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I want to ask you a very serious question...

Be Honest With Me – When You Buy a Book, Do You ACTUALLY Read It & Take Action or Do You Just Tuck It Away For Another Day?

Well, Here’s How I Can Personally Help!

The thing is that 90% of those who buy a book – well, they never get around to READING it.

The reason this really worries me for you today is because I invested over 2 years researching and writing this book. I know in the CORE of my heart that I’ve truly DE-coded what it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

So, I believe the following very confidently…

“The life of your dreams is literally
waiting on the other side of this book…”

This is exactly why I can’t bare the thought of you not going through every inch of this book. So, I want to offer you something today…

  1. FULL Accountability – We’ll work through the book TOGETHER.
  2. A Peer-To-Peer Experience – Join others who are going through the book WITH you!
  3. Assignment by Assignment – You won’t just read, you’ll take ACTION…
  4. LIVE Q&A Time – TWICE a week, get a chance to ask as many question as you want!
  5. ACCESS To Anik Singal – Every week, for 12 weeks, ask Anik your questions DIRECTLY…
  6. LIVE Guidance Through Entire Book – Anik Singal will walk you through the entire book, one chapter at a TIME!

This is just the beginning - Keep reading below – our eSCAPE Masterclass is going to be absolutely incredible!

I’m offering you TIME with me right now because someone did it for me 15 years ago and it absolutely changed my life…

“It was FINALLY the night that I had TIME with a
Successful Entrepreneur that led me to
earning my FIRST $1 Million…

You know how I finally made my first dollar online?

It was because somebody gave me 24 hours of their time. You’ll see this story in the eSCAPE book, but I’ll give you a brief synopsis here…

Before I finally had this ACCESS, I had tried EVERYTHING!

When I first got started. It took me 18 MONTHS of failing over and over to finally make my first dollar. I struggled every day. I worked hard, I hustled, I fought and still couldn't make a dime. Even people around me were losing faith in me.

It’s one of the TOUGHEST things I've ever done in my life.

Then finally, I got my FIRST major breakthrough! It was somebody I - till this day, don't know who that person was. He just reached out to me and said, “You know what, for the next 24 hours, I will work with you. You can message me as much as you want. I'll help you out for 24 hours.”

All I got was 24 hours, and that was it. This person gave me the steps to take, they MENTORED me, but only for 24 hours (and I’m offering you 12 weeks).

“This stranger only gave me 24 hours,
I’m offering you 12 WEEKS!

So, the GREATEST gift they gave me was their TIME, even if it was just 24 hours – TIME is INVALUABLE...

ACCESS to someone to ASK Questions – someone who’s been there, done that!

That’s exactly what I want to do today – I want to give you MY TIME…


Because I have a fear…

...My Fear Is That Just Leaving You Alone with
The eSCAPE Book May Not Get The Best Results?

So, Here’s What I’ll Do About It…

Alright, let me explain...

This book is amazing and YES, for some of you - just reading it on your own and applying the teachings by yourself will be more than enough. However, if you’re like ME - you already know that you need MORE:

You need to be able to ask questions!


So, let’s face it: I won’t be there when you’re reading this book. You won’t be able to ask me questions when have one.

Well, that is unless you take me up on this opportunity...

The thing is when we're trying to become entrepreneurs - as with anything else in life, we will almost always have QUESTIONS. It's new, it's confusing, it’s hard - Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hands and guide us the entire way.

Have you already heard ENOUGH?

Want to join my PRIVATE eSCAPE Masterclass for 12 weeks and work through every inch and cranny of this book WITH me?

See How eSCAPE Masterclass Can Change
Your Life & Financial Future Forever...

Was $1200 - Now $597

12 Weeks – FULL Access To Anik Singal Here’s What We’ll Do Together… Virtual Workshops, Videos, Step By Step Exercises & Hand-Holding!

So, here’s the deal…

For 12 weeks, I want to offer you a VERY INTIMATE coaching program. Typically, I charge THOUSANDS an hour for coaching, but here’s what I’ll do…

If you’re willing to do this coaching in a small intimate group – I’m going to SLASH the entire cost by a ridiculous amount…

Listen, these 12 weeks will be intense, we’ll truly be doing a LOT together…

Here’s what the day by day will look like:

  1. Monday – LIVE Virtual Workshop with Anik Singal
  2. Monday – End Each Virtual Workshop with a LIVE Q&A – No Time-Limit!
  3. Monday – Receive Cheat Sheets, Work Plans & Step By Step Assignments
  4. Tuesday & Wednesday – Work on & Finish Assignments
  5. Thursday – LIVE Facilitator Calls with #LurnCoaches
  6. Thursday – Review Your Assignments LIVE As a Group!
  7. Friday – Begin to EXECUTE & Take Action
  8. Saturday & Sunday – Implement New Habits & Practice!

Now, this entire time – you will have ACCESS to me to help you work through it all!

See How eSCAPE Masterclass Can Change
Your Life & Financial Future Forever...

Was $1200 - Now $597

Here’s The Week By Week Plan – Exactly What We’ll
Cover In This 12-Week Coaching Program:

Week #1: Introduction & INITIATION

Here we kick off!

We’ll get you logged in. Get you access to all the lesson plans and lay out an entire plan of attack. Get ready because this is when you and I are going to start our amazing journey!

Week #2: Entrepreneur vs Intrapreneur

Which Is Right For YOU?

One of the KEY reasons why you may be struggling for success or not accelerating FAST enough? You may not be choosing the right KIND of Entrepreneurship.

This week, once and for all – we will decide (as a group) – What’s right for you? The goal is simple. We want you to be able to EARN more – all while being ecstatic and happy with what you’re doing every day!


TEST Yourself on 5 CORE Beliefs – Find Your TRAPS!

The truth is that you may have some MAJOR Pitfalls that you don’t even know about.

No matter what you do – we MUST first know what we’re working against. This week, we’re going to establish EXACTLY what your most influential 5 CORE beliefs are.

Step #1 is to KNOW them. Step #2 is going to be to evolve and change them in the coming weeks!

Week #4: SELF

Time To DIVE In – 2 KEY Characteristics of the SELF!

This week – We dive RIGHT into the TWO most influential characteristics that determine you ability to EVOLVE out of what you’re taught all your life (how to become an Employee).

We will focus on these TWO CORE characteristics of SELF:

1. Paradigms – How our FAMILY & Friends from our childhood are still controlling us – we’ll break this!

2. Power of Thought – I’ll give you scientific evidence of the greatest mistakes you’re making!

This is going to be a powerful week – but so much more coming!

Week #5: SELF

SELF – Continued – We’ll Seal The “Self-Deal”

This week – We’ll recap any major questions from the week prior and move right into the remaining THREE CORE characteristics of SELF:

1. Sacrificing – Pure and simple – we’ll break down your life and carve out the time to fight for your dreams. This is a MUST.

2. Quitting – It’s time to come into a REALITY check with your life – why do you keep quitting, we’ll solve this once in for all!

3. The Billionaire Secret – I was shocked and amazed when I saw that 98% of BILLIONAIRES I researched shared this one secret habit!

This is going to be a powerful week – but so much more coming!


CATAPULT – We’re going to IGNITE The Flame!

This week – I’m going to let you in on probably my most POWERFUL strength – CREATING MOMENTUM:

1. Open Declaration – There’s a FEAR you have inside of you – it’s holding you back from something incredibly powerful – we will REMOVE it this week.

2. Focus – This one part alone may completely change your life.

This week, I will explain to you a key concept that MARK CUBAN taught me to change my life…


CATAPULT – Continued – Drunk People, FEAR & Failure Conquered!

This week is going to be intense because I am going to DIRECTLY face your inner demons that are truly holding you back from success.

1. Eating an Elephant – A drunk man in a bar, said one line to me while stumbling out. I didn’t know it then, but it changed me forever – now, it’s your turn!

2. No More Tomorrow – You may think you don’t have any fear, but let me prove you WRONG this week – we’ll also CONQUER your fears!

3. Relationship with FAILURE – What if I told you that FAILING is actually the #1 goal in my life? Yes, I LOVE Failing. Now, how does that lead to success – THIS week, I’ll tell you!

This will be a week of MAJOR Breakthroughs – Mark my words!


AUTHORITY – Get Ready For People To Line Up Around The Corner To Support & Build YOUR Dream!

This week – We’re going to do something that your teachers should have done decades ago – but it’s okay, it’s never too late!

1. Accountable – Let me ask you a simple question – do you hit the SNOOZE button in the morning? Well, after I’m done with you this week – YOU WON’T!

2. Stepping Up – I will give you a strategy this week to INSTANTLY start leading people – even if it makes you ridiculously uncomfortable

The truth is simple – if you want to succeed as an Entrepreneur, you need to gain authority over those around you – at least to some level!


AUTHORITY – Continued – NFL Football, Tony Robbins & WRONG Definitions (Killer Week)!

That’s right – this week, we’re going to face some hard truths. Firstly, let me tell you something – we’re going to COMPLETELY defy a definition. Yes, I’ll take on Webster’s, they’re wrong.

1. Responsibility – When I was 10 years old, a FOOTBALL coach changed my life through the TELEVISION. Well, get ready, he’s about to change yours this week.

2. Instincts – If Tony Robbins stood in-front of you, you’d pay attention – right? Well, this week – I’m going to give you his #1 advice he gave me…

3. RISK – Webster’s couldn’t be more wrong. Their nonsense is actually leading to Entrepreneurs failing left and right. This week, we put a STOP to it!

This is actually one of my favorite weeks – if there is ever ONE week that will have the biggest impact on your life – it’s this one!

Week #10: PEOPLE

PEOPLE – THE FINAL FRONTIER – The Hardest But Most Rewarding Stage of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur!

This week – We’re going to build a WALL around you that is full of nothing but amazing SUPPORT. This is truly the secret to my success – “People!”

1. Analyzing People – Like anything else in our life – everything begins with a FULL analysis. I’ll show you how to quickly catalogue your entire life!

2. Grow Network – The #1 secret to creating millionaires? Creating a network that literally makes it impossible to fail!

You know what’s crazy? I solve EVERY Problem in my life thanks to the people in my life. This step is truly a SUPER-POWER…

Week #11: PEOPLE

PEOPLE – Continued – THE FINAL FRONTIER – The Super Power That Solves My Problems EVERYDAY!

That’s right – we’re going to wrap up the FINAL skill sets you need this week. After this week, you’re going to have ZERO excuses and even your obstacles will be seriously diminished!

1. Negative People – The #1 LIE that the personal development industry preaches – we’ll shatter it together this week!

2. ASK Questions – Time is the most precious commodity in your life. This week, you’re going to master how to get answers FAST – to anything you need!

3. Mentorship – The ONE thing that has helped me in my life over and over. Want to know how I find mentor after mentor? We’ll find you one together this week!

I’m telling you right now – the final frontier of PEOPLE is a true super-power. We’re going to master it TOGETHER this week!


Time To SUM It Up & Go Out & CONQUER The World – Together…

The thing is that once you’re in this masterclass, nothing can stop you. I mean it. We’re going to remain a family for years to come.

But, also – there is a point where we have to STOP learning and START doing. Well, we’ll come to that point this week. We will march forward TOGETHER and conquer the World!

You’ll be prepared after this week to truly go live your Entrepreneurial dreams!

See How eSCAPE Masterclass Can Change
Your Life & Financial Future Forever...

Was $1200 - Now $597

Anik’s Bio

Anik Singal
Founder, Lurn Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts. His specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.

FAQs About eSCAPE Masterclass...

Q: Is this right for me if I’m new to online business?

A: Yes! It’s best to know what business model is best suited for you or even it having your own business is what’s best for you. Maybe you’d be much happier as an intrapreneur.

eSCAPE Masterclass will help walk you through all of these questions and more. It will help you narrow down your best path forward to achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Q: How will this course help me practically?

A: This course will walk you through all the 4-Stages of eSCAPE. Once you finish this course, if you participate in all the assignments and throughout the 12-weeks you’ll walk away with your eSCAPE Plan!

Q: What are my guaranteed results with eSCAPE Masterclass?

A: Simply put, no! When you join this course, you’ll gain information for you to apply in your business and in your life.

However, what you do with that information is completely up to you. Just as in your daily life, your successes with eSCAPE Masterclass will almost always be in proportion to your efforts, so there are no guarantees of success.

If you jump in with both feet and give it your all, though? There’s no limit to what you can achieve.

See How eSCAPE Masterclass Can Change
Your Life & Financial Future Forever...

Was $1200 - Now $597

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