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I can’t say I’m surprised #LurnNation…

You always step up to the plate, especially when it comes to new tools, resources and strategies that will help you quickly launch and grow your online businesses.

And this week has been no exception.

If you saw my blog post yesterday, I told you about these awesome INFORMATION BUSINESS TOOLKITS we’re GIVING AWAY.

In that blog post, I asked you to guess at what could be inside those kits… Close to 400 of you had a guess on what you thought might be inside!

BUT FIRST… HEY! Today is THE DAY! Yup, these Free Toolkits are now available and I’ll gladly mail one directly to your door for FREE (we just asked you to help out with a small S+H fee).

YES! I Want Anik's FREE Information Business Toolkit

Here’s a Sneak Peek at the FREE GIFTS Inside these Toolkits


We only have – *ahem… had* – 1,500 of these Toolkits available…

And when they’re gone, they’re gone. I can’t guarantee when we’ll have more, or if they’ll be free to get in the future. So act now if you want one of these awesome kits!

Now, we also opened up an early bird list in my blog yesterday. OVER 1,500 people put their hand up to join and get advance notice when we went live. So, I’ll be honest, several of the kits flew off the shelf this morning before they were officially released.

These went to the most eager students in #LurnNation, the ones who can’t wait to get their kit, rip into the package and get started – Fast! THANK YOU 🙂

Now, I know not everyone is an action-taker. And I get that… I do. However…

FAST ACTION-TAKERS Are Who We Want to Work With Here at LURN.

So, if you haven’t claimed your FREE TOOLKIT yet, do so NOW!

YES! I Want Anik's FREE Information Business Toolkit

Note – You may have to wait for the package to get to your door. But, when you claim your free kit, you also become a Lurn Insider (more on that in just a minute). So, you’ll have instant access to the Toolkit gifts right inside of your awesome new members area that you’ll be able to log into right away…

LURN INSIDER – Your Secret Weapon to Online Success

So, the real reason we’re all buzzing here at Lurn, in addition to these awesome toolkits, is because TODAY we also officially went LIVE with out BRAND NEW Lurn Insider Program!

And the best part is, these Information Business Toolkits we’re giving away are created to be the PERFECT COMPANION when you’re an INSIDER!

Welcome to Lurn Insider

It’s the perfect program to stay up-to-date on what’s working (and not working) in digital publishing. And it’s great whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business that you want to grow and scale.

Each and every month, you’ll get community support and new mastery courses, tools, case studies and Q&A sessions. Just see for yourself…

As a LURN INSIDER, You Get Access to All of the Following…

Insider Benefits

Now, a quick favor… If you, or someone you know, wants to get their business off the ground, or wants to get to the next level, please like and share this page!

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