Guess My Next, All NEW Training Topic (That My Wife Is Using To Rake In The Dough) And Win a Free iPad!

Guess How MyWife Proved Me WRONG &You Could WIN A PRIZE!

We’re about half way through 2016.

That means it’s time to SHAKE things up!

You see, I’ve done so many workshops and trainings already this year, covering business models and systems that I’ve counted on to build my own business.

Topics like:

  • Digital Publishing
  • Email Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • And Even More!

Now, I’m about to do a full workshop series on something totally different. Something 100% brand new!

(It’s new to me… and probably 99% of my students have never done it either).

Here’s the fun part…

I want YOU to guess my next training topic!

I’ll Even Give You 3 Hints to Help You Out

Hint #1: In my 14 years online, I’ve NEVER taught this before. Not once.

Yet so many of you have asked (and begged) for me to teach this topic.

Hint #2: Up until about 90 days ago, I used to HATE this business model.

That’s only because I thought it required a ton of risk, a ton of investment and a ton of patience to squeak out a tiny profit. I’ve since learned it’s one of the LEAST risky, EASIEST to set up and FASTEST paths to a profitable business out there today!

Hint #3: The love of my life — My WIFE — has opened my eyes to just how AWESOME this business model can be!  

Yes, the student (my wife) has schooled the teacher (me).

By using this NEW business model, my amazing wife is now bringing in the moolah (and LOTS of it, every month)*. Oh, and she would be the first to tell you that she:

  • Is NOT a technical person
  • Is NOT a marketer
  • Is NOT a salesperson

Yet, with the help of this “marketing magician” and his sneaky new business model, my wife can grow her business just as big as she wants.

This is HUGE! In the coming days, I’m going to teach you all about this brand new online business model. You’re going to flip once you learn what it is and how EASY it is to get started*.

*Results may not be typical nor expected for every person.

Just ask my wife!

Ready to GUESS (And Hopefully WIN A Free iPad)?

It’s easy to play:

  • Simply leave your best guess of what my NEXT training topic will be in the Comments section.
  • Just 1 guess per student please.
  • The first student who guesses correctly (or comes the closest) will WIN an iPad! Hey, I may go crazy and start rewarding ALL correct guessers!

Then, please make sure you click Like and Share this with your friends. I really want all of #LurnNation PUMPED about my next training. This information has, and could, change lives!

UPDATE: This contest has ended and the winner has been notified. Comments have now been removed. If you have a question, comment or feedback, please reach out to

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