The Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Business Coach

“I got this!”

That’s the hallmark of the stubborn entrepreneur.

Yeah, it’s great to be self-motivated. But everyone eventually hits a wall.

Here’s the hard truth many people can’t face… You can’t do it all alone!

I get it. I’ve been there.

When I first tried making money online, I spent 18 months spinning my wheels. I didn’t have a penny to show for it. I tried everything. I put my head down and pushed forward. I exhausted myself to the point where I was about to give up.

And the night I was going to quit, I posted in the forum I was active in, saying that I was throwing the towel in. Someone responded, telling me not to quit just yet and he gave me a simple system. Having nothing to lose, I took his advice. And to my surprise, I actually made money that very next day!

That gave me a glimmer of hope and set me on a path where I eventually made tens of millions of dollars. To this day, I still don’t know who that guy was. But he changed my life.

And that chance encounter made me realize one of the most important things in life...

We Can’t Do It All Alone.

Business Coach

It’s ok to ask for help. In fact, all of the most successful people have this in common…

They leverage the knowledge and skills of others. Successful people are students! They never stop learning from other successful people.

I run a multi-million dollar business. And one of the best decisions I ever made was to hire Pierre, my business coach.

I’m confident in myself, of course. But my business is expanding into territory I’ve never been before. And Pierre has been there. So having him in my corner allows me to make the right decisions, while avoiding the all-too common mistakes, as I grow my business.

To be completely honest, I’ve spent over $60,000 in the last year on mentorship. Yes, it’s that important.

Mentors are the secret to massive success that the average person overlooks.

The average person isn’t willing to ask for help. The average person isn’t willing to put their ego aside and take advice. And this is why they remain average.

Point to any successful person, and I will show you a team of coaches that paved the way for them.

If I saw a brilliant person trying to start a business completely on their own, compared to an average Joe with great mentors, the average Joe is going to have a much higher chance of success. That’s how powerful coaching is.

And maybe the most powerful form of coaching is business coaching…

10 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

Business Coach

There are so many reasons to hire a business coach. A business coach is often the key to lasting success.

So here are the top 10 reasons to hire a business coach...

1. Accountability

Business Coach

Let’s face it. We’re all much more likely to achieve anything when we’re held accountable.

It’s so easy to procrastinate or skip things if you’re not held accountable. Without accountability, most people fall into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” trap. And it never gets done!

I’ve been there too. But I also realized that having a coach to hold me accountable helps me get a lot more done.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management describes the benefits of accountability on their website…

The positive results of practicing a constructive approach to accountability include:

  • improved performance,
  • more employee participation and involvement,
  • increased feelings of competency,
  • increased employee commitment to the work,
  • more creativity and innovation, and
  • higher employee morale and satisfaction with the work.

Here’s the bottom line...

Being held accountable increases the chances of getting anything done. And a business coach is a great way to leverage accountability.

2. Commitment

Business Coach

Having a business coach is a COMMITMENT. This ties into accountability.

When someone makes a commitment, they have skin in the game. With any kind of commitment, anyone is more likely to follow through.

A business coach is both a monetary commitment AND a personal commitment. Those are two factors that really motivate people. When most people pay money for something, they’re going to do it. When most people get someone else involved with their goals, they’re going to be more motivated.

Think about it…

  • Aren’t you more likely to commit to something if you already paid for it? Of course.
  • And aren’t you more likely to commit to something if you tell someone about it? Obviously.

The aspects of commitment to a business coach uses basic human psychology to your advantage.

Hiring a business coach leverages the power of commitment.

3. Another Perspective

A business coach gives you another perspective besides your own.

This is a benefit of any relationship between people. But with a business coach, it’s someone who has the experience and expertise you need to succeed.

This means that a business coach will see things that you might not have seen before. And some things that are second nature to them might be something you never imagined.

You can bounce ideas off of business coaches. This can be incredibly valuable. Most people come up with ideas that might not be too good. Then they pursue those ideas until, way later, they realize it wasn’t a good idea.

A business coach will help you sort through ideas, choose the best one and find the most effective way to execute it.

Remember the old phrase, “Two heads are better than one.”

4. See What’s Possible

Business Coach

We’ve all experienced “a ha” moments before.

This is when we get our minds blown by something someone else says. A lot of times, what is common sense to a professional is absolutely mind-blowing to a beginner.

A business coach can point out something that might be simple, but it will completely change your worlds.

“Wow, how did I not think of that?” 

...That phrase comes out of my mouth whenever I meet with my business coach.

A good business coach will open up your sense of possibility. They will show you what’s really possible and exactly how to get there.

I like to think of business coaches like night vision goggles. They will help you see things you’ve never seen before.

5. Learn From Someone Who Has Done It

Business Coach

Any legit business coach has done what they’re coaching...

  • A good business growth coach has grown a business.
  • A good marketing consultant is a professional marketer.
  • A good online business coach has probably built several online businesses.

...The point is that they have a whole lot of experience to draw from. And this experience is incredibly valuable for someone starting out.

Having access to someone who has already done what you’re trying to do is THE BEST RESOURCE.

A business coach will help you achieve what you want in the most effective way, while avoiding the mistakes that they made. Hiring a business coach helps you avoid the mistakes that almost everyone makes when doing it on their own.

6. Access to a Proven System

Business Coach

One thing that I see so often among stubborn “do it myself” types is this…

They don’t use a specific system!

They read a lot of stuff and haphazardly try everything at once. Then wonder why they don’t get results. Well, of course they’re not getting results. Because they have no system.

This was one of the reasons why I was spinning my wheels for so long. I would try everything, but never really commit to a single system. And I was too stubborn and cheap to learn from people who could help me. So the result was years of frustration.

An example of a proven system is my 5 step email marketing system. Thousands of students have used this system to accomplish in days what takes most people months or years to accomplish on their own.

A business coach will give you a proven system. If it worked for them, and they duplicated it with others, it will most likely work for you too.

7. Saves Time, Money and Effort

Business Coach

Learning from a coach’s experience and having a system is the fast track to success.

It will save you so much time, money and effort.

I’ve helped people achieve in DAYS, what took me years to do on my own. That’s how game-changing a business coach can be.

Here’s something most people don’t realize: You actually waste a lot of money finding and experimenting with things that don’t work. You also leave so much potential profit on the table!

Let’s use an opt-in page that collects email addresses as an example. How long do you think it would take someone to build an effective opt-in page completely on their own? They would have to test the best layout, the best titles, the best subtitles, the best colors to use and a lot more.

They would also have to test how the opt-in page fits into their funnel. That’s a ridiculous amount of time and effort.

While on the other hand, a business coach could help them create a high-converting opt-in page in a matter of minutes. See the HUGE difference?

Do you want to waste time, money and your life? Or do you want someone to help you gain success as quickly as possible?

Hire a business coach and get on the fast track to success.

8. Gets You Unstuck

Business Coach

We all encounter roadblocks, especially in business.

Roadblocks come up all too often in online business. They’re inevitable. And these roadblocks can be debilitating if you don’t know how to get around them.

A business coach is like having a bulldozer that comes in and removes roadblocks.

They have the skills and experience to solve anything you’re facing. So what may be a BIG problem to you is most likely a simple fix to them (or not a problem at all).

Hello coach, bye-bye roadblocks.

9. Building Connections

Business Coach

So much of success is based on the connections you have.

As the saying goes, "Your network is your net worth." Then there’s also the piece of wisdom about being the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

The point here is that a business coach is a great connection. And, a lot of times, just being around someone successful creates positive change! emphasizes the importance of connections…

“It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know. This is so true in business. If you want a really successful business, then you need to have a great source of relevant connections in your network that you can call on when you need them.”

And if you build a good relationship with a business coach, they become a connection for life. And through them, you’ll meet other successful people and it becomes a snowball effect.

10. Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Business Coach

Here’s something most people overlook… A business coach will make you uncomfortable.

They will call you out on your excuses. They will push your limits. And what’s the result?

You will achieve what you’ve never achieved before.

To be successful in anything, you can’t maintain mediocre routines. You can’t stay in your comfort zone.

If you step outside of your comfort zone, you will be greatly rewarded.

We’ve all seen this in every great movie. The main character comes across some kind of mentor. That mentor takes them under their wing and pushes the main character to their very limits. And this results in a complete evolution into a new and improved person.

We are the stars of our own movies. And we all need that mentor. When it comes to business, a business coach is that mentor.

Business Coach

By now, it should be really obvious…

A Business Coach is Like a Secret Weapon.

There are so many benefits to having a business coach that it’s a MUST for anyone who wants to be successful.

I would go as far to say that a business coach is a prerequisite for BIG SUCCESS.

Anyone who has achieved massive success has stood on the shoulders of giants. They all have mentors, myself included.

Let’s summarize the 10 reasons to hire a business coach one more time…

  1. Accountability
  2. Commitment
  3. Another Perspective
  4. See What’s Possible
  5. Learn From Someone Who Has Done It
  6. Access to a Proven System
  7. Saves Time, Money and Effort
  8. Gets You Unstuck
  9. Building Connections
  10. Gets You Out of Your Comfort Zone

If I offered a magic pill with those benefits, everyone would take it without hesitation.

That’s how powerful having a business coach is. Don’t spin your wheels trying to do everything on your own.

  • You don’t have to go through 18 months of frustration like I did.
  • You don’t have to keep hitting walls.
  • You don’t have to waste more money, time and precious energy.

I Want to Give Back and Help as Many People as Possible.

I know the value of business coaches firsthand!

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