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It Took Me 15 Years to Master -
Now It Can Happen In Just 21 Days

My name is Anik Singal and I'm the founder of Lurn.

After 15 years of "in the trenches" experiences as an entrepreneur, I've been able to:

  • Help over 250,000 students with building an online business...
  • Generate over $120 MILLION in digital sales!
  • Write a bestselling book - Read by over 500,000 people!
  • Get featured in magazines such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

I'm not saying any of this to brag. I just want you to know the opportunity I have today comes from real-world experience.

But enough about me...

Let's talk YOU!

I'm here today to help you FINALLY get past the overwhelm and confusion of finally succeeding with an online business.

It doesn't matter if you haven't made even $1 online...

This "Entrepreneur's Toolkit" I've designed helps anyone finally have their first success online!

But, What IS The Entrepreneur's Toolkit?

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit is a 21-Day entrepreneurship training course designed to COMPLETELY transform the mind & business, that's delivered to your inbox over the course of 21 days...


Proven TACTICS + the Right MINDSET = Successful Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit isn't just a bunch of tactics and tips I packed together with no rhyme or reason. It's a total transformative experience that shows you what to do, how to do it, AND the frame of mind you need to have to be successful:

  • The SAME SYSTEM I use to build and grow all my businesses
  • The SAME SYSTEM I use to make sure MY MIND is focused on success
  • The SAME SYSTEM that’s worked, like clockwork (for years)
  • The SAME SYSTEM that’s so surprisingly simple, anyone with the internet can use it
  • The SAME SYSTEM that I used to build 5 companies that generate revenue on autopilot!

When I first started, there truly was no “system” to follow. There was also no one to “hold my hands” - lucky for me, I found a mentor.

...but not everyone was so lucky!

That’s why I’m here today...

I don’t want you to suffer for 18 months. I’ve taken years to finally create a program that can be effectively condensed into just 21 days!


   1. Get your mindset right (I actually SHOW YOU how to do this)

   2. Build an online business you can be proud of (just follow my process)

Right now...

All I need is for you to commit about 1 hour a day for 21 days.

Let me repeat that...

...just 1 hour a day for 21 days.

If you can do that for your future, we can get you started immediately. Now, after 21 days, I’m still going to be working right alongside you (for months). However, the first 21 days is where we focus on the CORE transformation.

Start Your 21-Day Journey + On-Going Weekly Training

"I've been in the internet marketing arena
for awhile...I love some of the tricks you have for monetizing..."

"It is fantastic...I am picking things up in Lurn Insider that I never got to help build my health & wellness business..." -Sarah

This "Sketch" Below Will Generate
Over $27,000,000 In Sales For Me...

I need just 21 days to help you get VERY familiar with the above sketch. This is the entire business model and system I follow - nothing more, nothing less.

As a matter of fact, the one time I tried to go away from it - I almost went bankrupt!


  • Spend 21 Days with Me...
  • Learn same repetitive system...
  • Follow just the steps above...
  • Get your FIRST win online (and many more)...

I’ve personally used this system now for 15 years. I’ve built over 5 companies with it. No matter what niche, what product, it’s the same sketch.

I’m going to be here for you - day after day, week after week, month after month - this is my greatest focus for the year!

Let’s dive deeper into exactly what you get. 

I’ve split the “21-Day Transformation” into two phases:

Phase #1:

The Test Drive - 21 Days To Create A Major Breakthrough...

  • Course 1: Power Start-Up 101 The 5 "Mind-Secrets" 95% of Successful Entrepreneurs Share
  • Course 2: The Scaling Mind 60 Minute Entrepreneurial Breakthrough - Preparing To Build
  • Course 3: Profit Labs The Step By Step Blueprint To Taking Your Business LIVE & Getting The First Sale

Phase #2:

On-Going Week by Week Training with the LURN Team & Anik Singal...

After your 21 days are over, YOU decide.

When the 21 days are over, if you feel like the experience added TREMENDOUS VALUE to your life, to your business and even to your health & relationships, you'll get the chance to go EVEN FURTHER...

  • * Weekly Check-in Calls With The LURN Team: This is your chance to get your questions answered from the LURN Team and even Anik himself. These Weekly Check-in Calls are there to address your concerns, answer your questions, and keep you moving forward!
  • * Monthly Mastery Sessions: Each month you'll dive DEEP into a specialized topic of online marketing. We’ll be bringing experts in multiple fields. These guests will help you level-up in things like: how to write copy, rank on Google, run Facebook™ ads and so much more!
  • * LURN Insider Community (Certified Students Only): This community is exclusively for our members who complete the 21-day program. After you get certified, you’ll be able to surround yourself with your peers. Imagine working hand-in-hand with many who are there looking to support you and help make YOUR dreams to come true!

Start Your 21-Day Journey + On-Going Weekly Training

So...what have you got to lose?

For just a one-time payment of $197(For Lifetime) , you get...

  • Total & IMMEDIATE Access to Phase #1 of Lurn Insider - the 21-Day Transformation Entrepreneur's Toolkit
  • The training, mindset, and process needed to BUILD & SCALE an online business
  • To discover how successful entrepreneurs in the multi-billion dollar Digital Publishing to the level they're at

"I'm very excited because I just finished the 21-day course!" Ricardo

"I learned SO MANY THINGS in those 21 days! It was an 'AHA Moment'..." -Didier

The Many Secrets Jam-Packed Inside
The 21-Day Entrepreneur's Toolkit!

Phase #1:

The 21 Day - Step By Step Blueprint - The 1st 3 Courses Start Today...

Here are the 3 courses you can start right away when you join...


Phase 1: Welcome to Day 0!

There’s no time to waste so we start IMMEDIATELY. Before we can build an online business, we Invest the time to get your mind right. Here’s simple truth: If the foundation of your home isn’t solid as a rock, no matter how well the rest is built - the house will collapse!

So, TODAY, we’re going to start by showing how someone can empower their mind to take the wheel - to steer them right into success.

There are just 5 videos to watch to jumpstart the training. Here’s what we’re going to cover…

  • The #1 strategy to avoiding frustration when things don't work out as planned (because mistakes and obstacles WILL happen)
  • "Rewiring" your mind to stop thinking how society wants you to think (i.e. chained to a desk, working a 9-5)
  • GOAL ACHIEVEMENT strategy called the Peg Method - Exactly how I reach every goal of mine come true!
  • The #1 Advice I got 15 years ago from a BILLIONAIRE that finally led to my major breakthrough - a lesson I remind myself of every single day...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can watch all 5 of these videos in less than an hour. The assignments that follow can change someone's life...

...and business.

For any Entrepreneur to succeed, their mind needs a true make-over. That’s what this Day #0 is all about!

Now, let’s move on to Day #1 and Day #2...


Now, for the next 2 days...

Join myself and Lurn's lead Transformation Coach - Jeremy Bellotti as we take you on a 60 minute transformation journey. The goal of this training is simple:

To be 100% ready to launch your business.

This is where we focus on creating the breakthrough and steam-roll ahead!

  • The 2 essential things needed to succeed as an Online Entrepreneur (yes, there are *really only* 2 major ones)...
  • How to train your mind to focus on your FIRST sale online (that also works for every other sale afterward)
  • 5 core traits that helped me build a successful online business in 18 months (when it took me 6 years before)...
  • The step by step system anyone can deploy from a LAPTOP to start an online business and GROW IT QUICKLY...
  • Even an opportunity to come work with the Lurn team LIVE in our offices and have us help you build your entire business!
  • ...and much much more...

But, we’re still just getting started!  When the mind is ready for the major breakthrough, it’s time for us to dive into actually taking your business LIVE…


Now it's time to start BUILDING the Business ...the part you've been waiting for!

It’s time to start building the entire business - day by day and one baby step at a time.  You literally get one small assignment after another.

After having trained over 250,000 students in my career…

…I’ve learned that OVERWHELM is the #1 hurdle that holds students back. Well, not anymore.  

We’ve designed this program very meticulously. so the chance of overwhelm is SEVERELY REDUCED (to practically zero). Simply follow the EXACT steps we show you and focus only on that day’s assignment.

The goal here is to have a business LIVE & launched within these 21 days.

Heck, for students who stay on track and work hard, many will have their first SALE in these 21 days (but of course we can’t guarantee that - everyone is different)!

So, are you ready to finally get your online business LIVE?

  • The step by step blueprint to building your online business in your spare time - working around a full time job...
  • How to build a "core engine" online business based on your strengths that runs itself - and how to monetize it!
  • 6 types of online businesses ANYONE can start today (for as little as $96 start up cost)
  • The 7-step business model I've used to get started that requires 0-2 employees...
  • How someone can generate $1,000 - $2,500 in sales using a simple, 1-page website (this approach works EXTREMELY well, but it's not for shy people)...
  • How to know if a niche is viable using FREE online tools...
  • My 5-step Niche Checklist that determines if a niche is a good one to pursue (some of these money-making niches will surprise you)
  • The #1 FREE tool that will launch your ENTIRE business with a SINGLE bit of technology!
  • How to start building an EMAIL list that you can monetize for years and years to come!
  • ...And SO much more...

Start Your 21-Day Journey + On-Going Weekly Training

"The copywriting class was AWESOME! Especially the part about writing emails. Amazing!" Anders

"This just changed my life. It's given me so much opportunity. " -Serhii

After 21 Days... What Happens?

After Phase 1 ends in 21 days, you'll keep working with me - week after week.

This is where we really kick it into high-gear!

You get to join our amazing community at #LurnNation. Here, every month, we’ll offer you tremendous training & coaching - unlike anything offered anywhere else!

  • Learn a new Online Marketing skill EVERY month!
  • Weekly Training directly with the LURN Team (including LIVE Q&As)
  • FREE Facebook Community - 24/7 community of Worldwide online Entrepreneurs - network, learn and get answers!

Here are the details...

Phase #2:

Online Mastery - Week By Week Coaching Directly From The LURN Team! Join The Community!

EVERY MONTH...Weekly Coaching - Learn The Latest Strategies In Building Online Businesses & Participate In LIVE Q&As With Anik Singal!

I’ve generated $120 Million online in sales. I’ve used everything from Email marketing, digital publishing, e-Commerce, affiliate marketing and even Amazon marketing to achieve these sales…

Now, I’m making my team and often myself available every week to work with you!

It’s not just “me.”

You’ll have weekly access through our training to all our top #LurnNation coaches. No matter what happens, you’ll get an immense amount of support through our weekly training webinars.

Not just training…

Every week, our training sessions will end with LIVE Q&As. On these Q&As, we’ll take the top questions & hurdles faced that week and address them HEAD ON!

  • Weekly webinars, same day, same time - From direct training with the Lurn Team to amazing 7-Figure guests!
  • LIVE Q&A - Ask any questions you have and our team will work hard to get them all answered!
  • Keep up with the LATEST in Online Marketing - You’ll get a constant sneak peek on what’s happening in our own businesses!

Our consistent commitment to our students doesn’t end there. In addition to the LIVE training, every month - we’re going to offer you a NEW course (delivered LIVE during our weekly trainings)!


EVERY MONTH...New Topic & New Course! New Topic Every Month & Over $1,000 Worth of Training & Mastery...

Every month we'll choose a new topic in the World of online marketing and dive DEEP into it (even better than most $1,000 courses could deliver)...

Many months we’ll even bring in outside guest experts (and pay them out of our own pockets)...

In the coming months…

  • Over 7 amazing traffic strategies - some free, some for pennies - you get them ALL...
  • From Email marketing to e-Commerce - we're hiring the TOP experts to teach you!
  • Conversion mastery - How people use words to sell almost anything in the world!
  • The latest tools and technology that are changing the way Internet Marketing works (and making it much easier)!

Again, you’d easily pay over $1,000 a MONTH if you wanted this kind of training. You’d have to buy a new course every single month.

Not anymore!

For just a tiny investment of $197(For Lifetime) - we’ll bring all this great training right to your doorstep!


EVERY MONTH...Our 24/7 Worldwide Community! AFTER 21 Days & Certification, You'll Join Our 24/7 Active Community Of Online Entrepreneurs!

This may truly be one of the best features of the Lurn Insider membership.

When I first started online, I struggled alone for MONTHS. It wasn’t until I found an amazing community that I had a major breakthrough.

After the first 21 days, you’ll be asked to take a simple Certification test. We want to make sure that everyone in our community has the same BASE knowledge (so we can all help each other).

  • Connect with each other, around the WORLD and create your own masterminds...
  • Get Instant 24/7 feedback from your own PEERS who are out there making their dreams come true...
  • Instant updates and notifications for any major changes happening in the World of Online Marketing...
  • LIVE updates on what's working and what isn't!
  • 100% positive & consistent support, inspiration, and motivation - whenever you need it!

This community can become a HOME for your online business. For those who have succeeded at Online Entrepreneurship, a big part of it has been due to being part of a community of other like-minded people (and that's exactly what this is)!


Start Your 21-Day Journey + On-Going Weekly Training

What You’ll Get...

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • The Test Drive - 21 Days To Create A Major Breakthrough
  • On-Going Week by Week Training
  • Access to the LURN Insider Community
  • Unlimited Support & Help from Our Support Team
  • 24/7 Coaching, Support, and New LIVE Trainings

Course Details:

Tuition: $197 (For Lifetime)
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual


What People Are Saying...

"Email List Of 44,000 Plus And Over 300,000 Facebook Followers!" -Zane

"You Have To Take Action! This Knowledge I Learned From Anik Is So Valuable!" -Nico



Start Your 21-Day Journey + On-Going Weekly Training

About Your Instructor...

Anik Singal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder & CEO of Lurn, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts.

Anik's specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.


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