Start An E-Commerce Business TODAY. No Inventory & No Tech Skills Needed.

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What is Shopify?

(Hint: The Simpliest & Most Complete E-Commerce platform)

  • You can use Shopify from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
  • Zero Inventory
  • No Upfront Product Cost. You get paid first!
  • Fully Automated
  • Secure payment processing through Shopify
  • Shopify builds an email list for you (entirely built into ALL versions of Shopify).
  • Shopify hosts all e-commerce products for you and it could NOT be an easier setup.
  • Drag & drop setup features.
  • Use multiple images, sizes & color variations for your products… ANYTHING you can dream up.
  • Shopify has TONS of FREE website themes as well as email templates that they just give you!
  • With Shopify… You get PAID, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Facebook Intelligent Ads

This part is INSANE. Adrian teaches you how to setup FACEBOOK ADS… the right way. Make Facebook do the work for you & create the sizzle effect where people actually share & tag others FOR YOU (HINT: THEY ARE MARKETING FOR YOU). Facebook learns who is purchasing from you and serves up your ad to people similar to those that purchase from you. Facebook has all the information… let them do the work for you.

Build Your Own Email List

This is another INSANE feature just built INTO Shopify. People enter their email address before they purchase or before they even see the final checkout price and Shopify stores those email addresses for you. If they didn’t end up purchasing, you can send an email to them to try and pick up the sale. Shopify has A TON of email templates to make it super streamlined. You can even send emails to them later on to offer discounts, to get them to purchase more, to say thank you… whatever you want… You now own your very own email list.

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Enter Your Email Below To See Our ONE-TIME
Encore Presentation of Webinar #2

Encore Presentation is Tuesday, May 31th at 3pm EST

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