(VOTE) Which Is Better: Affiliate Marketing or Product Development?

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Yes, I love affiliate marketing. I also love product development. But, I’m certainly not married to either. I split my efforts between both of them. I target different audiences and generate far greater results. What about you? Which one do you think is more effective to drive leads, sales and profits? Be sure to cast your vote above! Now, if you’re doing affiliate marketing WITHOUT using email, there’s no contest. Product development is better. If you’re simply using Facebook or Google to drive traffic, you must accept the fact that your account could be shut down. Literally any time, any day. If that happens, you start back at ZERO. No traffic. No leads. No sales. Yet, nobody can take your email list away. It’s yours forever. So, here’s a brief rundown of how affiliate marketing works. Step 1: You send emails to someone else’s video sales letter or webpage. Step 2: They provide the product and marketing (you simply provide the prospect). Step 3: Then, you rinse and repeat, over and over (the more products you send to your list, the more commissions you can make).
It’s REALLY that simple. It’s why affiliate marketing is so cool! I’ve easily made over a million dollars in commissions from different promotions. By no means is this an income claim, I’m simply showing the power of affiliate marketing. You just use an autoresponder, like Sendlane.com — it’s the best autoresponder out there for email marketing. Mainly because it was built for email marketers, by email marketers, including yours truly :) Anyway, so with Sendlane.com, you can log in any time and any place you wish. Then just send out emails and promote, literally from anywhere in the world. That’s the power and simplicity of affiliate marketing. Now, if you ONLY want to dedicate your time to affiliate marketing, you can get creative when it comes to building your list. You can do Solo Ads and purchase Ad Traffic from Google and Facebook, but those require a capital investment on your part. Of course, there are free traffic strategies too. Sure, you’re saving money, but you’re sacrificing time. Getting considerable traffic from traditional SEO can take months or even years! Even after all of that time, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the level of traffic you want. So, what if you combined them…

Affiliate Marketing AND Product Development.

Now, you have a strategy to get the traffic you need to promote. There are 2 major benefits to product development: Benefit #1: You can deploy traffic development, known as affiliate marketing, and recruit affiliates, so you can get free traffic. Benefit #2: You can recover your ad spend so much faster.
Imagine you have a product. Maybe an eBook. You put up a video sales letter and you sell it for $47. Then, you also have upsell funnels — the key to building a solid business. If this was an affiliate product, you would maybe get 50% of that $47. Or less! However, because it’s your own product, you get 100% of what you generate. Now you can recover your investment so much faster! Next step, if you add an opt-in page in front of your sales page, you can start building your email list. Basically for free!
There you have it. By combining the two strategies and creating a product first, you start building your list, while also driving revenue as an affiliate to help you recruit more affiliates. Here’s a good rule of thumb:
  • If you have low capital, you might be better off starting as an affiliate.
  • If you have a little capital, you might do better by creating your own product first. Yes, it might take a bit longer, but the results could be greater.
The decision is YOURS! I have tons of students who have excelled as affiliates. I have tons who have done well by creating their own products. What’s your preference? Be sure to cast your VOTE and to share your thoughts with Lurn Nation in the comments below! Please like and share this post too :) Note: Comments are no longer active on this blog post. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to support@lurn.com.