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eCom Millionaire 101 Course Details

01: Introduction To Making A Living With eCom. 7:12

eCommerce is simply internet-based commerce. It’s the easiest business model to scale because you can sell physical products to anyone and everyone.

02: Different Types of eCommerce Businesses. 3:10

There are a few low-risk, high-reward options when you’re getting started with eCommerce. You’ll learn what they are here.

03: Types Of eCom Models.10:42

Take a deeper dive into the best eCom models and study the pros and cons of your two best options - drop shipping and print on demand - so you can choose which is right for you.

04: Picking Your Niche & Products. 10:54

Whether you follow one of your passions, follow a trend, or find a niche while searching other industries, all that matters is that you find the niche and products that work for you.

05: Creating Your eCom Store in 20 Minutes. 25:15

Starting an eCommerce business is one of the most time efficient ways to getting your very own business up and running this week (you can achieve this step in about 20 minutes)!

06: 5 Secret Conversion Techniques. 49:31

Now you’re ready to sell some stuff! Here are five strategies for increasing your sales and conversions so you can start turning a profit.

07: How People Get Their 1st $1k In Sales. 23:07

As social media grows, marketing with those platforms changes as well. You’ll get the keys to one of the best marketing strategies today - Influencer Marketing.

08: How To Scale Using Facebook Traffic. 38:23

It’s time to start driving traffic to your shop. One of the best ways cc to do that is with Facebook ads. Here’s how you can use these simple ads to sell and scale.

09: Scaling Sales with Your New Email List. 24:03

Ever wish you could makes sales with just a few clicks? Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to scale your online store. Here are several ways to master it.

07: Now What? 1:31

Once you have your store setup, know some strategies for making conversions, and have traffic coming in, what’s next? Find out your next steps here.

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About Your Instructor...

Dan DaSilva
eCom Dudes & 100k Blueprint Founder & CEO

Dan is the Founder and CEO of eCom Dudes and 100k Blueprint. He’s a digital marketing genius who’s helped thousands of people all around the world break free from the job world and call their own shots.

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