(LAST CHANCE) Discover eCommerce Secrets from Our Physical Profits Workshop

Discover eCommerce Secrets from Our Physical Profits Workshop

We’re counting down the final days of our Physical Profits Workshop Series…

Not only does this weekend mark the LAST CHANCE for you to catch the on-demand replays for the first 2 webinars…

YES! Let Me Watch Replays #1 & #2 NOW

But Monday is your LAST CHANCE to watch our 3rd and final webinar of the whole event!


That’s it… after that, we’ll be switching gears. And I can’t guarantee when we’ll do another eCommerce series like this.

Don’t get me wrong, this workshop series has been so incredibly awesome and people are loving it, but as you know Digital Publishing is where my heart is because that’s what I absolutely love.

But someone I love (my amazing wife, Andrea) has opened my eyes to a whole new world…

Me with my beautiful wife, Andrea

The World of eCommerce

Honestly, eCommerce is something I’ve had bad experiences with in the past, so I was a bit skeptical.

But when Andrea came to me months ago saying she wanted to start an eCommerce site, I wanted to be supportive and agreed to help in any way I could. I wanted to do everything in my power to make her business a raging success (I’ll admit I had doubts that it could be done through eCommerce at the time).

Andrea began building her store and I was there to help however I could. I figured I had enough Internet Marketing chops to at least get it going…

I was wrong. We failed.

But we weren’t ready to throw in the towel quite yet.

Not long after, and kind of by chance, I was chatting with my good friend, Adrian Morrison, and he mentioned he was doing eCommerce. I didn’t even realize he was involved in that business model. Not only that, but he was getting great results with it!!

So I shared some about Andrea’s and my experience with the store we had tried to start… unsuccessfully.

Adrian, being the awesome guy he is, offered to help. Within just a few months, Andrea was doing well into 5 figures (likely hitting 6-figures soon) a MONTH! And without my help… It was ALL Adrian and Andrea!

Time To Re-Evaluate Everything I Knew About eCommerce

I was proven wrong

I was (and still am) blown away by my wife and how quickly she scaled her business… Keep in mind she did it with no inventory, no technology skills, no interest in “marketing” and no big investment up front…

And if you’ve been following along the last couple weeks, you’ve seen I’m determined to share this great business model that’s morphed my wife into an eCommerce Queen!

So please, please, please make sure you get caught up on everything you’ve missed (or even if you watched and you just want to watch it again)…

YES! Let Me Watch Replays #1 & #2 NOW

Then make sure you’re registered for Webinar #3, our FINAL workshop of our Physical Profits Series with eCommerce Expert (and my wife’s awesome coach), Adrian Morrison!


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