Copywriting Workshop #1: Discover the Awesome Power Of Copywriting

My mentor said it best years ago. He looked me in the eyes and told me:

“Every businessperson who wants to make it big in this world must sell through the written word.”

I’m not sure I believed him at the time. That is, until I took a closer look at some of the wealthiest, most successful legends in business.

Bill Gates… Steve Jobs… Oprah…

The power of words was directly responsible for each of these inspiring people (and countless others) to be dominant in their respective fields.

Today, I’m recognized as 1 of the top copywriters in the world. My emails, video sales letters and webinars consistently get high conversions in the Internet Marketing and Digital Publishing space.

I don’t say this to brag about my copywriting skills. I never really set out to be a great copywriter. I simply wanted to be an awesome marketer and businessman. So, while others were reading copywriting books, I was testing and re-testing everything I wrote.

Through my dedication to constantly improve my Open Rates, Clickthroughs and Sales Conversions, I created a set of copywriting rules.

Then it hit me… NOBODY is teaching the copywriting rules I‘ve been using successfully for years. And a lot of people could greatly benefit from this formula, which I’ve proven works time and time again.

  • Since copywriting is one of the top skills that make businesses successful…
  • Since I have one of the most RESULTS-DRIVEN copywriting formulas that exists today…
  • Since my mission, each and every day, is to provide you with the most proven, most direct, and most beneficial ideas, strategies and blueprints to help you succeed: professionally, financially and personally!

I knew what I had to do… I HAD to get my copywriting formula into the hands of my students! Because I absolutely want you to always have the best tools to create a more profitable business.

So, with that logic, I invested WEEKS into planning THE Ultimate Copywriting Workshop.

That’s what I’m sharing with you today… Part 1 of my 5-Session Video Series that will teach you How To Master Today’s #1 Business Skill – Copywriting.

Session #1: Discover the Awesome Power Of Copywriting

In this session, you’ll discover…

  • My Story: How I went from a “Failure in Writing” to selling millions of dollars worth of products online through copywriting.
  • I break down how much MORE sales and profits you can enjoy simply by learning copywriting.
  • Why you shouldn’t EVER have to pay someone else for copywriting services.
  • How to improve the conversions of your Emails, Video Sales Letters & Webinars!
  • Plus, for the First Time Ever, YOU can become a Certified Copywriter through Lurn, Inc!

With this exclusive certification, you’ll get specialized training. You can get work from my company — Paid Work! Based on your performance, we’ll potentially even send you some clients (I have 5 right now actively looking to hire copywriters)!

I’ll be sharing more about Lurn’s Copywriting Certification and even more great info as I release each part of my 5-Session Ultimate Copywriting Workshop the rest of this week. So please check back often!

Ready for Part 2?

Click here for Session 2: Key Copywriting Elements That Command Sales.

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