level: Beginner
Setting: Online/Virtual


About The Course Author...

Stephen Parato
Associate Content Manager, Lurn Inc.

Stephen is a creativity wizard. He is an author and blogger, with 20 books and over 250 articles written for various publications. Stephen's specialties include content marketing, writing, course creation, creativity and launching blogs/websites from scratch.

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