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The Simple 7-Step Formula: Dramatically Decrease
Your Ad Cost, Increase Click-Thru Rates, &...
Consistently Create HIGH Converting Facebook Ads.


Maybe you’re a business owner...

Running Facebook ads, or looking to run Facebook ads - but you’re not getting results, or you don’t even know where to start.

Maybe you think it doesn’t work.

You’re trying it but it’s getting more expensive to keep doing it, you’re seeing other people do and are succeeding . They’re bragging about the awesome conversions they’re getting from their ads, and you’re wondering….

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you’ve bought other courses, you’ve gotten some advice, you tried to implement everything they told you, but it’s still not working.

Well, here’s a secret, in case you didn’t know…

There’s a process that takes place behind the scenes with most successful ads before they go live…

That ONLY the successful marketers know about, but they’re NEVER going to tell you.

Well, unless you’re willing to pay them.

But even if you paid, they’re only willing to do it for you - rather than reveal their secret. They want you to keep coming back and paying them to do it for you.

Today, I’m going to blow off the lid and reveal it all to you.

After reading this, you will never have to worry about creating successful Facebook ads again.

This is the SINGLE most important reason for the success or failure of an ad.

You see...

Most High-Converting Facebook Ads
Follow This EXACT Formula.

Before we move forward, let me make one thing clear…

It’s also fine if you’re willing to keep paying for someone else to run ads for you, because you have no interest in doing it yourself.

Even if that’s the case…

Wouldn’t it help if you knew this formula, so that you can be in a better position to judge - in case you were to hire someone to do it for you?

Just something to think about.

But if you have no interest in learning to create high converting Facebook ads for yourself, this course is not for you.

If you’re at all interested in running Facebook ads for yourself and saving a bunch of money in the future…

Then I have some news for you!

Consistently creating successful Facebook ads for your business, dramatically decreasing your ad cost,  and click-thru-rates…

Is SIMPLER than you think!

You just have to know the simple 7-step process that takes place behind the scene before most High Converting ads go live.

Read further, and I’m going to show you…

Introducing FB Playbook: The Secret 7-Step Process
Responsible for MOST High Converting Facebook Ads.

FB playbook gives you everything you need…

...to make sure your ads are placed in the BEST position to convert, with a simple 7-Step formula.

You’ll discover the secret sauce experts use to craft HIGH converting ads over and over. This course will show you what you need to do to put your ads in the BEST position to succeed, before you even start creating them.

You can finally get over the hump of not knowing what the heck you’re doing with Facebook ads, and know the EXACT science to constantly creating ads that convert like crazy.

Here’s What You Get Inside of FB Playbook...

When you invest in this course, you get:

  • You’ll discover the 5 overlooked, but super impactful areas you must address to build the platform to high converting ads.
  • The 3 simple but POWERFUL strategies to creating ads that convert like crazy.
  • Killer targeting methods to finding HIGHLY qualified customers hungry to buy what you’re offering.
  • Discover a simple way to get your Click-Thru-Rate through the roof & decrease ad cost.
  • Discover a little known secret that exposes the market and makes your prospects unknowingly tell you EXACTLY how to sell them.
  • Scale your ads so that you get TRIPLE the returns!
  • Discover secret next-level Facebook ad strategies that ONLY the experts know about.

FB playbook will show you how to go from a total newbie to Facebook ad MASTERY, in just 7 steps.

So, if you currently have an online business and you’re either:

  • Using Facebook and and not seeing results.
  • You’re looking to use Facebook ad to grow your business but don’t know where to start.
  • Then you need to enroll in FB Playbook right now.

So, Do This Next…

Click the “Enroll” button below and invest $7 to get access to the course.

Then go through each module step by step. Consume the content and take action.

That’s all you need to do, and you’ll be well on your way to being a Facebook ad expert and creating high converting ads for your own business…

Or who knows? Maybe other people will notice and want to pay you to do it for them. Why not pay it forward?

So, go ahead and enroll in the course. I look forward to seeing you become a Facebook ad jedi!

Course Details.

Module 1: Facebook Ad Launchpad (25:18)

In this module, you’ll learn how to set your account up for success in a way that sets the stage for you to consistently put out successful ads. You’ll learn all about setting up your Fan Page, Business Account, Facebook Pixels, etc.

Module 2: 3 Ingenious Advertising Strategies (17:06)

In this module you’ll learn how to identify your Benchmark Number. This is when you use data to determine the maximum cost per acquisition for your ads. You need to know this number in order for you to advertise efficiently.

Module 3: Sniper-Targeting Methods. (18:26)

You need to know your customers and understand them first. This module will show you how to do just that. You’ll learn to utilize Facebook’s Audience Insight to learn about your ideal customers. This helps you save a lot of money on ad spend and put dramatically increases that chance of your ads converting.

Module 4: Facebook Ad Launchpad. (39:52)

This module will show you the template you need in order to launch the perfect Facebook ad. You’ll know what you need to do to achieve the highest CTR possible within your market. Drastically reduce your CTR regardless of CPM and competition. You’ll also discover the #1 thing that any advertiser can control.

Module 5: Data Inspection For Profit. (15:54)

This module will show you how to use data to understand what they market is saying. You’ll learn to constantly use data to make adjustments on your campaigns. You’ll begin to have eyes for the hidden profits within your data. Then you can simply identify them and turn around to make profit from it.

Module 6: Scaling To The Moon. (7:59)

Now that you have an ad that’s converting. It’s time for the advanced stuff, like scaling to the moon. You’ll learn how to scale Vertically & Horizontally. Where you’re either expanding your ad to reach more people or you increasing your budget. Either way, the end result is to get even better return on your ad spend.

Module 7: Advanced Facebook Strategies. (20:41)

Now that you know the nitty gritty of Facebook Advertising, and you can create high converting Facebook ads, and scale them. This module is has the secrets those advanced Facebook advertisers use, but never want to reveal to you. This is going to be more in-depth, so fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

What You’ll Get...

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to...

  • A 7-Part Video Course…
  • Over 5 Hours of Amazing Training.
  • How To Decrease Ad Cost, Increase Click-Thru Rates, & Create High Converting Facebook Ads
  • Unlimited Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Course Details:

Tuition: $7
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual


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