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See How To...

  • Set Up Your Ad Account For Maximum Benefit...
  • Reach People Who Want What You Offer...
  • Write Powerful Ads That Convert With Ease...
  • Grow An Email List of Delighted Fans...
  • Analyze For Success So You Can Duplicate Again & Again...
  • Create Eye-Catching Ads in Minutes...
  • Build Value-Packed Funnels That Turn Strangers Into Fans...
  • Cut Out Unprofitable & Unnecessary Tasks...
  • Create Cross-Selling Funnels to Boost Revenue...

So You Can...

Make Sales Easily (Because Your Products Are in Front of People Eager to Buy).

Save Tons of Your Ad Budget Instead Of Wasting It On Unproductive Promotions.

Relax & Enjoy Building Your Business While Ads Do the Heavy Lifting For You.

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FB Bootcamp Course Details

An 8-Part Online Course, Dive In and Help Your Business Thrive With One Of The Most Powerful Ad Platforms Available Today. Never Created An Ad Before? No Problem - You Can Start From Scratch. Best Of All? This Works For Any Business, Product, Or Service.

Here’s what’s inside...

Intro: 1:00

A message from course creator Anik Singal.

01: Setting Up For Facebook Advertising 26:49

Get set up for success! Here’s the right way to create your account, set up your pixel, and structure your campaigns.

02: Killer Landing Pages & Funnels 19:43

The Facebook ad is only part of the battle. You need to have a great funnel and landing page in place, too. Here’s how to create yours.

03: Mastering Objectives & Targeting 17:46

You need the right objectives and targeting to get your ad in front of people who buy. Learn how to master these important elements so you can save on ad spend and speed up your results.

04: The Most Powerful Types of Ads 20:43

Spoiler alert - most ad types on Facebook don’t really matter! There are only a few of them you need to use - find out what they are.

05: How to Create a High Converting Ad 36:04

You want people to stop scrolling, read your ad, and immediately check out your offer, right? When you give them something they want, that all becomes possible...

06: Secrets to Launching & Optimizing for Results 33:31

Once you launch your ad campaign, what happens next? Learn what you need to analyze, and how to improve, so you can succeed with your ads.

07: Case Study #1 20:14

Peek behind the scenes at a 6-part funnel that generates more money for us every day.

08: Case Study #2 20:02

When you add tremendous value to your prospects’ lives, you can get tremendous results. Watch not 1 but 2 funnels based on this straightforward concept that bring in over a thousand leads each day.

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Course Details:

Tuition: FREE
Level: Beginner
Setting: Online/Virtual


About Your Instructor...

Anik Singal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder & CEO of Lurn, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts.

Anik's specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.

Discover How to Start
An Online Business - FREE

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