STAR STUDENT: How Patrick Became an Amazon Bestseller (in 3 Categories!) in Just 2 Weeks

No matter where you live or what your background is… you can create your own information product…

Meet Patrick Rahn, One of Our #LurnNation Star Students

Patrick lives in Germany and has a full-time career.

But that didn’t stop him from becoming a published author and getting a BESTSELLER ranking on Amazon in not 1, but in 3 different categories…

The best part is… he achieved that status in just 2 WEEKS!

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It’s Time To Take Action…

Patrick himself attended Anik’s Profit Workshops late last year. It was then that he decided it was finally time to take action…

“I always had this passion and feeling inside me
to become an online entrepreneur. But I never
knew where to start or what kind of business
I wanted to start.”
– Patrick Rahn

He enrolled in Lurn’s Publish Academy program. Soon after he began writing a personal development book about goal setting. He spent the next few months laying out his book and program.

On January 6, 2016, he published his book Mindset of Success: How highly successful people think about goal setting” on Amazon. CONGRATS Patrick!

Lurn Star Student Amazon Bestseller

In Just 2 Weeks, He Was Not Only A Published Author, But An AMAZON BESTSELLER!

Patrick shared how excited he was to get his book in the mail from the postman, and how elated he was to see the first sales coming in!

Since then, he’s been marketing his book solely through Amazon, with new sales coming in every day.

Patrick’s Advice For Other Students & His Future Goals

Lurn Star Student Amazon Bestseller, Patrick Rahn

When asked what advice he would give other Lurn students who are just getting started, or who haven’t yet reached their goals…

Patrick’s short-term plan is to release a course on Clickbank related to his goal setting book.

More long-term, he’s looking forward to creating more and more digital products so he can help more people. He also has goals to scale his business up, so he his passion business can replace the income from his day-to-day job.

We wish you all the best Patrick! We look forward to supporting you on your journey and can’t wait to hear more about your future successes!

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Workshop 1: June 15 @ 8 PM EST
Workshop 2: June 19 @ 8 PM EST


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About the Author:

Dave Lovelace, Director of Education, Lurn, Inc.
Dave started his own 6-figure digital publishing business in 2006. He has expert knowledge in product creation, audio, video, affiliate program management, product launches, sales funnels, copywriting, email marketing, affiliate marketing, WordPress, and more. Dave joined the Lurn team in 2012, working closely with Anik as one of the founding content developers behind many of Lurn’s core products. He is also the “professional voice” behind many of our training videos.

He loves sharing his knowledge and helping others, who are starting their journey. His passion is evident when you hear him speak at events and on webinars.

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