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How To Build Your Confidence & Become A Fearless Entrepreneur...

The Fearless Entrepreneur Course Details

A 10-Part Online Course, Step Into Courageous Entrepreneurship With This Course. Defeat Fear, Make Big Moves, And Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dream Life.

Here’s what’s inside...

01: The Foundation of Fearlessness 11:06

You have the knowledge. So why are you still struggling to take that next step? Discover the answers to this question as you continue through this course.

02: Who Are You? 45:23

In order to gain confidence it’s important for you to first examine yourself and determine who you are. Look inside and find your true self here.

03: What Do You Want? 16:23

Knowing what you want can be clearly defined. But how do we know if what we want is true to who we are? You’ll learn to map goals and dreams here.

04: Why, Will, Want, Desire 13:45

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to dig a little deeper and determine why you want it. Once you’ve uncovered your why, you can create a stronger commitment to your goals.

05: Prioritize Your Dreams 29:33

When you spend time questioning why you want the things you want, you begin to think with your heart. You’ll make a list of true priorities and address why you will (or won’t) achieve them.

06: Time Management 39:12

After completing the exercises in the previous lessons, you should have a better idea about your dream lifestyle and why you want it. Now, it’s time to implement a little focus to your vision.

07: The Truth About Willpower 53:31

Whatever you’ve accomplished in your life has been because of willpower, the power of your will. Here’s how to harness your willpower and defeat resistance so you can reach your goals.

08: Self-Assess 35:37

Walk through different evaluation methods and adjustment techniques to help you attain your bigger picture goals. You’ll look a little deeper and self-assess yourself on a micro-level.

09: Living With Confidence In The Real World 36:55

The majority of your time will be spent in the real world with family, coworkers, etc. This is where the need for confidence really comes into play. Learn how to maintain the poise you’ll need.

10: The R.O.C.K. Method 17:35

Now that you’ve spent time in introspection, you’re ready to use this powerful, 4-step evaluation method to assess opportunities and meet challenges so you can continue achieving for the rest of your life.

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About The Rich Dad Company...

The Rich Dad Company was founded by International Bestselling Author & Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki in 1997. The company, as well as its principles, are based on Robert's book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which is the #1 personal finance book of all time. Today, Robert, Kim Kiyosaki, author of Rich Woman and It’s Rising Time!, and their team of advisors transform lives through financial education.

How To Build Your Confidence & Become A Fearless Entrepreneur...

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