Email Secrets: What Gmail Doesn’t Want You To Know

Free Course: The Gmail Secrets For Increased Engagement & Running Successful Email
Marketing Campaigns.

These are the Email Marketing secrets Gmail doesn’t want you to know. Master them & get the MOST out of your Email Marketing efforts.



You’ve Set Up Your Business and you’re looking for ways to monetize it…

You heard Email Marketing was very profitable. So you integrated email into your marketing process. But you’re still not seeing any success.

Your emails get almost ZERO engagement.

Even though you’re spending hours writing them, they’re almost completely useless, because nobody ever opens them. In the rare case that someone opens them, they never click or engage.

It’s absolutely FRUSTRATING not knowing why it’s happening.

You read some blog about “Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Open Rate!” That didn't change a thing! You bought books on Amazon with some “Jedi” mind trick, to help you increase open rate for your email.

Still nothing.

Maybe you even hired an Email Marketing “Guru” on to write your emails - still no results.

And it’s not like you’re one of those email or internet spammers sending out tons of awful get-rich-quick schemes every day.

Always looking to make a quick buck.

Because you genuinely care about your customers, and you try to give them resources, products, and services that will help them.

But nobody seems to care (like, at all).

Not about your products. Not about your ads or inspirational quotes you’re sharing. Not about you, your company, or your offer. And you’re starting to wonder…

“What am I doing wrong?”

The truth is, probably a lot. Let me debunk one of the BIGGEST myths about email marketing...

“Great Content” Alone WIll NOT Get People to Open Your Emails (Especially Customers)...

In the minds of many business owners, the path to successful email marketing is limited to:

#1 Your Subject Line

#2 Your Email Body, &...

#3 Your Hyperlinks.

This is what MOST people focus on, and they’re making a FATAL mistake.

Because, it’s such a LIMITED view, and if you’re only focusing on these areas, your email marketing efforts won’t go very far.

In reality- your emails are going everywhere but your subscribers’ “Main” Tab.

What you need to be FOCUSING on instead is:

  • Improving Your Deliverability.
  • Setting up Your Automation.
  • Increasing Engagement &...
  • Maximizing Sales.

We’ll get to why all these areas are important later, but first let me address the “elephant in the room”…

I also understand there are other email platforms people also use, like Yahoo, or Hotmail. So you’re probably asking...

Why Gmail: Why Is It So Important?
Why Are You Only Focusing On Gmail?

That’s a great question…

Well, for starters, check out these mind blowing stats:

  • Gmail serves 85% of the world population.
  • Gmail users tend to spend 300% MORE than a Hotmail or Yahoo user.

The explanation for this is simple - Google serves people who SPEND more online.

They’re often younger, more technologically advanced, and trust the internet in general. To get in front of those people, you must improve...

Deliverability - Now, in order to improve DELIVERABILITY, it’s IMPORTANT to know the 3 types of email marketers out there and which category you fall into.

So, here they are...

The 3 Types of Email Marketers: Which One Are You?

#1 - Mr. Nice Guy.

Doesn’t email very often; doesn’t want to bother anyone. This isn’t always the best strategy. You’re not getting the most out of your email efforts, and you’re missing out on increasing your revenue.

#2 - Mr. Hammer Down Baby.

This is the marketer who is all about promotion. Usually Affiliate Marketers. They promote offers every so often. While this is not always bad, there’s a huge problem with this strategy. In the course, we show you exactly how to solve it and thrive.

#3 - Mr. Professional (Highly Recommended).

Mr. Professional uses the corporate angle. This type of marketer has a concrete plan. Has a schedule set up for weeks or months at a time. Has a strong tribe he can promote to over time. While this takes a little bit more effort to build, it’s the BEST approach. Because you’ll build an audience that trusts you.

You should always look to…

Set Up Your Emails to Consistently Land in Your Subscribers’ Primary Tab, Instead of The Spam, or Promotional Tab

Gmail is a behavioral based email system.

Keep in mind - the past behavior of your subscribers determines where your emails land.

Your MAIN goal as an Email Marketer is to get the emails you send to the PRIMARY Tab.

Even though you’re sending promotional emails, there’s are ways to get them to land in the Primary Tab, and this course will show you EXACTLY how to do that.

Now, let’s here are the…

6 REASONS why your emails NEVER make it to the Primary Tab

#1 Set Templates - These look nice, but large companies use them. If you use the same template as large companies, Gmail automatically thinks it’s a promotional email, and sends it to the Promotions Tab.

#2 Keywords - Certain keywords will trigger the Promotional Tab. In this course, you’ll discover all the keywords to avoid.

#3 Unoriginal Content - Copying and pasting content will end up in Promotions or Spam. This happens a lot with provided affiliate emails. We’ll show you how to churn out evergreen content that Gmail will love.

#4 Images - Google scrubs image data in emails and will put the email in the Promotions Tab if the image is stock or not unique. In module 4 of this course you’ll learn where to find images that bypass this screening process.

#5 Symbol Formatting - Too many symbols and dynamic text can land you in Promotions. The lessons in module 4 shows you how to get the right combination of symbols and dynamic texts to devastating effect.

#6 Email Curse Words - Certain words, when overused, will cause your email to end up in Promotions. In module 2, we’ll show you the EXACT words to avoid.

This course will show you how to PERSONALIZE your emails, to avoid the Promotions or Spam tabs, and land in the Primary Tab. Master the steps in this course, and you’ll get a LOT more eyeballs to view your emails.

With Email Secrets you’ll discover:

  • Simple tweaks to maximizing your Open & Click Rates.
  • How to effectively communicate & build a STRONG connection with your subscribers.
  • How to nurture leads & save a bunch of time with Behavioral Based Automation.

Here’s What’s Covered in The Email Secrets Course.

Email Secrets: What Gmail Doesn’t Want You To Know…

Is a comprehensive 10-part course, packed with videos, tips, tricks, and strategies about getting the most from your email marketing efforts.

In this 10-part course you’ll discover how to:

  • Approach Gmail the right way by understanding how it works.
  • Leverage the power of Behavioral-Based Automation for sustained email success.
  • Implement the best practices for effective deliverability of your emails.
  • Improve your open & click rates.
  • Improve your email list through List Exhaustion & Cleaning to get High quality leads.
  • Micro target your email list using tags, segments, & conditions, for best results.
  • Use Retargeting Automation to get a 90% open rate.
  • Use the Email Marketing system that brings this all together, &...
  • Much more..

If you master the lessons taught in this course, you will master how to:

  • Effectively communicate with your subscribers.
  • Vastly improve your email deliverability.
  • Increase engagement with your subscribers, &....
  • Dramatically increase your open & click rates...

But That’s Not All, There’s More!

You’ll also discover the secret easy-to-use system responsible for my Email Marketing success.

This is the system we use for ALL of our Email Marketing efforts, and to generate the MOST revenue for our company.

With this system, you’ll have:

  1. An easy-to-use, all-inclusive, plug-&-play email marketing vehicle.
  2. A full email marketing campaign up and running in MINUTES!

Ant this course will show you exactly how to use this whole system, from start to finish.

It has all the tools you need to launch a successful email campaign. Including:

  • Setting up your Auto Responder.
  • Tracking subscriber’s behavior.
  • Setting conditions based on those behaviors.
  • Email design templates.
  • Landing page builder, &...
  • Much more...

Best of all, we’re going to give this away for FREE!

All I Ask of You is to Do ONE Thing!


We want EVERYONE in Lurn Nation to master Email Marketing. So, I want you to enroll in the course, but most importantly, I want you to…

Complete the course, then I want you to use what you’ve learned and TAKE ACTION!

You can do it in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Take action after each module, or…
  2. Go through the whole course, and then take action.

Whichever way you decide to do it, just take ACTION. Also, go through the course as MANY times as needed, to fully digest the lessons.

We’ve done our part, now it’s your turn to do yours.

Course Details:

Here’s what’s inside…

Module 1: Introduction.09:42

This module sets the benchmark for the course. You’ll learn all about Gmail, why gmail is the best email platform for email marketing, the 3 different types of email marketers, the 4 best practices for email marketing success, and much more.

Module 2: How The Gmail Inbox Works.11:23

This module gets deeper into Gmail so you can get the most out of it. You’ll learn all about the different Gmail tabs. How to utilize Gmail’s behavioral based system to get your emails to the Primary tab.

Module 3: The Power Of Behavior Based Automation.08:36

This module is all about learning to leverage the power of Behavior Based Automation for best email marketing results. You’ll learn how to set “conditions” for subscribers that places them into different funnels on their journey to taking your desired action.

Module 4: Deliverability Best Practices. 15:47

In this module, you’ll learn about the various techniques you can apply for best deliverability. You’ll learn all about ways to create content that builds authority and trust with your subscribers. This is very important for increasing open and click rates. The more quality content you deliver, the more they want to open your emails.

Module 5: Improving Open Rates And Click Rates.04:45

This module is self explanatory. It covers everything you need, including best practices, in order to improve your open and click rates. Master this module and you’ll be on your way to becoming an Email Marketing Juggernaut.

Module 6: Nurture And Convert.14:04

In this module, you’ll learn how to nurture and convert your email list. Including the 4 best practices for creating high conversion. You’ll also learn the 3 E’s to creating a perfect email.

Module 7: List Exhaustion And Cleaning. 06:43

A common misconception of email marketers is the importance of list size rather than list quality. This module is about building a quality email list by applying List Hygiene. You’ll learn how to clean and optimize your email list to make it more engaging.

Module 8: Tagging, Segmenting, And Conditions. 04:17

This module covers how to micro-target your email list using tags, segments, and conditions. Tagging allows you to add an identifier to your subscriber based on the action they complete. The goal is to create a high experience group for micro-targeting.

Module 9: The 90% Open Rate: Email Retargeting Automation. 24:05

This module will teach you how to use email marketing to bring highly targeted, engaged visitors back to your website to finalize the action you want them to take. You’ll be able to use automation flow to introduce conditions and determine how to market to each visitor, using several different steps.

Module 10: The Machine

This is where the fun begins. Now that you’ve mastered how to effectively implement Email Marketing for your business. It’s time to put it to use. We’ll introduce the system that brings it all together. You can use this system to apply all the knowledge you’ve acquired about Email Marketing for maximum results.

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