15 Things I’m Most Thankful For As An Entrepreneur

While Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and showing appreciation, these are things I try to do daily. Not only does it improve my personal happiness, it’s equally as important for my professional success too!

I’m constantly finding new things I’m grateful for, but there are certain “constants” I’m also regularly thankful for. Those are what I’d like to share with you today!

This post will give you insights into who I am, who has helped shape my success, and even the tools that have allowed me to achieve remarkable results as an entrepreneur.

My hope is this will serve as a starting point for you to share what you’re most thankful for. Therefore you can discover your own path to an entrepreneurial life you love as well!
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How To Create SMART Digital Publishing Goals

There’s one big difference I’ve seen time and time again between successful digital publishers and unsuccessful ones, and that’s having a clear sense of purpose.

When I ask a successful digital publisher what they’re working towards, I get a VERY clear answer. When I ask a digital publisher who’s stuck the same question, I usually don’t get a straight answer.
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Welcome To The LURN Blog

It’s Official! Our Lurn Blog is LIVE!

I’ve always wanted a blog that could become one of the most vibrant communities in the Internet Marketing and Digital Publishing world.

A blog that could deliver insights and answers that you just couldn’t find elsewhere.

A blog that could become a trusted resource that will help you launch and grow your online business.

I can finally say: We’re READY!

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