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How To Use Chatbot Marketing to Expand Your Business, Serve Your Customers, & Make More Sales...

ChatBot Marketing 101 Course Details

A 12-Part Online Course, Chatbots Are The Future Of Online Marketing. See How To Use Them To Help Leads Become Buyers, Answer FAQs, & Provide Customer Support 24/7.

Here’s what’s inside...

Intro 1:27

Welcome To ChatBot Marketing.

01: The Bots Basics 11:48

Why is there so much interest around chatbots? Private messaging is leaps ahead of social media as the most popular form of mobile communication - chatbots help you tap into that.

02: Interview With Anik & Travis Coming Soon

See an interview with Anik Singal and Travis Stephenson about how Travis is using chatbots to decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates and increase attendance to webinars and LIVE events.

03: Why Use Bots? 13:40

Bots represent an enormous opportunity to reduce costs and run a more efficient business. Here’s why your business should be taking advantage of chatbots in Facebook Messenger.

04: Bot Entry Points 13:45

The most successful chatbot marketers are those that really thought through the ways people connect to the bot. Those connections are called entry points - here are some of the best.

05: Bots Vs. Broadcasts 17:25

With email, you can get in your customer’s inbox. But with a chatbot broadcast, you can get into their social media! Here’s how to use broadcasts in a place where people spend the most time.

06: Types Of Media In Bots 18:33

What types of media can you send with your chatbot? You’d be surprised! In this module, you’ll see different types of media and how they can all work together to help you grow your business!

07: Comment Triggers 19:09

This is a BIG entry point for your chatbot to engage with your customer. If you’re running a business that uses Facebook, you should be using a comment trigger. Discover why and how.

08: Bot Etiquette 12:11

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use bots. If you don’t pay attention, you run the risk of annoying your potential customers. Follow these simple rules when using bots on Messenger.

09: Bots As A Business 28:54

Learn how to use bots to build a business by helping others. Not many people are tapping into the benefits of bots, so you can get in on the ground floor of this high-growth opportunity.

10: Bot Building Platform 29:23

See exactly how to set up your bot with ChatMatic and get it working to meet your goals. Whether it’s responding or broadcasting, your bot can make your business life a lot easier!

11: Live - Getting Clients 27:54

How can you use bots to build a very cool business? Travis shows you how to make a handsome paycheck by setting up bots to do simple tasks for other business owners.

12: Bot Ideas 18:31

You can use bots in the everyday stuff of marketing your business. This video is an over-the-shoulder look at how chatbots can help you market more effectively to increase profits!

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About Your Instructor...

Travis Stephenson
Founder, ChatMatic

Travis Stephenson is an affiliate and traffic generation specialist. He has generated over $25 Million in online verified sales. He realized how powerful using the internet to sell information products could be after making 6 figures in his first 30 days online. Since then, he has created and sold 15 info products and software products to over 100,000 customers.

How To Use Chatbot Marketing to Expand Your Business, Serve Your Customers, & Make More Sales...

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