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Free Traffic Bootcamp Course Details

01: The Opportunity Of Freelancing11:36

There are so many business models out there - so why choose freelancing? In this module, you’ll discover the huge benefits a freelance business can offer so you can determine if this is the right business opportunity for you.

02: Must-Haves To Becoming A Successful Freelancer11:25

Not everyone is an ideal freelancer, but those who are all share some things in common. Learn what five traits you must have in order to succeed and grow with your freelance business in this module.

03: Getting Your First Client 7:26

As a new freelance business owner, your biggest concern is probably how to get clients. To help you with that, this module goes over proven strategies to start marketing your new business confidently so you can easily get your first client.

04: Three Ways To Market Your Services7:01

Once you’ve started getting clients, your next step is to grow your business. There are a number of online tools that make this much easier. In this module, you’ll discover three fantastic resources to help you get your business in front of new and ideal clients.

05: Automating The Lead Generation Process8:34

You don’t want to spend hours of your day searching for clients - you want your new clients to come searching for you. In this module, we go over easy to follow strategies to automate your lead generation process. Once you’ve done this, people will be delighted they found you.

06: Scaling Up Your Business 11:22

One trap a lot of freelancers fall into is building a business that keeps them working at a nonstop, exhausting pace. In this module, you’ll learn two strategies that will help you scale your business so you remain profitable while avoiding that trap.

07: Case Study With Andy Brackpool 18:08

If you’re still on the fence about how profitable a freelance business can be, or if you’re concerned it might not work for you, this case study will demonstrate the true possibilities. In this module, you’ll hear the story of Andy Brackpool and how he used these teachings to succeed.

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About The Course Author...

Daniel Constable
Associate Content Manager, Lurn Inc.

Daniel began his career as an English teacher in the United Arab Emirates. After teaching for two years, he decided to work remotely so he could continue traveling the world. He worked as a freelance writer for over a year before joining the content team at Lurn. As Associate Content Manager, Daniel combines his experience in education and content creation to design entrepreneurial courses that serve Lurn students all over the globe.

Andrew Lantz
Content Director, Lurn Inc.

Andrew took a different path to success online. He started a freelance writing company from his dorm room and for the next 5 years was the man behind the curtain of some of the most successful programs in the history of online marketing. As the Content Director of Lurn, Andrew brings a wealth of experience in market research, product development, funnel design and promotional strategies.

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