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Digital Bootcamp Course Details

Intro: The 2 Ingredients of Success8:26

There are two things that almost guarantee success in an entrepreneurial endeavor. Just two - and we'll show you what they are.

01: 5 Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success 32:36

Entrepreneurs don't succeed on accident. It’s intentional. To be successful, you need to do what they do.

02: Why Email Marketing Is The Best 26:52

Out of all the business models around, none is more profitable than email - none.

03: How Email Actually Makes Money 33:21

See exactly how emails turn into money. It’s not as difficult as you may think.

04: Picking Your Niche 20:03

What do you do? Where do you start? What kind of email business should you launch?

05: Assets Needed to Build Your Business 32:18

You have your niche and model down. But - now what? What do you need to have in place before you hit that launch button?

06: Resources for Building Your Business 13:13

Every business has tools and resources that help it run smoothly. And it’s the same for an email-based business.

07: Writing Your Profit Generating Emails 16:36

Ok, those do you WRITE them? What do you write? How do you sell, persuade, and convince?

08: Getting Traffic To Your Business 18:14

You could have the best business in the world but without constant traffic and visitors - it won’t matter.

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Tuition: FREE
Level: Beginner
Setting: Online/Virtual


About Your Instructor...

Anik Singal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder & CEO of Lurn, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts.

Anik's specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.

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