Daymond John: 7 Figure Master Plan

After $6 Billion In Sales & Investing in 61 Companies on Shark Tank…
Daymond John & Lurn Present…

100% FREE Course: The 7-Figure Master Plan

Have you seen the hit show Shark Tank, and wish you were one of those Entrepreneurs pitching your business idea to the panel?



Well, we have an exclusive opportunity for #Lurn Nation members…

Daymond John has come to Lurn Nation and wants to give you the exact “Blueprint”... that you don’t have to go through even half the challenges all the eager Entrepreneurs who appear on the show who want to work with Daymond.

I’m EXCITED to tell to you that...

Daymond John Is Revealing His Entire Framework For Building a Business From Scratch, & Scaling It To Millions In Sales - Using a Single Product or Service!

Daymond takes all his investments, his companies and Entrepreneurs through a simple 4-step process to help them start, launch, and scale their businesses to millions:

  1. Finding the Perfect Product
    There are over 30 MILLION products you can sell. Learn how Daymond picks them!
  2. Finding Customers
    From 20 years ago to today. Listen as Daymond explains his acquisition Strategies. You can simply rinse and repeat these tactics!
  3. Pitching & Marketing Your Business
    No one talks about this, but Daymond will teach you how to SELL yourself & your idea. Remember, he hears hundreds of pitches every YEAR.
  4. Building a Team to 7-Figures
    Daymond believes the most important element of a business is those who help you.

See how Daymond keeps the entire process SIMPLE, yet incredibly impactful and effective….

Discover The 4-Step Process To Building A 7-Figure Business

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7 Figure Master Plan Now!

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Master The Same 4 Simple Lessons Daymond Has Taught Each of The 61 Companies He’s Invested In, Through Shark Tank…

Daymond John has been involved in hundreds of companies (61 through Shark Tank alone). In his time, he’s heard well over 1,000+ pitches and he’s seen it all.

Some of Daymond’s companies have gone on to do millions, and even billions in sales. However many have also failed.

Join us in this program as Daymond reveals the differences.

“I don’t care about the product,
I focus on the Entrepreneur behind the product…”

Daymond consistently says that the entire business and it’s chance at success is driven by the Entrepreneur behind it. He looks for certain qualities, without them - he’s out.

In this 100% FREE Course, you’ll learn the EXACT 4 things that Daymond focuses on and how to become an amazing Entrepreneur.


  • Free Course - Discover The 4-Step Process To Building
    A 7-Figure Business

Just Released: 100% FREE Course & Get Over $1,000 in Value… Don’t miss this RARE Opportunity To Learn The Ropes From Someone Who Has Generated $6 BILLION in Sales!

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7 Figure Master Plan Now!

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You’ll discover EVERYTHING you need to start a business from scratch, and scale it to 7-Figures. Including:

  • Finding your product or service.
  • Finding a crowd that’s HUNGRY for what you have.
  • Pitching & Marketing your Business EFFECTIVELY.
  • Building the RIGHT team to take you to 7-Figures.

But Wait, It Gets Even Better!

Get instant access to the course and…

Join Daymond John and Anik Singal for a FREE webinar to discover the Secret Money Model, used by the world’s TOP Entrepreneurs to generate BILLIONS in online and offline sales.

In this webinar discover:

  • The simple strategy to earning your 1st $10,000 online, starting with your first $1
  • The reason 95% of Businesses fail, how you can avoid it & THRIVE.
  • The SECRET Strategy to becoming part of the top 1%, &
  • Much more!

Get ready for some amazing “aha” moments. This amazing webinar could be the shot in the arm you’ve been waiting for.

Get instant access to the course now and start enjoying all these benefits!

6 Video Course

Straight-forward and step-by-step. Understand how to make the process of Entrepreneurship SIMPLE & Effective. This course will show you the non-negotiable KEYS to building a Business…

FREE 90 Minute Workshop

Join Daymond and Anik Singal for a “Never-Done-Before” 90 Minute Workshop. Learn the EXACT strategy to building a 7-figure business! Copy & Paste Daymond’s strategies into your life!

Course Details:

Welcome Module. (6:28)

Introduction to Daymond John. Daymond tell you his story. His Journey from High School Dropout to how he created the Fubu Brand, and became the Billionaire he is today.

Module 1: Entrepreneurship - In or Out? (06:08)

Can anyone become an Entrepreneur? The answer might surprise you. In this module Daymond lays out the framework to determining if you can become a successful Entrepreneur or not. He also goes over the two types of “Entrepreneurs.” Get ready for some amazing insights in this module!

Module 2: Starting A Business - We Need A Product. (09:10)

In this module, you’ll find out how to determine if you have a good product or a good service. Daymond shows you how to get your product or service out there, with little to no money, and test it for REAL results. You’ll also learn exactly how to use “rejection” as an investment and use it to help you succeed.

Module 3: Going To Market - Finding Customers. (09:04)

Now that you’ve tested your product, you need to find a starving crowd. You’ll learn the easiest and cheapest way to find these people and use them to build a community of raving fans.

Module 4: Pitching & Marketing Your Business. (09:37)

Now that you’ve done all the above, it’s time to move on to the next level. Daymond reveals the secrets to getting other successful Entrepreneurs to invest in your business, the “Shark Tank” way.

Module 5: Building A Team To 7-Figures. (09:03)

It’s VERY difficult to scale your business to 7-Figures without assembling the right team. You need to build a team that will be inspired and take your company to the next level. This will always be a challenge, as sourcing the right people is so important. Daymond John tells you the benefit of assembling the right team and how he was able to achieve this.

Quick Breakdown of What to Expect.

  • A 5-Part Video Course…
  • Over 90 Minutes of Amazing Content.
  • How To Successfully Build & Scale A Business To 7-Figure.
  • Unlimited Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Course Details:

Tuition: FREE
Level: Beginner
Setting: Online/Virtual



  • Free Course - Discover The 4-Step Process To Building
    A 7-Figure Business

Get Instant Access To Daymond John:
7 Figure Master Plan Now!

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