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I’ve seen some pretty incredible tools and technologies in my time. Most of them simply help you to do things just a little faster. Or better.

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that completely transforms the way you do business. We call them game changers.

Today’s game changer will completely transform the way you build your Email list.

Now, you’ve heard me talk a lot about how important it is to build your list. It’s the way you feed an Email business. Up to this point, I’ve always told you that you need an opt-in page to grow your list. A place for your prospects to subscribe by entering their email address.

Well, not anymore!

Introducing a Way to Build Your
List WITHOUT an Opt-In Page

Yes, starting today (well, actually starting Monday), you can build your Email list WITHOUT an opt-in page.

Here’s how: Facebook just released something that’s really cool. It allows you to have an ad on Facebook, collect a lead, and put it into your autoresponder where you manage all of your email leads.

It’s called Lead Ads. With this new technology, Facebook solved a major problem.

(However, they missed a crucial step — more on that in a second.)

Before Lead Ads, if you wanted to collect a lead through Facebook, you’d have to link it to an opt-in page. Well, for a lot of people that opt-in page was basically a giant flashing stop sign! Think about the last time you filled out a form on your phone — it’s not easy.

So, people would leave. No lead for you. Nothing.

Another factor you always had to consider was making sure you’re landing page was completely compliant with Facebook’s standards. Facebook often rejects opt-in pages. It happens A LOT – it’s even happened to me.

Imagine putting an opt-in page up, then Facebook saying it’s not compliant, and your account getting BANNED. What a setback.

Now, without the opt-in roadblock, Facebook’s Lead Ads technology has made it so much easier to get the lead.

Watch my video above where I walk you through exactly what Lead Ads does.

But Facebook Forgot 1 Major Thing…

As great as Lead Ads is, there’s a major glitch. Facebook doesn’t put the lead directly into your autoresponder. Instead, they put it in a little file folder that can be difficult to find.

So, you don’t actually GET the lead. You have to log in, hunt down the folder, download the leads you want, and then upload them (one at a time in some cases) to your autoresponder.

Not only does that cost you valuable time, it can feel like a real hassle. Plus, it typically will mean that your leads are at least 8 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours OLD. Sometime older!

Think about that. Your prospect just raised his or her hand to tell you they’re interested right now. After 12 hours, or 24 hours, or even longer, he’s moved on to the next thing. Gone!

Here’s the real kicker: Most autoresponders don’t even allow you to upload your emails directly. They’ll either deny them or make them opt-in AGAIN, which means you’ll likely lose at least half of your leads!

We knew there had to be a better way… Introducing Leads Tunnel

Imagine, just minutes after your prospects signup, they get an email immediately from you!

That’s what’s possible with our NEW, really cool Leads Tunnel technology!

Our proprietary technology takes away the headaches and hassles. With Leads Tunnel, your Facebook lead is instantly and automatically put into your autoresponder.

No waiting. No uploading. No more double opt-ins. No more compliance issues with Facebook!

Leads Tunnel makes it so easy and automated. It’s all cloud-based. No software to download. Plus, it connects with 20 different autoresponders – including Sendlane, arguably the best autoresponder out there.

Sign up now for a free Sendlane trial

Sendlane Free 30 Day Trial

The best part about Leads Tunnel…
the price!

It’s just $37. That’s it!

Yes, for just $37, you can transform the way you’re building your Email list. By instantly and automatically capturing hundreds of leads right from Facebook…

Without an opt-in page!

So, the natural question: Why just $37? We simply want to help you to build your Email list quickly. This is just the tool to do it!

Leads Tunnel Opens On
Monday, February 22nd

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Depending on when you’re reading this, Leads Tunnel may already be open… or not. It opens Monday, February 22nd.

Then, it’s ONLY available for a week.

So, if you want it or if you’re interested in learning more, simply get the special link and info by putting your Email above.

Then, make sure you watch our cool video we made. We’ll show you how we used our Leads Tunnel tool to get over 200 leads in less than 24 hours with no opt-in page!

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Can’t wait until we launch this game-changer on Monday!

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*UPDATE – Enter your email above and we’ll send you the special link for Leads Tunnel while it’s still available!

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