My Secret System: How I Piggybacked My Way to $250,000

It was over 13 years ago…

I was a broke college kid in my dorm room…

And something amazing happened…

I Created My Very First Product & Generated Over $250,000

It definitely didn’t happen overnight…

In fact, it was a long road to get there.

You see, back when I was in college, I spent a lot of time on an Internet Marketing forum. I tried a lot of different things trying to make money online, but nothing seemed to be working. I was about ready to give up…

But then, I was fortunate to get some great advice from people in that very forum that helped me immensely on my Digital Publishing journey. A big thanks to those who helped me along the way (and of course, those who still do)

Watch my video in this blog post where I share more of my story and the piggyback method I used to create my first product.

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Once I cracked the code I have to say, it was surprisingly easy!

The product I created revolved around teaching people how to setup and use a specific type of software. But first, I had to learn the software myself. I even consulted for others on it before creating my product around it.

I found a forum for this software:

  • Customers were looking for help and asking questions
  • I was able to identify problems these customers needed me to solve

I built my consulting service to help these software users:

  • I became a software affiliate (I even offered a special bonus with free consultation and gave out my phone number and email for people who purchased through my link)
  • I began to sell consulting service separately
  • I sold so many I had to create a product because I was just getting too many referrals (I know, I know, a good problem to have, but I didn’t want to be working like a dog)

I created a step-by-step tutorial to solve the problem:

  • I got permission from the software company to use their name
  • I used my consulting experience to build a video tutorial series
  • I sold about 500 units at $500 each = $250,000

That’s it… there’s a rundown of the process I took. But really, here’s a quick recap of the steps…

How To Create Your First Digital Product

  1. Find Software
  2. Master the Software
  3. Research
  4. Create Your Course
  5. Drive Traffic

Excited to get started?! Are you already thinking of different software you could learn to create your own course? Or, better yet, software you already have mastered that you could teach others about?

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It’s easy to enter, just type in the name of a software program in the comments box below! It can be ANY software that you think you could create your own course around. (NOTE: comments have been disabled on this post).

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