(Last Chance ENCORE) Your Sneak Peek Into Our New Build-A-Business LaunchPad Software

Watch This 2 Minute LaunchPad Sneak Peek Demo


Wow! Lurn Nation, I’m just blown away…

We had almost 9,500 people help us kick off my Income Workshop yesterday!

9,418 to be exact.

And we’re only just getting started… This was Part 1 of my 3-Part workshop series and we’ve got lots more great info coming your way!

Seriously a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who attended, engaged with us and made this into one of my best events ever!

Speaking of Engagement…

My incredibly awesome support team was fielding support tickets and live chats left and right yesterday! I was in the support team room with them for part of the day and it was nuts!

So yesterday alone, 977 students were helped through live chats (avg response time 19 seconds)! And 3,490 email support tickets were sent in (responded to in an average of 39 minutes). Wow! Go Team Go!

Everyone Is RAVING About Our New LaunchPad Software

Here’s what one of our top partners said about LaunchPad:

“I watched the webinar yesterday and saw the demonstration. This software is INSANE… seriously. You have created something that solves a really big problem for all beginners, which is really huge… really awesome!

When I watched it, I was like… ‘Holy crap!’

Seriously…. This is the best product on the market for beginners… no question!”

It was such an awesome event! And even though we won’t be offering it as a replay, I’m excited to announce…


Or 4 more if you catch the encore in each time zone – to see Workshop #1 during a special encore presentation this Saturday April 30th.


Now this was actually the first time we offered multiple time zone options for one of my workshops. And boy, am I glad we did!

It made it so much more convenient for people all around the world to join when was best for them, which is something you’ve been asking for (and something I’ve wanted to do for awhile)…

It also kept the Lurn Team pushing the whole day. It was like an awesome relay race that just kept going!

So we’re offering ALL 4 Time Zone options again for the ENCORE because it worked so well!

In The Workshop #1 ENCORE, I’ll Share

  • The step-by-step system I used to make my first $10,000 (it’s only 5 steps and used by over 20,000 of my students).
  • A FULL LIVE Demo of LaunchPad, the new software my team has spent over 14 months and $200,000 developing (watch over my shoulder as I build an Email Marketing Business right on the webinar – You HAVE to see this)!
  • A Q&A Session (where you can ask and get all of your questions answered).

Be sure to save your seat for the encore and the rest of my Income Workshop Series by clicking the button below! Then mark your calendar and SHOW UP before this opportunity passes you by!


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