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The Simple 3-Step Model I Used To Create Millions in Income For Me & My Students, After Graduating College, Being Broke & Living In My Car...

“Your Success As An Entrepreneur Is More Than Any “System” Funnels, Course etc. In Fact - It’s More About The Model, The Framework, Than it is about Any of these things.”


Is finding success as an Entrepreneur feeling like an uphill battle that doesn’t seem to have an end in sight?

Maybe you’ve spent a lot of money on courses, attended webinars, gotten “proven” million dollar systems, signed up for email lists, etc. You’ve gotten all the information there is to consume about online business and Entrepreneurship.

You’re frustrated, you’re thinking about giving up but you’re not the one to gives easily.

So you keep trying.

After all, you’ve seen a lot of people get results and you’re convinced it’s possible. But it’s just not happening for you. Maybe you think you’re getting close, you’re just one course, or system away.

If you can just sign up for one more course, one more email list, get one more “proven system, you will start to see results.

So you’re still going down this rabbit hole looking for the next shiny object.

STOP, you’re doing it wrong!

There is a reason you haven’t seen success yet, and it has nothing to do with a system, a course, an email list, or anything along those lines.

You’re missing the MOST important component responsible for success in any area of life.

This is the single most important area that is responsible for the success of top Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Hedge Funds, etc.

And it’s PROVEN, based on the latest breakthroughs in human performance studies and Real world, science-based rituals.

So, before you buy another course, or system, sign up for another email list, or download another eBook...

Read this.

What you’ll discover on the other side of this page could lead to AMAZING breakthroughs in your life.

It could save you a LOT of money and years of disappointments, heartaches, pain, frustration, and all the obstacles that prevent you from being a successful Entrepreneur who gets actual results than the ones jumping from course to course looking for the “magic” formula.

Because there’s a reason you haven’t been successful and it has nothing to do with systems, courses, or blueprints…

It has EVERYTHING to do with YOU and the model you are following.

Success as an Entrepreneur is about building the fundamentals and following the right formula.

You can have the best Systems, Blueprints, Templates, etc. If you don’t have the fundamentals nailed down, you will NEVER succeed.

This main difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is the fundamentals.

I had to find this out the hard way and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I made, because sadly, I have a pretty good idea on how this is going to end up for you.

It all started with a decision…

How I Went From A Broke College Student,
To Generating Millions in Income For Me & My Clients...
Starting With A Single Decision.

You see, I wasn’t always like this, I started in your position, maybe worse.

It was about 10 years ago...

I had just graduated college. But I was lost, broke with no direction on where I wanted to go in life, and living in my car. I’d say I lived a normal life. There were no major traumas in my upbringing, and I followed the model that everyone said would lead to success.

I went to school, got good grades, and graduated college. But yet here I was with little to no money, and living out my car.

Something was off.

I thought to myself, I’ve done everything society told me to do but why am I not successful? Why am I barely surviving? What’s wrong with me?

Unfortunately, I had more questions than answers.

I was getting fed up, but it wasn’t until my nephew was born that I was forced to make a decision.

I could decide to stay in this slump and see my life continue to go down the drain, or I could take a different approach, turn my situation around, and live a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

So I made the decision...

I made the commitment to myself that I was going to create wealth at the highest levels.

I was going to find a breakthrough from this slump and create generational wealth for myself and my family.

From then on, everything changed.

You see, school doesn’t teach us to be financially independent. We spend years along with 10’s of thousands of dollars just to end up letting someone else control our time and money.

So until you build the foundation, the character, nail down the fundamentals and follow the right model…

You can have all the best systems, templates, step by step blueprint, instructions on how to build a successful business, but you’ll never succeed.

This is the problem in our society today.

Everybody is looking for quickest path to success, so we spend all our time, money, efforts looking for the next best thing, but we end up chasing shadows.

At some point, you have to ask yourself, what am I doing wrong?

Because the truth is, those systems and blueprints in themselves are not the problem.

You need to stop blaming them and the people who sell them to you and take a look at yourself.

Because, whether you choose to believe it or not, YOU are the problem.

It’s not your fault because most “Gurus” are not willing to tell you that. They want to sell you their courses and systems and make money, so why would they?

But now that you know better it’s YOUR responsibility to do better. It’s time to STOP what you’ve been doing and take a different approach.

So I’m going to tell you this in the most honest way I can…

Don’t buy another course or training until you go through this one.

Because the content in this course could LITERALLY change your life. Here’s how...

Save 95% - Lifetime Access
Tuition - $997

Breakthrough Mastery Will Take You On A Journey to Creating Massive Breakthroughs & Generating Wealth For Just $3 A Day, Over The Next Year!

I addition to this amazing course, you’ll get a PERSONAL Execution Coach!

This isn’t just one of those courses that gives you the “steps” and leave you to fend for yourself. Remember I said we’re going to take a different approach this time around.

So I’m going to be with you...

Every step of the way and help you cultivate all of the necessary habits, the mindset, the fundamentals and the character that are essential to success at ANY level, in ANY business, at ANY time and ANY place.

Do you want to build a 6-figure business? A Million Dollar business? Hell, even a Billion dollar business?

Well, it’s up to you because with this course, you will build the necessary foundations to succeed in whatever you do, at any level.

This course is the SINGLE most important reason why you haven’t made it in the world of online business and Entrepreneurship.

If you ever wondered what the people who always seems to find success have that you don’t, this course could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

We want to take you from where you are now... putting you in the position to generate massive wealth, the kind of wealth that can change the scope of your life and your family’s life forever. Build a business that can stand the test of time and leave a legacy that you can be proud of.

This isn’t just a course with the “blueprint” or “steps” to becoming a successful Entrepreneur.

This is about following a proven model that builds character, change your perspective, your habits and your lifestyle.

All of this contributes to immense success as an Entrepreneur and gives you the springboard to find success in almost everything you do.

That means all the courses…

The funnels, blueprints, steps, etc, that didn’t work before - will finally start to work and you’ll think it’s magic.

But it isn’t magic, those courses didn’t change, YOU did.

And here’s how you’re going to get there…

The Simple 3-Step Process to Achieving Peak Performance, Creating A Massive Shift & Entrepreneurial
Domination For Years to Come!

Millionaire Rituals Mental Breakthrough Money Map

Believe it or not...

This is the simple 3 step process to creating a massive shift in your life and generating the kind of wealth that enables you to leave a legacy.

As simple as it is, the main problem here is implementation and execution.

Like I said you can have all the systems in the world but if you don’t have the character, the mindset and the foundation necessary to implement and execute, you will never succeed.

That’s what Breakthrough Master is here for.

This is what’s missing from most of the courses and training you see out there.

And as someone who is just starting out, as with anything new, you need someone who has done it before to help guide you. You need a Coach!

Not just a Coach, you need a EXECUTION Coach.

You see, an Execution Coach is:

  • Someone who holds you accountable.
  • Someone who can help you find practical solutions to your problems and help you achieve your desired results.
  • Someone who is outside of your situation and can give you a different perspective.

Because one thing I know more than anything is that it’s VERY difficult to stay self-motivated.

Especially when you’re first starting out. There are many pitfalls and obstacles you haven’t experienced yet and they can become disheartening and make you think it’s not even worth trying.

So I’m going to coach you into achieving and fulfilling your HIGHEST potential.

The quickest and easiest way to achieving success in anything you do is coaching. The MOST successful people in the world today have Coaches.

Billionaires, Hedge-Fund Managers, CEOs, Olympic Athletes & Successful Entrepreneurs, All Have Coaches.

I’m sure you’ve heard of most of these people:

Bill Clinton - 42nd President of The United States ⇒ Mentored By Tony Robbins

Bill Gates - Founder Of Microsoft ⇒ Mentored By Warren Buffet

Oprah Winfrey - Media Executive & Tastemaker ⇒ Mentored By Martha Beck

Michael Jordan - Basketball Superstar, 6x NBA Champ ⇒ Mentored By Tony Robbins

Leonardo DiCaprio - Academy Award-Winning Actor ⇒ Mentored By Tony Robbins

The greatest, most successful, most wealthy people in the world didn’t just reach peak performance out of nowhere...

Save 95% - Lifetime Access
Tuition - $997

They had great minds working alongside them behind the scenes, guiding them. Reminding them. COACHING them. THIS is the #1 secret of the wealthy and successful.

And THAT is the value of great coaching.

A great coach will keep your head on straight. He or she will know based on industry-leading tactics and personal experience how you should approach whatever trying situation you’re in the middle of.

Maybe it can’t be directly measured - but the impact of a world-class coach makes all the difference in the world.

But guess what?

Because of the IMmense value coaches add to your life, they DON’T come cheap.

That’s why only successful people have the luxury to hire coaches, and they seem to get even more successful, while most people can only wish to achieve success.

Having a good coach will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars if not more. But today, I’m going a give you the chance to have access to a Coach that could change the course of your life forever, starting today.


For Just $3 Bucks A Day, You Can Have Access To A World-Class Execution Coach To Help You Create A Massive Shift, Build Generational Wealth, & Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamt Of.

For less than a price of coffee...

You have the kind of opportunity…

  • Billionaires.
  • Top Athletes.
  • Hedge Fund Managers.
  • Millionaire Entrepreneurs…

Have and most people can ONLY dream of.

Remember my transformation from being broke and living in my car to creating a massive shift and generating wealth for me and my clients started with a decision.

Now, it’s your turn to make that decision.

You can look back at your life up to this point and know if you do nothing, it’ll continue to be the same, moving forward.

You here because you know there’s more out there for you and you don’t want to continue to live this way.

Now you have two choices, you want to succeed in the Entrepreneurial world, so you can choose to do it on your own. It took me YEARS of pain, frustration, wasted time and effort, and losing a lot of money to finally figure this out.

You’re still going to spend the money anyways…

But you WILL spend more time, go through a lot of pain, disappointments, frustrations - and you still might not get the results you’re looking for.

You’re looking to get results from your efforts and be successful right?

Why not shave YEARS off the process, save yourself the emotional and mental drain, invest in yourself right now and get a personal Execution Coach.

This is a HUGE opportunity for you because you get the same level of coaching of a Millionaire…

...but you don’t have to have Millionaire money.

You can get one now for less than what it costs you to get coffee every morning, and coffee doesn’t put money in your pockets.

That being said..

Here are 2 Areas That Can Catapult You Into The Top 1%.


#1 The Wealth Accelerator (M3 Formula): The 3 Steps To Creating A Massive Shift In Your Life For Success .

  • Millionaire Mindset

(A) Reprogram Your Mind To Attract Money & Break Free From Fear of Lack

(B) Million Dollar Decision Making

(C) Cultivate Extreme Ownership & Relentless Integrity To Put You In A Position of Power

  • Money Map

(A) The X Factor

(B) Install Millionaire Rituals & Cultivate Habits That Awakens The Millionaire Within

(C) Create A Money Map Mindset That Takes You Effortlessly Towards Money

  • Entrepreneurial Mastery of Wealth

(A) Money vs Wealth

(B) Your Environment of Excellence

(C) Invest in Coaching

#2 - Someone To Guide You Step By Step To Implementing
It The Right Way In Your Life

I could have just given you the formula as most courses do and left you to fend for yourself.

Even though I know the MOST dedicated and self-motivated people would succeed, and I could point to them as the reason why my course works…

I didn’t want to do just that...

I wanted to create a new shift in the landscape of online business and Entrepreneurial success.

I want MORE people to become successful from my course, so instead of just giving you the formula to implement yourself…

I decided to be with you every step of the way, as your guide, your personal accountability partner, your motivator.

So here you’ll master the two areas that are essential in taking anyone from where struggling to find success, all the way to building the foundation and fundamentals to succeed at EVERY level of life. From Personal and business success.

And that’s what BreakThrough Mastery offers.

It doesn’t get any more REAL and tangible than that. So in short, success is READY and waiting for on the other side of this page.

Are you going to go confidently towards your dreams, despite your doubts and fears...

or are you going to let your doubts and fear take over and run from it?

Ultimately, that decision will be up to you.

7 Steps To Breakthrough Mastery!

Step #1: Live Your Purpose

Most people will tell you, to be successful at anything in life, “You must find your purpose!” That’s all hogwash, while purpose is important, you don’t need to find it. It’s not missing, it’s already there.

What you really need to do is LIVE your purpose.

In this step, you’ll:

  • Find your personal success and wealth GPS. Which allows you to hold true to your values, and stay in alignment on what is meaningful to you.
  • Clearly define your purpose in order to UpLevel your performance and crush your goals faster!

Step #2: Own Your Power

This is where you’re going to have a paradigm breakthrough. You’re going to make a decision to finally take a stand, take extreme and complete ownership for everything in your life.

When you start to do this, the EVERYTHING changes for you. You’ll notice that you’re starting to feel more powerful.

You’ll start to form new habits, rewire your mind to attract wealth, and accomplish MOST of the things you set out to.


Step #3: Upleveling Performance

It’s time to breakthrough and take your performance as an Entrepreneur to world class levels!

You’re going to:

  • “UpLevel” your performance and naturally enhance your ability to energize your day and fuel yourself and your vitality throughout the rest of your day.
  • You’re going create an environment around you that helps you thrive. An environment of success, and a team around you that holds you to a standard. We’ll show you EXACTLY where to find this.

Step #4: Produce Your Freedom

This step is about production. This is about getting RESULTS in your lifenot just being busy.

You’re going to create YOUR highest standard of freedom.

And Commit fully to producing the results in your life that reflect a genuine alignment with that freedom.


Step #5: Your FitLife Transformation

We all know the saying that goes, “Health is wealth.”

Your FitLife Transformation is about living your healthiest, most vibrant self.

You are going to get a full fitness and nutrition guide to set a standard for yourself. Your FitLife Transformation Challenge is going to come down to 5 key, basic things, and you’re going to discover all of them in this module


Step #6: Design Your Lifestyle

This is where you design your life EXACTLY the way you want to live it.

You’re going to create a solid environment of excellence, and invite the right people in your space.

You’ll also be able to create a life that drives fulfillment through the meaningful work that you engage in daily, so you no longer see work and life as two separate entities.


Step #7: Master Your Money

Finally create a mental shift toward wealth and formulate money map in your mind.

You’ll learn how to increase your frequency towards money and being rich so that you multiply your money conscious and attract it effortlessly.

And you’ll discover the 3 steps designed to accelerate you to wealth in record time.


So, Today - I’ll Give You All SEVEN Modules & Be Your Personal Execution Coach For A Year, For A Tiny Investment
of Just $3 Bucks A Day.

So, there are SEVEN total Modules, actually 8 - if you add the Welcome Module.

Each module could be a course on its own. It has multiple videos, exercises and practices inside them…

These videos are amazing and break down EACH step into small, actionable chunks - things you can start doing RIGHT away. With the wealth of information available and the amount of work that has gone into each MODULE - no one will argue that each module is easily worth $247…

So, in total - all SEVEN modules would be worth a TOTAL of $1,729.

The truth is that if I charged even 10X that ($17,290) - This program is still worth every penny. Remember, they don’t teach ANY of my discoveries in any College. Yes, not even Harvard.

But, for a limited time - I’m willing to give all SEVEN modules to you along with my insanely valuable PERSONAL time for the tiny investment of just $3 a day for the next year!

I’m pretty sure you know my time AIN'T cheap.

I charge THOUSANDS of dollars for just a few hours of my time.

As a matter of fact, people pay $20,000 just to spend a week with me in my “Lurn Master” mastermind.

Save 95% - Lifetime Access
Tuition - $997

But wait..

I’m Not Even Close To Done Yet…
ACT TODAY - Get Another $1,691 in FREE BONUSES!

Free Bonus #1: Build Your Legacy To Last Generations.

We’re going to help you leave your own mark on the world.

  • You’re going Get clear on what it means to build your legacy.
  • You’re going to decide on what EXACTLY your legacy is going to be.
  • Then we’ll show you the #1 way to quickly and easily make millions and build a legacy

Free Bonus #2: UpLeveled Wealth Psychology (Training)

This is a mini video course to help you...

  • Rewire your conditioned resistance and negative internal mental programming around money create a mental GPS for money.
  • Bulletproof your mind and master the mental game of money and wealth.
  • Dial in exactly what’s necessary to build massive wealth in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

Free Bonus #3: The Ultimate Daily Performance Priming .

This amazing bonus is designed to get you performing at your absolute peak throughout each day.

You’ll get to meditate like millionaires do and visualize yourself living your life as a Millionaire.

This is very POWERFUL because you’re harnessing the power of visualization and giving your mind a CLEAR image to work with.

  • Audio mp3 meditation for clearing mental clutter & laser focus on your goals.
  • Morning gratitude and active appreciation for a positive approach to you day.
  • Daily rituals accelerate yourself to success daily.
  • 4-stage mirror growth meditation.
  • Prime your day for peak performance, world class productivity, laser focus, and become a creative genius.

Free Bonus #4: Breakthrough Coaching Sessions (Value: $1,997)

In this bonus, you’ll get the recording to some sessions I’ve had with some of my students that resulted in amazing breakthroughs and transformations.

  • Audio coaching sessions to help breakthrough real-world obstacles, challenges, & barricades to entrepreneurial success.
  • Backroom intervention sessions
  • A coaching library for short actionable steps to achieving goals.
  • Breakthrough fear, overwhelm, stress, resistance, burnout and always find the strength to achieve your goals.

Free Bonus #5: The Secret / Lost Millionaire Rituals (Value: $1,997)

In this amazing bobus, you’ll get video trainings on the winning habits of Millionaires & successful entrepreneurs.

  • Master the art of forming successful entrepreneurial habits.
  • Understand how to eliminate bad habits and install success habits.
  • Champion rituals to help install the 7 essential habits of millionaires.

Free Bonus #6: Lurn Nation - Global Community Of Entrepreneurs (Value: $1,997)

You’ll also get Unlimited access to the Lurn Nation Community and its World-Class Support

  • Entrepreneurial Support.
  • Get Feedback Your Progress.
  • Daily Accountability.
  • Collaboration & Growth.
  • Access to Jeremy & Other Lurn Experts in the community to coach you.

Get A Whopping 95% DISCOUNT For Showing Your Commitment & Making A Decision To Achieve Peak Performance, Master The Mental Game of Wealth Creation, & Break Into The Top 1%!

These bonuses together ALONE are worth well over $18,961, but I’m willing to hand them to you for FREE…

Save 95% - Lifetime Access
Tuition - $997

ON TOP of that - I’m willing to give you my entire BREAKTHROUGH MASTERY COURSE and MY PERSONAL MENTORSHIP… The course alone is worth $6,979…

And that’s without adding my personal mentorship into the equation. Remember, people pay $20,000 to spend a week with me and learn stuff like this.

It brings our TOTAL VALUE up to over $25,000.

  • Module #1: Live Your Purpose (Value: $997)
  • Module #2: Own Your Power (Value: $997)
  • Module #3: UpLeveling Performance (Value: $997)
  • Module #4: Produce Your Freedom (Value: $997)
  • Module #5: Your FitLife Transformation (Value: $997)
  • Module #6: Design Your Lifestyle (Value: $997)
  • Module #7: Master Your Money (Value: $997)
  • Bonus #1:Build Your Legacy To Last Generations (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #2: Upleveled Wealth Psychology (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #3: The Ultimate Daily Performance Priming (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #4: Success Barricades (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #5: The Secret Millionaire Rituals (Value: $1,997)
  • Bonus #6: Lurn Global Community (Value: $1,997)

Total Value: $25,940

But RIGHT NOW - for a LIMITED Time, I’m offering everything to you for the INSANELY LOW Investment of $997!

Like I said, That literally breaks down to the PRICE of just $3 bucks a day.

$997 is just a drop in the water for what you stand to gain from this course.

Maybe right now, you’re asking, if all this is true, why am I willing to offer such a huge discount.

Well for starters, I just love to teach this stuff. It’s like my bread and butter, I feel like personal development and wealth coaching is my calling.

Second of all, I’m just tired of seeing aspiring Entrepreneurs quit because they are not given the right guidance and model to follow.

The third and MOST important reason of all is that, I’d like to see more people become successful. I know only a handful of people can afford my premium Mastermind and if I want to change the world, I’d need to reach more people and touch more lives…

I actually don’t need the money, I’ve generated enough wealth for my self and my family can live off, for maybe two generation…

But this is not about me, it’s about you.

So it’s only natural to create a course to share my knowledge and make it super affordable, because I can only actively reach so many people.

If I could I’d give this course away fo for free, but I can’t because of two things:

1. We’re conditioned not to value free things.

2. My team and I have put a lot of time and effort into making this available for you.

They certainly need to get paid, won’t you think?

Now, the question is…

How Much Is A Course Along With A Personal Mentor That Can Put You In Position To Generate Wealth Worth To You?

People spend HUNDREDS of thousands on college education…

Only to become employees, and they haven’t got a single clue on how to build generational wealth.

That’s certainly what happened to me, I had a college degree but I was broke living in my car.

Others invest THOUSANDS in the stock market with ZERO guarantees they’ll ever get a return on their investment, but yet they still do it.

As you know, the best investment you can ever make is the one you make in yourself.

You’ve shown that you’re willing to do this by spending your money on courses and putting the time and effort into becoming successful.

The only thing is you were going about it the wrong way. I’m showing you a different approach that’s known to generate AMAZING results in the past. And I’m willing to guide you every step of the way.

I’ve yet to see ANY course out there that will do this for you at such a low price point. Trust me, I’ve looked.

There are courses out there that cost upwards of $3,000 and they don’t even offer to mentor you. They just give you the modules and leave you to fend for yourself.

But you get the step by step and you get access to me for a whole full year. Remember people pay $20,000 just to spend a week with me.

So I mean it when I say that this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you.

I’ve spent the best part of a DECADE going through a lot of physical and mental struggles, pain, frustration, etc, to discover these secrets.

We’ve compiled these lessons by spending a lot of money, putting in countless of hours and years of research…

So you can either spend years of trial and error, losing money, wasting time, and going through the motions trying to discovering these secrets yourself - or you can simply invest the $997 and a full year with me … your choice?

Click the BIG BUTTON below to FINALLY get started with your journey to becoming a part of the top 1%.

Breakthrough Mastery | Quick View...

  • 7 Core Module Training + BONUS Week + BONUSES
  • 12 Months of LIVE Coaching w/ Jeremy ($3 per day)
  • World-class accelerated personal mastery & entrepreneurial peak performance training.

Course Details:

Tuition: $997
Level: Beginner - Intermediate
Setting: Online/Virtual

Save 95% - Lifetime Access
Tuition - $997

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