STAR STUDENT: How Ippo Fought The Odds & The Economy To Become An Online Entrepreneur

Nothing can stop you!

I say it all the time. If you’re hungry enough, driven enough and willing to put in a little work, NOTHING can stand between you and living the dream of owning your own successful Email business.

Listen, it’s your attitude and your actions that determine your results. NOT your environment and circumstances.

Nobody knows this better than our newest Lurn Star Student, Ippo Boboras.

Sure, he was hungry and determined. Sure, he put in the time and effort to make his dreams a reality. But he faced a massive obstacle… an obstacle 50,949 square miles in size and 11 million people big…

Ippo Lives At Ground Zero of The European Economic Collapse: GREECE

You’ve read about the collapse of the Greek economy. You’ve seen the videos of the dangerous protests and riots. But it’s not just a news story hundreds or thousands of miles away.

It’s a real struggle that effects people and businesses and families throughout Greece.

Here are some jaw-dropping facts:

  • The unemployment rate in Greece is at 6%.
  • The youth unemployment rate in Greece is OVER 50%. 1 out of every 2 are out of work.
  • 20% of retail stores in Greece have been forced to close.
  • The Greece government allows citizens to withdraw ONLY $400 a week from their OWN bank accounts.

Sources: Eurostat, March 2015 & The Economic Collapse Blog

Before Ippo Discovered Anik Singal & Inbox Blueprint, Every Day Was A Struggle

I sat down to interview our newest Star Student to find out what life was like just a few years back.

Dave Lovelace, Director of Education at Lurn: “What was life like before you discovered Anik Singal and Inbox Blueprint?”

Ippo Boboras: “After 2009, Greece faced a lot of economic problems. I used to have a full-time business. It was doing well. But I broke up with my partners, and I was left with nothing. I virtually had no income and no money in my bank account.

I started as a computer electrical engineer and the base salary here is like 500 Euros a month. But the living cost is 1,000 per month.

Sure, I could have moved out of Greece, but I didn’t want that because my family and friends are here.”

I needed a business that could work GLOBALLY... Something that didn’t rely on the Greek economy.

Dave: “Tell me, what was your turnaround? How did you make that shift from living far below your means to living the good life?”

Ippo: “I was working part-time jobs to cover my food and living expenses. Then, in August of 2014, I got an email from Bob Proctor. It talked about this system I had never heard of called Inbox Blueprint from Anik Singal.

I interviewed some previous successful students of Anik’s. After talking with them, I realized that even in the worst-case scenario, I could be profitable with Inbox Blueprint.”


Dave: “That’s awesome, Ippo! What were a few ‘A Ha Moments’ you had with the Inbox Blueprint system.”

Ippo: “I suddenly realized how many newsletters and emails I was subscribed to, yet I didn’t even know it. It immediately became clear what a gold mine I was sitting on.

I think that building a list is like building an asset. This is the best part of this model because nobody can take it away from you. The list is yours. You pay once for traffic and then you make money from the list every single month*.”

Dave: “Exactly! As you grow your list, you can also grow your business, sales, profits… everything*! I hear your list has really exploded!”

Ippo: “Yes, true. My first subscribers came in February 2015.” Now I have a list 44,000 big in just a little over a year!”

Dave: “That’s really impressive. That means you took a lot of action with what you learned. Did you experience a lot of information overwhelm?”

Ippo: “Not at all. Anik’s course was so easy. Even though I don’t really understand the English language really well, Anik made it so easy to understand and go through the course. I think a 5 year old could do this.”

Dave: “I saw some PayPal screenshots. Looks like you’re doing really well. Are you doing this full-time now?”

Ippo: “Yes, absolutely. The living cost in Greece is like 1,000 Euros per month. Now I am grossing about $8,000 per month*.

All of my business is also done through promoting affiliate products. I don’t have my own products. Once I do create my own products, I’ll scale up. I believe in the next 3 years, I can easily double my annual income.

Ippo’s Tips: 3 Awesome Success Tips From Our Newest Star Student, Ippo Boboras

TIP #1: Combine meaningful content with promotions

If you combine building relationships and promoting products, it’s the best way to keep your list engaged and excited. And continue to grow your list.

TIP #2: Ippo recommends solo ads for growing your traffic

The advantage with solo ads is that the audience is already trained to open, click and subscribe.

TIP #3: Find a proven strategy and stick with it

There are tons of ways out there to make money. But if you chase one after another after another, you’ll never get the results you want. Anik and Lurn already have the proven blueprint to launching your own Email business: Inbox Blueprint.

From all of us here at Lurn, congratulations again Ippo Boboras for everything you’ve accomplished, especially in the difficult economic climate of Greece and for becoming Lurn’s newest Star Student! We’re all excited to see you continue to grow your Email list and your business.

Please note: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person.

About the Author:

Dave Lovelace, Director of Education, Lurn, Inc.
Dave started his own 6-figure digital publishing business in 2006. He has expert knowledge in product creation, audio, video, affiliate program management, product launches, sales funnels, copywriting, email marketing, affiliate marketing, WordPress, and more. Dave joined the Lurn team in 2012, working closely with Anik as one of the founding content developers behind many of Lurn’s core products. He is also the “professional voice” behind many of our training videos.

He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others, who are starting their journey. His passion is evident when you hear him speak at events and on webinars.

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