A New Kind of Traffic – Investment Traffic, How To Get Fast Return & Have The Traffic Pay For Itself!

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The topic of this post played such an important role in growing my own business that I asked Anik if I could share it with you today. He agreed!

Hi! I’m Willie Laney, the Lead Coach here at Lurn. You may have seen me on a few training videos before… What I’m talking about today can potentially have a massive impact on your business, too.

So, let’s get started…

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Well, at first glance, it seems obvious that free traffic is better, right? After all, as marketers, we learn that “Free” is one of the world’s most powerful words.

But not so fast… I’m going to clear up a couple myths about traffic that might be pushing people down the wrong path.

MYTH: Free Traffic Is Free

Free traffic doesn’t magically appear. It takes a lot of time and effort to get enough free traffic to grow your business. Day after day. Week after week. Plus, there are NO guarantees you’ll get the level or quality of traffic you want.

FACT: Getting Free Traffic Takes A lot of Time (and your time is your MOST valuable asset) 

If you take time to build your free traffic, it steals time away from other important areas of your life. Your family. Your passions and hobbies. Plus, it will rob you of time you need to grow your business in other ways.

Can free traffic work? Absolutely.

However, please realize it’s a major commitment. A lot of people who go this route easily spend up to 3 to 4 hours a day working to get that free traffic. That adds up to 21 to 28 hours a week! In a month, that’s spending 90 to 121 hours of valuable time. You don’t even want to calculate it for a year – it’s in the 1,000s of hours.

So, let’s explore the other half of the equation: Paid Traffic…

MYTH: Paid Traffic Seems Intimidating 

The words “Paid Traffic” can tend to scare people away. Why? It’s that mental block we have around the word “Paid”.

When you pay for something, you’re handing over money that you don’t get back. Head over to Starbucks, get a mocha, soy, latte, decaffeinated concoction, and you fork over $6 bucks or so. Sure, you get a sugar rush, but you also just lost $6.

That same mindset can freeze people when they think of paid traffic.

They think:
– “What if I don’t really get much traffic?”
– “What if I have to spend hundreds or thousands?”

So, they run away from paid traffic and head over to what they THINK will be easier in free traffic.

FACT: Paid Traffic is Easy to Learn & Really Beneficial To Growing Your Business (you just need the right people to teach you)

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In fact, I used to have the same mental blocks around “Paid Traffic”. Then, one day I realized just how beneficial paid traffic can be.

How did I get there? Easy. I dropped the words “paid traffic” from my vocabulary.

Shift Your Mindset from “Paid Traffic” to “Investment Traffic”

First, forget about spending $100, $500, or even $1,000. Just $5 can get anyone started! Seriously.

Next, start thinking about it as an investment. Then think about the return on that investment (ROI). When you buy a stock, you don’t think of it as paying and losing money. It’s an investment!

Here’s an example to breakdown some numbers:

Let’s say you buy $100 in stock. You expect to get a return of 10%. Not bad. At the end of the year, your stock investment has earned you $10, for a total of $110. You didn’t lose a dime. You actually made money!*

Well, I want to tell you about a secret stock out there that can give you well over a 10% return. In fact, it can even give you 100% ROI, 500% ROI, or in the following example… 1,200% ROI.

That secret stock… it’s YOU!

So to continue the example…

Let’s say 100 people came to your opt-in page. Of them, 50% subscribe to your list. That’s about average. Now you can email them daily and grow your business. Awesome!

So, in the example, if you invested 50 cents for each one of those 100 visitors, and half of them subscribed to your list, you just spent $50 to get 50 new people on your Email list. Just $1 per subscriber!

Your list is the heartbeat of your business. The more you grow your list, the more your business grows.

Are you ready to see where this turns from Paid Traffic to Investment Traffic?

Anik has shared that the industry standard is… email marketers will earn $1 per month per subscriber for each email on their list on average. So, for every new subscriber, they’ll make $12 over the course of a year.

In our example…

Remember, with the $100 stock, it was a 10% return to get $110. But using the secret stock — YOU — and the same previous example, people who get into investment traffic could get a 1,200% ROI! Investing $100 and making as much as $1,200.*

Of course, this is simply an example showing you the power of investment traffic.

*So I also want to include a disclaimer that results may not be typical nor expected for every person. It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest in yourself to keep learning and growing your business.

The reality: While free traffic can supplement your growth…

Investment Traffic is What Today’s Most Successful Marketers Count On

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About the Author:

Willie Laney, Lead Coach, Lurn, Inc.
Willie is always looking for ways to help others. After serving in the U.S. military, then working in the medical field, he wanted to find a career that would allow him to easily help others on a global scale. He soon found Internet Marketing and became one of Anik’s students. Not long after, he joined the Lurn team as Anik’s assistant, where he quickly advanced through the ranks… customer support, student coaching, and now one of Lurn’s Lead Coaches. Willie also successfully started his own business and discovered that he has a true passion for teaching. He’s excited to share his knowledge with you and all of Lurn Nation!

Willie lives in the Washington D.C. area and enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children.

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