MEGA Giveaway Week! Leave a Comment – Win a MacBook, iPad or FREE Lurn Insider Membership

MEGA Giveaway Week

Get ready #LurnNation…

I’m Opening The PRIZE VAULT… Again!

We’re calling this week “MEGA Giveaway Week” because we’ll be giving away MORE valuable prizes over these 3 DAYS than we probably have in the last 3 MONTHS!

Simply by landing on this blog, your odds of winning have just gone through the roof!

(Keep reading… and I’ll tell you HOW you can be eligible to WIN and how to find out if you’re a WINNER.)

You know me, when it comes to giving away prizes to you all, I NEVER settle for second best.

  • I find the hottest, most in-demand electronics. Like MacBook Laptops, iPads, and Apple Watches.
  • I also get the coolest gifts that everyone loves — like Amazon gift cards and movie gift cards. We all need some entertainment in our lives, right!
  • But I also never lose sight of the fact that you’re here to LEARN, build and grow a business.

So, we kicked off this MEGA Giveaway Event yesterday (you got an email from me about it), it’s still going TODAY and we’ll be wrapping things up tomorrow.

That’s right, ALL 3 DAYS you’ll have a chance to…

WIN Electronics, Entertainment, & Education!

Yes, in addition to winning awesome electronics (like a MacBook laptop)… and cool entertainment prizes your whole family will love (movie gift cards)…

I’m giving a few lucky winners an entire year’s membership to LurnInsider!

Last week, a RECORD number of our #LurnNation students became Insiders! That means that every single month those members are getting incredible advantages that will help them finally launch and grow their businesses.

If you haven’t yet, check out our LurnInsider opportunity right here.

As a LurnInsider Member, you get 24/7 access to our most proven systems, our latest tools and resources as well as our best coaching and community support.

And as part of this special MEGA Giveaway Week, I’m giving away 3 FULL Insider Memberships to 3 lucky winners!

So, which prize would you want to win most? The MacBook laptop? The brand new iPad? Or the VERY valuable LurnInsider Membership?

Here’s How To EASILY Enter & Win…

Hey, what good is a MEGA Giveaway Week if you have to jump through lots of hoops for a chance to win? I want to make this as easy as possible for you!

Yesterday, I simply asked you to take a 1-minute GOALS survey (if you haven’t submitted one yet, you can right here). EASY!

Now, even if you entered the contest yesterday, you can get your name in the hat again today! I want to learn even more about your goals and what motivates you… Just leave a comment below… (comments have now been disabled on this post).

  • Tell me how much extra income per month you wish to earn and why…
  • Or share what your 2016 business goals are and …
  • Or tell me what you plan to learn in the next couple months

There Will Be 3 Lucky Winners From Today

Plus, with the survey we released yesterday, we will have 3 MORE winners.

And TOMORROW… watch your inbox… yep, 3 MORE winners! 

That’s 9 TOTAL winners & 9 awesome prizes. That’s pretty great odds!

So, how do you know if you win?

Join Me LIVE on FB Live Tomorrow — I’ll Announce ALL Winners

MEGA Giveaway Week
Go here Thursday @ 4pm EST (New York Time):

I’ve done a few FB Live events in the past couple months. They’re SO fun. Everybody has a blast!

Tomorrow, I want my FB Live Event to be my BEST EVER! I seriously want 1,000 students on.

Can you help me with that?

I’ll send you an Email tomorrow morning telling you all about it, including a reminder of what time I’ll be on FB Live… I’ll give you the link again… and

I’ll even reveal this cool, new topic I want to share with you. It’s BIG!

My only hint: You’ll learn about a stay-at-home dad who earned 5-Figures in a WEEK just by playing around in this WHITE HOT business market!

Now, that’s certainly not typical or expected, but you’ll learn all about what he did.

Thanks for playing! Watch your inbox for tomorrow’s FB Live announcement and be sure to attend LIVE to see if you won!

UPDATE: This contest has ended and the winners have been notified. Comments have now been removed. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to

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