The 2 Phases of Turning Passion into Profit

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One thing I love most about turning passion into profit is that there isn’t just one defined path. There are actually TWO ways to get there.

  • A quick & easy phase (which I recommend if you’re just starting out), as well as…
  • A second phase that’s a little more involved (but can also offer MORE profits).

I’m releasing a new book that covers most everything you need to know about BOTH phases. It’s called The Circle of Profit, Edition #2.

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Now let me give you an overview of both phases.

Phase 1: How to Build an Email Marketing Business

The Circle Of Profit - Phase 1

Imagine building an entire business starting with a simple 1-page website. Easy, right. It’s called an opt-in page, and it’s where you’ll send traffic. My new book teaches you all about how to bring traffic to your opt-in page.

Your opt-in page has a special area where people give you their email address. Once they give you their email, 2 things happen.

First, their email address is forwarded to your “autoresponder”. This is a completely automated service that allows you to send emails to your list. It sounds complicated.  Believe me, it’s not. I’ll prove it in my free book where I’ll teach you how you can get 10,000 people on your email list.

Next, the person who just subscribed is automatically forwarded to a Thank You Page. This page does more than just say “Thank You”. You can make money off of that page — I’ll teach you my proven techniques in my book.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Anyone can do this. In this first phase, you’re simply profiting from other peoples’ products. It’s like having Wal-Mart do all the work — manufacturing, inventory, and assuming all the risk — while you sit back and make 50% (or more!) commissions all day long.

Of course, all of this is in just the FIRST half of the book!

Phase 2: How to Build an Information Product

The Circle Of Profit - Phase 2

We call this Digital Publishing. I know it sounds complex. It’s not. You simply take a topic that you’re passionate about and make it 100% accessible on the Internet.

There’s no complicated product development. No inventory. In fact, you can do it all by yourself without anyone helping you. Yes, it’s that easy.

There are 7 steps that go into building an information product. In The Circle of Profit, Edition #2, I go into detail about how to master each step. The end result: a digital information product that you’re not only PROUD to show off to the world… it will reward you financially.

Step #1: Choose Your Niche

A niche is simply a topic of interest. I help you find the perfect niche that people will line up to buy.

Step #2: Build Your Information Product

If you have no experience teaching or training, it doesn’t matter. In my new book, I show you how you can quickly and easily gather information. Then how to organize it and use it to create an awesome digital product.

Step #3: Profit Multiplier

Now it gets fun! Rather than just have your customer buy a single product from you and leaving, I’ll show you a slam-dunk method for making MORE from that same customer.

Step #4: Delivery

I’ve got some great automated solutions to help create an online membership area. It’s all in the book!

Step #5: Messaging

Not a writer? Not a marketer? It doesn’t matter. This part’s easy. I’ll give you my time-tested training to create powerful messaging that makes people want to buy!

Step #6: Ignition

The age-old question: How do you entice people to buy your product? I know exactly how. I share it all in my book.

Step #7: Growth

In this exciting step, sales snowball. One after another after another.

I’m so proud of my new book, The Circle of Profit, Edition #2. The first version was read by more than 100,000 people. I know it’s responsible for thousands of success stories.

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I’m officially inviting you to join the world of digital publishing. It helped me sell over $100M in products online.

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