IMPORTANT: The Pre-Workshop Training is Mandatory for All Attendees for Achieving the Best Results from the Workshop.


We look forward to seeing you at the LURN Platinum Workshop!

The workshop hours are held in Eastern time and will begin at 9 a.m. sharp and end at approximately 5 p.m. daily.

All students are expected to make necessary arrangements to be fully present during these hours. Replays will not be available post-workshop.

The only designated non-working breaks are at "lunch" each day as follows:

Day 1: 12:45 - 1:45 pm
Day 2: 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Day 3: 12:35 - 1:35 pm

*All students may take short bathroom breaks as needed through the day but these breaks are not designated.

Your next step is to review the checklist and training below so that you're fully prepared for the event.

Pre-Workshop Checklist

The workshop is going to be filled with exciting business-building exercises.  To help you get the most from them, and ensure a streamlined process, it's key that you complete the pre-workshop training!

*Please allow yourself at least 3 weeks to complete the training & complete the prerequisite items to avoid being rushed and to give you plenty of time to be well prepared upon arriving at the workshop.

Immediately below, you'll find an overview of the pre-workshop steps that you are required to take.  Please review them and then get started right away.

For your convenience, you'll find a downloadable (more detailed) checklist that you can print and check off, as you go, to ensure that you’re on track.

  • Choose and Submit Your Niche
  • Create Your Lead Magnet Report
  • Write Your Solo Ad Draft
  • Choose Your Affiliate Offer
  • Get your Domain Name and Domain Email Address Created
  • Create Your Clickonomy Account
  • Create Your Account
  • Confirm Access to Inbox Blueprint

Download Printable Checklist

IMPORTANT! Do Not Skip This Section

If you do NOT complete the required pre-workshop requirements/checklist, you will NOT be allowed to attend the workshop.

"Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!"

Additionally, this is not a “choose your workshop” plan.

You signed up for a specific workshop held on specific dates. Your seat has been reserved. Do not approach this with the mindset of “If I’m not prepared, I’ll just request to be moved to another.”

If that’s your mindset, this workshop is not for you.

You made a sizeable investment in yourself and your future. Take it seriously and put in the work and effort to be fully prepared for success

No excuses!  Hold yourself accountable and make it happen.

Definition of a “Completed Checklist”…

To lock in your attendance, you MUST submit your checklist to your coach reflecting that you’ve done the required tasks.

If your coach does not receive that checklist for any reason, it is not considered complete and you may not be allowed to attend.

Before you continue in this site, tick the box below confirming your pledge:

"I pledge to Anik, LURN, all of the coaches, and (most of all) to myself to put in the work and time necessary to be 100% prepared for this workshop. I WILL prepare for success and you WILL see me there!"

Pre-Workshop Training

1 Choose and Submit Your Niche

To make this decision easier, we have provided a list of pre-selected niches that are best suited, and proven to be profitable with, email marketing.

However, it's important to understand how and why we select one niche over the other.

Below you'll find training that walks you through everything you need to know when choosing a niche that can sustain a business.

Training - Researching and Choosing a Profitable Niche

Click the button below to download this training in PDF format.

Download Training PDF

Deadline: Please submit your niche selection to us NO later than 3 weeks prior to the workshop.

To submit your selection to our offices, send an email to Jeremy Bellotti at Be sure to enter Platinum Workshop Niche Selection in the subject line.

2 Create Your Lead Magnet

This is the content that you will provide in exchange for your subscriber's email address. We recommend creating a short PDF report.

You will need 2 things:

  • The PDF/short report.
  • A professional e-cover graphic that represents your report.

Deadline: Must complete NO later than 1 day before the workshop.

Note - a "complete" report means having the final version of your content written (or received from your writer) to include all necessary edits and formatting such as bolding, italics, optional images inserted, and visual appeal, and saved in a doc format.

If you already received pre-formatted in a "report" style format and in a doc from your writer, you may not need to move to the report template provided in this lesson...

Otherwise, transfer your content into the template provided. We will walk you through formatting and optimizing your report in that template at the workshop.

Don't worry. This is easier than you think.

To help you with this, Dave and Andrew, two of the coaches who will be at the workshop, have created training that walks you through the Lead Magnet creation process.

We've even provided a pool of sources for you to use for outsourcing both!


Creating Your Lead Magnet (Part #1)

Creating Your Lead Magnet (Part #2)

Outsourcing your Lead Magnet and e-Cover

Below you'll find a list of resources that have been vetted for quality that you can use to have your report and e-cover graphic created for you...

When contacting a writer, to help them understand your goal with the report, it is suggested to structure your email as follows:

  • Introduce yourself and mention that you're a Lurn student
  • Talk about how you would like a free report written and explain that it should be between 10-15 pages
  • Talk about your niche and the audience you'd like your report to speak to
  • Explain the benefits people should get when they read the report, ie how their lives will be improved after reading and implementing what they learn
  • If you have specific ideas about what should be talked about, include an outline with bullet points

Content Writers

Disclaimer: LURN is not responsible for your experience with the writers listed. They are not employed by LURN. They have been vetted for knowledge of topics and quality of writing based on our experience with them. Your experience may vary. If you have any issues (whether it's payment or delivery related), please resolve with the writer directly. However, if your experience is a poor one, let us know.

E-cover Graphic Designers

Some general tips for hiring designers...

Have an idea what you want beforehand. It will help the designer understand what you're looking for if you provide examples of e-covers that you like to include type of images, colors, etc.

With that said, most designers typically have a portfolio of work that you can look through to help you get ideas for designs you like or prefer.

TIP - Take screenshots of the examples that you prefer using a free tool like Jing. Optionally make a short video with Jing of you explaining what you're looking for and send to the provider for reference. These things will save time and help to prevent mistranslations.

Important: Pay attention to turnaround times so that you can have your e-cover completed before the workshop! When planning, you may want to allow a few days of "cushion time" for any revisions that may be needed. Note that, if needed, many Fiverr designers allow you to pay extra for faster turnaround.

3 Write Your Solo Ad First-Draft

The quickest way to generate leads to your funnel is Solo Ad advertising.   This paid method is the quickest and most targeted when starting out.

We’ll be providing instruction for this method at the workshop.  However to make this process of the workshop go more smoothly and efficient, you will want to be prepared by getting a head start on writing your Solo Ad email.


You must have your report completed first.  Your Solo Ad “sells” people on your report, so you’ll need to have that in place first.

Solo Ad Quick Tips:

  • Write a subject line that will appeal to your reader’s problem or frustration. You’ll know what this is after completing your research.
  • Expand on that problem when you begin your email.  This will connect with your reader and pull them into the email.
  • Then point them to a solution (which is your report that is available on your opt-in page).

Remember, you’re giving away something for free so you don’t need to try very hard here. Just remember to remind them of the pain/frustration/problem that they’re experiencing and tell them that there is a solution and they can get that solution by downloading your free report.

To help you with this, you may download the Solo Ad examples file below.  This will give you an example of how a Solo Ad email looks, how it’s formatted, and general rules. Use these to model after when writing yours.

Download Solo Ad Examples

4 Choose Your Offer

You will also need to have chosen your offer (that you’ll include in your funnel) before arriving at the workshop. In Step 1, we talked about Clickbank and offers with “gravity”. 

When choosing an offer, do not choose the offer with the highest gravity as the initial product that your new subscriber will be subscribed to.

These products are the most popular among affiliates and have the most exposure in the marketplace.

Instead… choose an offer with the 4th or 5th highest gravity (for example).  This increases the likelihood that the subscriber has not already been exposed to the offer and is therefore more open to purchasing.

For your convenience, to speed up the selection process, you’ll find a ready-made list of affiliate offers per niche in the PDF below.

Download Affiliate Offer List

Demonstration: How to Find Offers in JVzoo

Demonstration: How to Find Offers From List in Clickbank

5 Get your Domain Name and Domain Email Address Created

Click Here to review a lesson on domain names along with a demonstration video on getting both your domain and domain email address setup with Google Domains (preferred for ease and quickness).

*If your country isn't accepted, you'll find a link to NameCheap along with a link to a tutorial on to help you setup email forwarding.

If you have questions about the domain ordering process, email creation, or forwarding, contact Google Domains, NameCheap, or other registrar's website for support and assistance.

6 Create Your Clickonomy Account

Step 1: Create your account here:

Step 2: You will need to add a payment method to your account so that you can access the internal messaging system which allows you to communicate with sellers (which you will need to do).

Step 3: Verify your Clickonomy Account

To have a verified Clickonomy account, you need to upload a valid ID. We require all buyers and sellers to have valid IDs to help prevent misconduct on the platform.

Driver's licenses and government issued IDs are also accepted in addition to passports.

Need Help?

This video will show you how to complete your buyer profile and purchase clicks on the platform:

If you have any questions about your account, or need assistance with the verification process, please email

Post Workshop Resources

1. What to Email Subscribers:

Click Here To Download Now

2. Hot Niches Email Ideas/Swipes:

Click Here To Download Now

3. Sample Follow Up Email Schedule:

Click Here To Download Now

4. Workflow Tutorial Checklist:

Click Here To Download Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Go through the pre-workshop training in order and download your checklist.

Allow yourself a minimum of 3 weeks to complete everything, understanding that outsourcing your custom report may take 2 weeks alone.

Start completing those action items as quickly as possible. Everything you need to be doing is outlined there, in order.

"By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail"

If you do not complete the mandatory requirements, you will not be allowed to attend the workshop.

Those who are not prepared arrive "behind" from day 1 and never catch up. Students who have done this previously want and demand more time from coaches to bring them up to speed which is unfair to those students who did do the work in advance.

Go! Go! Go!

Remember that the workshop is about building this "Inbox" business from scratch (assuming you have completed the pre-workshop training and checklist as required).

The workshop is not about you building the business in LaunchPad before you get there and then turn it over to your coach to review everything.

If you want a head start, we highly suggest that you go through Inbox Blueprint and review the training (at least through module 6) then review all of the LaunchPad tutorials.

From there, feel free to use LaunchPad to build your first practice funnel to get your "feet wet" and acclimated to the process.

However, the workshop is about building a custom version of that funnel, so you will be asked to start a new funnel. We will not be using LaunchPad-generated reports, articles, or solo ads.

If you still have time on your hands, and you are not less than 3 weeks prior to the event, then review the SendLane "how to" tutorials here:

Think of the time before the workshop as educational time to teach yourself about the business and building your first funnel as "practice" so that you have a better understanding of what we're building and why.

In doing so, you will be better prepared resulting in a seamless experience while at the workshop.

You may get help in the Inbox Blueprint forum or on one of the daily Q&A webinars or You may also contact

Once you're ready to prepare for the Platinum training and workshop (no less than 3 weeks prior to the event), you will begin sending related questions to

If you outsource your report, the writer has no claim to the content. You will add your name as the author.

No. Your report should be created to provide useful information that helps your subscriber achieve a desired goal or solve a problem based on your niche research.

While the report is not about the offer, your offer will be "related" to the subject matter of the report and also helps them achieve their desired goal.

No. You MUST have a completed report when you arrive at the workshop.

It's key that you make arrangements well in advance and convey the deadline required. Good rule-of-thumb is to get this process underway 3 weeks out from the event.

In rare circumstances, as a last resort and only if a custom report cannot be completed, you can use PLR (private label rights) content.

PLR is done-for-you content that is sold with rights that allow you to put your name as the author.

The CON to this is that the same content will be sold to many others. So you will need to make edits to the content to make it unique, starting with a modification of the title and e-cover graphic.

Download this PLR resource guide

Most people are not experts in the niche they go into.

You're essentially playing the "reporter" role or a "friend" role in that you report on (pass on) information that helps them reach their goal and/or guide them (as a friend) by recommending products.

We all do this with family and friends. No different with subscribers.

30+ "gravity" is a guideline and not a hard rule. Not all niches have 30 or higher so you may have to choose offers that have a gravity starting at 5.

Remember, Clickbank is NOT the only factor to consider when choosing a niche. It's only 1 factor. Make sure you've reviewed the "4 Keys to a Profitable Niche".


Remember, the opt-in offer is NOT about the product but about the potential subscriber.

Additionally you want your subscriber to see you as the "go to" person or expert for helping them reach their goals. If you hand them something from someone else, that discredits you.

However, you can use that PDF later in a follow up email as a tool for pre-selling the product offer.

You promote one offer every 10 days (not every few days). That's 3 offers per month. Don't go over 4.

In that 10 day period, you combine a balance of content emails with promotional.

Rinse and repeat the above steps :-)


Everything must be completed prior to the workshop. We will NOT go over any of the pre-workshop training at the workshop.

Yes. We teach you to use both tools in a custom way at the workshop.

You will not be using that list at the workshop. You will create a new list.

However, post workshop, you can import those subscribers into your new "broadcast" list created at the workshop (assuming the new list remains targeted to the previous subscribers).

SendLane can help you with the importing process. We do not cover this at the workshop and coaches cannot assist with this.

Allow at LEAST 3 weeks to complete the workshop training and checklist...

FYI: your custom Lead Magnet will take the longest to complete. If outsourcing that, you will want to get the wheels rolling no later than 3 weeks out to allow time to have it written and any edits if necessary. Make sure that you communicate clearly the deadline (which can be 1 day prior to the event at latest).

The eCover should be received by the end of Day 1 (at latest). We talk about inserting it into your report on Day 1 then upload it on Day 2.

Otherwise, the alternative is to use text to put the title of your report along with your name as the author on the cover page.

It is not mandatory to have an eCover on your opt-in page.

An experienced designer should know the common sizes for an eCover for use either on an opt-in or landing page and for a cover page to a "report/e-book".

If yours does not, download this guide

Search for a private affiliate programs in your niche by using the keywords: [niche] + affiliate programs or [niche] + products/programs/offers.


  • Weight loss affiliate products
  • Weight loss affiliate programs
  • Weight loss affiliate offers

Additionally, you may search for a brand name + the keywords: affiliate(s) or affiliate program or JV


  • Anik Singal affiliates
  • Anik Singal affiliate program
  • Anik Singal JV

*If in the Internet Marketing niche, go to and/or search private programs.

The Platinum Workshop has a specific curriculum and agenda and is focused on building an email marketing funnel/business from scratch that serves as the core entry way into your business.

While the focus is on marketing other people's products, you can market your own.

We walk you through every element of that funnel so it's up and running and traffic-ready by the end of the workshop.

If your current business does not include an email lead-generation funnel, this is definitely for you.

You can simply "wrap" the funnel built at the workshop around your existing marketing, allowing you to capture targeted leads that you can build a relationship with and market to, directing them to either your own catalog of products or products that you're affiliated with, ultimately allowing you to scale your business.

The workshop is not about reviewing your existing websites, sales funnels or processes or providing strategy coaching and business advice.

However, if you want to learn how to implement lead generation funnels and email marketing into your existing business, then we can help!

We do not include that on the site as an option because we want you to create something better and unique.

If you're not a good writer, or do not have experience writing/compiling reports, the process is going to be a real challenge and cost you more time and headache.

Our goal is to get you from point A to point B in the least time, with the least frustration and with the path of least resistance.

It's the necessary support and decisive action that lead to massive breakthroughs in your business.

We are excited to welcome you to this exclusive workshop and honored to support you with developing the foundations of success.

The LURN Team!