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A message from course creator Anik Singal.

01: The Best Business Advice I Ever Got. 9:28

No matter what industry you’re in, this advice will change the way you approach selling online.

02: The Death of Direct Marketing (And What Comes Next). 16:15

Traditional marketing methods just aren’t working anymore. Here’s what you must do instead.

03: The 4 Forms of Copywriting.18:50

Copywriting doesn’t have to be complicated. These 4 forms of copywriting have generated millions in online revenue over the years - yep, just 4!

04: The 5-Step Copy Formula. 32:33

Compelling copy can be boiled down to a simple 5-part formula. Use it right away in your own business.

05: Case Study - How I Used a Free Book to Make 7 Figures. 16:24

Copywriting is for more than just sales pages. You can use this skill to create successful sales funnels like the one shown in this lesson.

06: Case Study - How This Copy Formula Helped Me Earn a Big Pay Day. 18:31

A great copywriter is more than just someone who writes words. They’re a powerful marketing consultant. Once you make that shift, you can charge accordingly.

07: Case Study - How a PowerPoint Presentation Made Me Millions. 17:52

When you know the 5-part copywriting formula, you can use it over and over - in all forms of media. See how this simple PPT works to generate sales for me again and again.

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Anik Singal
Founder & CEO, Lurn Inc.

Anik Singal is the Founder & CEO of Lurn, Inc.

With over 15 years of experience in online marketing, teaching over 350,000 students around the world, and generating over $150 million for himself and his clients, Anik is widely considered one of today’s most successful digital publishing experts.

Anik's specialties include profit generating product launches, funnel building, article marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing & business management consulting.

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