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Did you know that right now all that stands between you and having a real Email marketing business are just 5 EASY Steps?

Just 5 Steps!

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking: “Sure Anik. But how long do those 5 steps take? Months?”

Not at all. In fact, most people can usually run through all 5 steps in a matter of days. Of course, for the people who use my automated shortcuts, (I’ll share those in a second), some have been able to finish all 5 steps in just HOURS!

Now, if you know me, you know I’m not married to any ONE business model. But I will tell you that running an Email business with an Email list gives you so many advantages.

Advantage #1: Speed

Not only is setting up an Email business super quick, real results (Hint: Commissions!) can also come REALLY fast.

Advantage #2: Lifetime Value

Having a subscriber list carries an immense value. Yes, every single person on your list is interested in what you’re selling. That’s a GOLD MINE!

Plus, an email list is something that can be passed down generation to generation. Or, if a subscriber list grows large enough, it can be sold for a HUGE payday. Maybe hundreds of thousands or even millions!

Advantage #3: Peace of Mind

There are so many businesses online that depend on Facebook, Google, Amazon or YouTube for their traffic and revenue. Sure, these online giants can really help you get started. But, they can seriously HURT your business too.

Because THEY control your traffic and sales, what happens when one of those giants shut you down? And yes, they do shut businesses down all the time. Then you could be back at square one.

Yet, when you have an Email list… It’s YOURS! You own it. Nobody can take it away from you. That’s solid peace of mind.

So, if you’re wondering how to start your own Email business that is…

  • Quick to launch and quick to profit
  • Carries an immense lifetime value
  • And brings you peace of mind because it’s all yours

The Answer Is Simple

If you’re considering an Email business, use these 5 simple steps I outline below.

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With this “Click – Click – Click” technology, many of my students have been up and running with a genuine Email business in less than a day!

Let’s dive in…

Step #1: Find Your Niche

A niche is simply an area of interest. But, be careful… Not all niches are created equal. While choosing the RIGHT niche can mean tens of thousands giving you their Email addresses, choosing the WRONG niche can spell disaster.

Examples of great niches are hobbies, professions, sports, weight loss, fitness, personal development, marriage, survival, etc.

Now, finding a WINNING niche that has the popularity, interest, competition and profitability takes a little work. Fortunately for you, our Inbox Blueprint program has already done all the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve done ALL the research – So it’s never been easier to choose a winning niche!

Step #2: Opt-In Page

An opt-in page is probably the easiest webpage you’ll ever create (if you use our tools it can be done in SECONDS.)

This page is super simple. Headline at top. Maybe a few copy bullets. Add a free gift, and include a place where they can enter an Email address. Easy!

You can get a FREE 30-Day trial account with, an Email autoresponder provider and opt-in page builder.

Sendlane Free 30 Day Trial

If you’ve received an Email from me, it comes from Sendlane. Yes, I’m a co-founder of Sendlane. But I’ve also used ALL the major autoresponders — I think this one is by far the best in deliverability, Email setup and even extras… like creating beautiful and high-converting opt-in pages!

That’s right, with your FREE trial account in Sendlane, you can automatically create awesome opt-in pages, which can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of time.

Step #3: Free Gift

Okay, you attract the prospect to your opt-in page. Now, before he or she gives you an Email address, you must entice your prospect with a free gift. This could be a free book, video, training or even a webinar.

We’ve tried them all. What we have found is that we get the highest conversions by giving away something that’s written. A report. A white paper. A mini book… Even if it’s short — Just 12-15 pages or so. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time to put together.

Now, the better your free gift is, the higher your conversion will be. Depending on your niche, a 50% opt-in is very possible. That means for every 100 people that come to your opt-in page, 50 people will join your list.

Want an easy and practically automated way to create your free gift? Simple. Just join Inbox Blueprint. Within this program, I invested nearly a quarter million dollars to create an amazing software. It auto-creates your free gift. That’s right! No writing, no research, no waiting. Almost INSTANTLY it creates a gift that’s as amazing as it is unique! 

Click here to see a Demo of LaunchPad, our awesome new technology!

Step #4: Autoresponder

It’s AMAZING how fast an email list will grow once you start taking action. From a few hundred to 10,000 or more! But, once your list is 10,000 big, it’s impossible to sit down every day and email that many people one by one by one.

Nobody does that. Instead, they rely on Autoresponders like Sendlane. Now just type the Email once and blast it out to all 10,000 people. Hey, whether you’re emailing 10 people, 10,000 or even 100,000, it takes the same amount of time. And it’s SO EASY to just send a quick email!

Plus, you can set up a whole sequence of messages that are delivered to people the minute they join your list.

Not only is this step a cinch… it’s FREE! You get all of this by simply signing up for a free account for 30 days to Sendlane. Go ahead and click here to get your 30-Day FREE Trial to Sendlane.

Step #5: Affiliate Products

What’s the difference between promoting PHYSICAL and DIGITAL products? Usually about 50% or more in commissions!

Seriously! Try to sell a physical book nowadays. You’ll be lucky to make 10% of the cover price. But if you sell that same book digitally, it’s possible to get 50%, 60% and even 70% commissions!

That’s it! Just 5 simple steps!

So, what’s the payoff? Watch my video above, and I’ll walk you through it step by step by step. From getting it set up to making your first commission!

Get Your 5 Steps Started Right Now!

Now, there’s a big difference between knowing the 5 steps and actually living them. Right now, the 5 steps are simply dreams. Hopes. Something that may seem far away.

However, the minute you start taking action… that’s when it becomes REAL. I have the best way for you to take action and get a running start. Simply click here to sign up for the Free Training Workshop I’m offering.

It’s truly the best Email business program we’ve ever created. Over 25,000 people have been through it. So many of them are living success stories!

Now, I have 3 little action steps for you:

Action #1 

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Action #2 

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Action #3

I would appreciate it if you could hit Like and Share (comments have been disabled on this post).

Now, here’s a little marketing stat I know. Only about 10% of you will take those action steps. Make sure you are one of those select few — Because…

The 10% who TAKE ACTION will likely be far more successful in the near future than the 90% who did nothing.

It’s time to take action — Save your seat for my Income Workshop training right now!

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