SMART Goals Guide (For Digital Publishers)

There’s one big difference I’ve seen time and time again between successful digital publishers and unsuccessful ones, and that’s having a clear sense of purpose.

When I ask a successful digital publisher what they’re working towards, I get a VERY clear answer. When I ask a digital publisher who’s stuck the same question, I usually don’t get a straight answer.

Taking your digital publishing business to the next level requires taking time to write down your goals. By doing so, you make it FAR more likely that you’ll succeed.

When you give yourself a clear vision of what you’re working towards, you’re able to create a plan.

Even better, your mind will go into overdrive finding solutions to any problems that come up along the way. In short, you become unstoppable.

However, you can’t just create any kind of goal. You need to create SMART goals.

What exactly are SMART goals?

Use this SMART goals guide to help you find your way.


Vague goals are doomed goals.

If you say “I will try to lose weight,”  how likely are you to actually succeed? What are you even supposed to do?

Compare that to, “I will lose 10 pounds.”

All of a sudden, you have a goal that you have a chance of following through because you can create a plan to make it happen. The same applies to your digital publishing goals.

Don’t just say, “I will try to start a digital publishing business.”

Be specific.

Think about what it takes to be a successful digital publisher, and create specific goals around those things.


It’s important to know whether or not you’ve achieved your goals.

That way you can track your progress and know when you’ve actually been successful. With losing weight, you can step on the scale each week and count how many pounds you’re losing.

With digital publishing, you can track things like how many videos you’ve created, how far along with your sales copy you are, or how many affiliates you’ve reached out to.

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It’s important to dream big with your goals.

At the same time, you don’t want to set yourself up for failure by committing to a goal you cannot achieve. Set yourself up for success with a goal you can actually achieve.

When you’re just starting out, commit to smaller goals so you can get some “wins” and build momentum. Soon enough, goals that once seemed big and unrealistic become far more attainable.


Any goal you create needs to be aligned with your own unique set of core values.

If there is a disconnect between your goals and what you want in life, then you will find yourself constantly self-sabotaging.

When you’re coming up with your SMART goals, do a quick check with yourself. Ask yourself, “how does this fit into the bigger picture?”

By having a strong “why” behind your digital publishing business, your goals will have much greater force behind them.


Finally, you need to create a goal that has a time limit.

Open-ended goals do not carry any urgency.

By putting a time limit on your goal, you’ll have more motivation to get it done AND you’ll have a clear standard of accountability.

Tools I Use

Although creating SMART goals is an excellent first step toward reaching your goals, you'll also need some tools and strategies that help you achieve your goals. 

The first tool I like to use to help myself dream big (and keep those dreams in front of me) is to create dream boards. 

Dream boards are basically a visual representation of the goals that you have in your life that you keep somewhere that's easily accessible (i.e. on your computer background or on your wall). They've helped me achieve some of the biggest goals that I've set for myself. 

The strategy I use to make all of this happen is to use the PEG method to achieve my goals. The PEG method is a simple way of breaking your goals down into three parts:

  • Problems
  • Assets
  • Goals

Doing these simple steps really helps you plan out exactly how you're going to make your goals happen.

Create SMART Goals, Change Your Life

An example of a solid SMART goal is “I will launch my first digital product, which will be the foundation of my new business, in 90 days.”

That has all the characteristics of a smart goal.

It’s specific. It’s measurable. It’s attainable. It’s relevant to what you’re trying to do. It’s time-limited.

Then go a step further.

Create SMART goals in every area of your life, including finances, family, health/wellness and lifestyle. If you do this, you’ll set yourself up for success with your digital publishing business.

Better yet, you’ll set yourself up for success in life.

Don’t hesitate - take a moment right now and create one (at a minimum) SMART goal around your digital publishing business.

Then make sure you follow these three steps…

  • Write it down
  • Say it out loud
  • Share it with the LURN community

I know these simple steps might not seem like a big deal, but they are!

When you’re able to clearly and decisively commit to your goals, you become much more accountable and likely to achieve them. It’ll be the beginning of something great!

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