How To Dominate Google Investment Traffic – Plus: “Catch Up” Sunday Penny Click Workshops #1 & #2

Watch Now! Penny Click CATCH UP SUNDAY 24-hours Only - Workshops #1 & #2 Replays

Fred & I literally just wrapped up Penny Click Workshop #2 – Google Domination.

The name says it all… We gave away Insider Secrets on how to get more traffic by leveraging Google’s 2+ Million Websites.

It’s all part of our 3-part Penny Click Workshop series. We’ve been diving in deep to explain INVESTMENT TRAFFIC inside and out!

It was just earlier this week that we kicked everything off with Workshop #1 – Traffic Targeting Tricks. How to get ultra-targeted traffic from Facebook starting with just $5. (Key Takeaways can be found here OR Watch the FULL REPLAY – for a limited time – here).

So many students said they gained a ton of value from that webinar. Thanks Fred!

Now in case you missed it, Fred is my good friend and a Media Traffic Buying Master. We recently spent some time together at my World Tour Event in Vancouver.

While I was there, we talked a lot about Investment Traffic and what we’d be covering during our Penny Click series. We even had a quick Q&A session all about Google, but more on that in a minute…

First, I have to tell you how important BOTH of the first two trainings are! They deliver tons of info about how to make high-quality investment traffic part of your business…

So… This Sunday, March 13th ONLY, we’re allowing you to “Catch Up.”

That’s right, you can watch the FULL REPLAYS of BOTH Penny Click Workshops #1 & #2. But do it fast, because the replays on-demand are airing for 24 HOURS ONLY.

Watch Now! Penny Click CATCH UP SUNDAY 24-hours Only - Workshops #1 & #2 Replays

Now, let’s jump into with my Google Investment Traffic interview with Fred…

Google Investment Traffic Q&A:
BURN Through Money or BLAZE a Trail…

Question: Fred, I’ve heard people say that Google was difficult, confusing and risky. Is that true?

Answer: It can be true for those who don’t use my approach.

You see, Google is so very simple. But, if you don’t do it right, YES, you can burn through a lot of money really fast.

If you don’t know what you’re doing… if you don’t use my formula, you’re putting your money at risk.

However, the second I show you my time-tested way of working with Google — it’s REALLY easy — you’re not risking anything. I’m able to put my ads on CNN, The New York Times, Forbes and Facebook, yet I make all my money back. Every time!

Fred CNN New York Times Ads

In our “Google Domination” webinar, I show you the secrets to setting up Google so it’s super easy.

Navigating the 3 Google Networks Among Billions of Web Pages

Question: What’s up with the 3 different networks within Google, Fred?

Answer: Great question. This is where a lot of people mess up. But it’s actually really simple, and I make it really clear on our webinar.

Essentially Google is not just a search engine. There are 3 unique networks within Google. How you work with each of them determines the results you get. Most people don’t get it, and they get lousy traffic while burning through a bunch of money.

But once I hand you the secrets to working with these 3 unique networks, you’ll have a giant advantage over most Internet marketers!

Don’t Bother Looking for These Insider Secrets Anywhere Else (You Won’t Find Them)

Jump on Google and do a search. You’ll find millions of pages about how to get Google traffic. Yet, I can almost guarantee NONE of them cover what Fred and I discuss in our “Google Domination” Penny Click Workshop.

I’ve been in Internet marketing for over 13 years. Fred has spent the past decade testing and learning everything he can about investment traffic. He’s sharing super insider secrets during our workshop series.

So, if you want these exclusive shortcuts and solutions, you need to check out our Penny Click “Catch Up” where you have 24 hours to watch our Google Workshop as well as our Facebook Workshop.

Click the button below to watch either one… or both!

Watch Now! Penny Click CATCH UP SUNDAY 24-hours Only - Workshops #1 & #2 Replays

But hurry, when the clock strikes midnight on Sunday… these webinar replays disappear (along with this awesome opportunity to learn how to get super-targeted traffic for pennies on the dollar)!

While you’re there, make sure you’re signed up for Workshop #3. Fred will be revealing his Secret “Zero Up” Business Model Wednesday, March 16 at 3pm ET. During that workshop you’ll find out how anyone can start investment traffic (whether you have a business or not).

Remember, as with everything, results may not be typical nor expected for every person. It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in yourself to keep learning and growing your business.

Last, but not least, if you watched either of our first 2 webinars, please click Like or Share. Fred has been working so hard at giving you really valuable information, so please leave a comment telling him, “Thanks!” It would really mean a lot and it will also help us spread his message further, too!

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